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  1. FX5U

    Halo, i have question and asking for help. my factory use mitsubishi plc type fx5u. can anyone help me how to setting everything that make motor servo can run. PLC : FX5U Ampli Servo : MR-J4-70A Thank you for helping me.
  2. Verify program

    Hello, I have a question concerning the verified program. I do not know if the program is verified or not. I can not upload pic. I have 8 programs Verify result MATCH and one green line Data (Verify destination):NOT TO USE Verify result: Dest. Only. The green line is confusing me. I ask for an explanation. Please. Greetings to all
  3. Logix data tag structure

    Can anyone advise if there are data structure #s associated with each of the data types in Logix?  Example if it is a Bool, I believe Logix advises it is a 32 bit number.  But is there an "under the hood" data type reference number for each Logix data type?  I.E.  if it is a Bool, that is a RA data type #1, if it is a DINT, it is a RA data type #2, etc.  
  4. I have a problem when trying to download a program from a FX1S-30MT PLC. I am using a SC-09 USB cable. The software i am using is GX Developer 8. When trying to download the MAIN program the screen in the attachment appears. I tested the download from another PLC of same model and have no problems, therefore the cable is ok, and the laptop is ok. When downloading of the parameters and comments does not give error, just when trying to download MAIN. Also I tested connection with Test Connection button and says communication is ok. Anyone who can help? I have a doubt, how can i see the communication parameters on the PLC side? Thanks a lot
  5. Help about converting program

    Hello, First of all, Hello to all members. Im From Portugal. I trying to help my dad. I Have a Omron CJ1M-CPU11 with a program running that works fine... Now i need to transfer this program to a CJ1M-CPU13. I started to download from CJ1M-CPU11 to a file... them im running the Cx-programer on the CJ1M-CPU13, connection its ok, but when i try to transfer i get this error : The connect PLC type : CJ1M-CPU11 The Project PLC type : CJ1M-CPU13 Its possible to convert ? Please Help. Please view in attached file. Thanks
  6. Hello: I'm not sure how to go about creating the structure of this program, would like some ideas/help. I have a program that checks/reads 8 analog inputs and compares each input against 4 different settings, if the value is outside any of these settings the program runs a subroutine to send out an email for (Alarm/Event) notification for that particular input. The way the program is structured now is that it reads analog input 0 first and checks against the settings if the reading is not in range it will call a subroutine to send out email for that sensor(analog AI:0.0) then it will return and read for Analog input #1 and check reading and if it needs to it will call another subroutine to send out email for that sensor(analog AI:0.1) and so forth. What I need to add, is a way to count how many times a sensor(input) has sent the alarm email because I want to limit this to 5 notifications after that, stop sending emails. Now this has to be done for each sensor(input).(Note: I would also like to have a timer involved so that it will only send emails about every 15 minutes for 5 counts.) I need this because the plc will send out emails until the error for the sensor has been corrected, this could take a few hours and if I don't have some sort of control, that would result in 1000's of emails being sent and world probably get shut down for spamming. Would like some ideas on how I should go about this. I am using a micrologix 1100 and rslogix 500 software. Thanks
  7. Program Loop

    Do I need to write the "Program Loop" into the ladder or will the complete program start over once it has hit the "END RUNG"??? Micrologix 1100, programming with the RSLogix500. Thanks
  8. I am writing a new program for a MicroLogix 1500 LRP Series C. When I verify the project I get the following errors: Program error ERROR: Attempted to set more IO data than has been allocated Program error ERROR: Incorrect Output Force File Size The IO Configuration should be correct because I had the software "Read IO Config". I don't see any unverified rungs. My software is RSLogix 500 Version 9.00.00 (CPR 9) Does anyone have a solution?
  9. Hello Everyone, I am new to ladder logic, and trying to understand flow of below attached ladder logic- How does the program flow ? Does PT4601_I in rung 3 waits for rung 2 to complete inorder to consider updated value of PT4601_I or it consider PT4601_I default value and runs simultaneously with rung 2 ? Thank you in advacne
  10. Dear all, I need some help with programming time in concept 2.6 in FBD. I use momentum PLC 171 CCC 980 30-IEC I would like to program 24Hours Clock with day, week and year. Can someone help me with this please. Regards Sam
  11. NT21 System Program

    I currently have a NT21HMI that does not have the system software loaded. I do not have any system programs with the *.21 extension. Where can I find the NT21 system software?
  12. Hi Im new here! Please let me know What cable do you use to program a M340 ? -1- a mini USB ? -2- Ethernet ? -3-RS485? any one can give me a sample test program to test M340? just a dummy simple program to start from there. I appreciate it in advance.