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  1. Hello all I would like to know what kind of equipment you use as PLC programmers or as technologists of automation and processes. What do you recommend for using programs such as TIA and other Siemens software, Studio 5000, IQ works and other automation programs. Please give your opinions on what you use and what you would use. greetings to all and all the best Klemen
  2. Read device memory in L-series

    yes i did, and it works. Thx
  3. Read device memory in L-series

    Thanks for fast respons. I made my memory device file, where I wrote inside first cell R0. Then I read again, but nothing was inside the registrs.
  4. Hello all, I need to read device memory mostly I need to read R registers from PLC L26. I read device data, but inside of table, I can't find R or ZR registers. Can you help me?  What I did wrong?   BR KS  
  5. Verify program

    Hello, I have a question concerning the verified program. I do not know if the program is verified or not. I can not upload pic. I have 8 programs Verify result MATCH and one green line Data (Verify destination):NOT TO USE Verify result: Dest. Only. The green line is confusing me. I ask for an explanation. Please. Greetings to all