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  1. Read device memory in L-series

    yes i did, and it works. Thx
  2. Read device memory in L-series

    Thanks for fast respons. I made my memory device file, where I wrote inside first cell R0. Then I read again, but nothing was inside the registrs.
  3. Hello all, I need to read device memory mostly I need to read R registers from PLC L26. I read device data, but inside of table, I can't find R or ZR registers. Can you help me?  What I did wrong?   BR KS  
  4. Verify program

    Hello, I have a question concerning the verified program. I do not know if the program is verified or not. I can not upload pic. I have 8 programs Verify result MATCH and one green line Data (Verify destination):NOT TO USE Verify result: Dest. Only. The green line is confusing me. I ask for an explanation. Please. Greetings to all