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  1. Trying to programmatically reset the Ethernet port on a 5/20E.  It is talking successfully to a 3rd party PLC with their "message block".  However if the connection breaks (i.e. Ethernet cable disconnect, put one of the PLCs in stop mode, etc.), how can I reset the Ethernet port on the PLC5 via looking at a process status tag?  Right now the only way to get it to work again, is to both power cycle the PLC5 and stop and restart the message block in the 3rd party PLC.   Didn't get info from RA when I contacted their tech support.      
  2. CiP Path for PLC 5/20E

    Gentlemen,   Thank you.  I appreciate the screen capture Mark as that is what I need to do.  I also now have the AB docs 1756-PM020 and EIPEXP1_2_PCCCtoPLC5.  My goal is to figure out the frame that the PLC5 needs to see to understand it to be able to respond to the request of the 3rd party HMI (specifically a N7 read). Robert
  3. CiP Path for PLC 5/20E

    Ken, Thanks.  Hopefully last question.  Is there info available on the structure of what the read n7 integer frame needs to look like to the PLC 5 in order for it to be able to understand it?  Port # set to 2222.   Robert
  4. Logix data tag structure

    Thank you!  Yes I was asking if there was a "back door" reference for the tags.  I do understand the tag structures available but am asking if there is a background tag type identifier? 
  5. CiP Path for PLC 5/20E

    Ken, Thanks for the reply.  Does the 3rd party HMI need to open a port to go to ch 2 Ethernet port on the PLC5/20E?  For the side car I believe it is port "2222".  Please advise if you can.  Thank you. 
  6. Can anyone advise if there are data structure #s associated with each of the data types in Logix?  Example if it is a Bool, I believe Logix advises it is a 32 bit number.  But is there an "under the hood" data type reference number for each Logix data type?  I.E.  if it is a Bool, that is a RA data type #1, if it is a DINT, it is a RA data type #2, etc.  
  7. CiP Path for PLC 5/20E

    Ken, Thanks - appreciate it. Robert    
  8. CiP Path for PLC 5/20E

    Ken, Thanks for the reply.  The PLC 5/20E is a Ser D, Rev A.  Ethernet is ch 02 using transceiver.  I didn't see on RA site for PLC5 functionality info based upon series and rev (do see everything for Logix).  Also tried on the KB but didn't see info either.   RA tech support couldn't advise when I asked them last week.      I will check again to see if I can find if its PCCC or EIP.  
  9. CiP Path for PLC 5/20E

    5/20 e.  Using ch 02 with transceiver.
  10. Does anyone know the path if I need to use a 3rd party HMI with a PLC5?  RA tech support doesn't know and I couldn't find what I was looking for the RA KB or Lit   Library.  I know how to do the CiP path from the HMI to a CLX and it works.  The 3rd party HMI has an AB PLC5 and EiP selection for the driver/data server type and so that is EiP/PCCC I presume.  It also is asking for the CiP path for this PLC5 and EiP selection (as well as IP address).  Can anyone offer any fdbk?   
  11. How do you jump to non LAD2 in RSLogix 5? I know the PLC5 does Lad2 automatically but cant find any info on how to make sure other LADs (like LAD3, LAD4, etc.) run. Unsure if I am supposed to use a JSR in LAD 3 and jump to LAD3 and then put the SBR and RET instructions inside LAD3. Apologize for the stupid question as am used to do everything in RSLogix/Studio 5000.
  12. Thanks a lot as this will allow me I hope to get the code in and working over Thanksgiving! I missed the range min on the OFE2. After I made the change to that but left them both at BCD, it didnt show the value in the IFE N register correctly when I pushed a value in the N register of the OFE but when I changed it to two's compliment binary, the numbers matched.
  13. Thanks guys. They are 1771-OFE2/B for the AOs and 1771-IFE/C. Didn't see any dipswitches on the OFE and the IFE. The 1771-IFE is set for differential as that is how the AOs are wired to the AIs (i.e. 2 OFEs for every IFE). RSP file is attached - haven't put the code in it yet as wanted to get all the base I/O and RIO and ENet working first - this is the last thing I have to fix prior to putting the code in. Would appreciate any guidance. Thank you MME_PLC5_r1.zip
  14. Have a PLC5 project with remote racks with digital and analog I/O. For test purposes have wired AO to AI and have set up the BTW and BTRs. Problem is I put a value in the N11 register for the particular AO (N11:66 - BTW) and it doesn't appear in the other N11 register for the particular AI it is wired to (N11:4 - BTR). The AI - N11:4 continues to read a value of "8259" in decimal/"2042" in BCD, despite any value I put in the AO N11 register. The range of the AO is 4-20 mA with a Raw min of -4095 and a Raw max of 4095 and the range of the corresponding AI is 1-5VDC/4-20 mA. If I remove the wiring arm of the AI, the N11 register will read "4135" decimal. Would appreciate any fdbk as need to get working as system for customer will not be migrated to newer RA or Siemens system til next year. Cant get support out of AB for questions as only have standard "tech connect" tech support contract and PLC5 requires you to have "Legacy automation" tech support added to your "tech connect" stnd contract.