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  1. CX-Thermo program

    Hello, I am working with e5cc-t programs, for heating application. I need to find a way, to start program, when temperature reaches set-point of first (no. 0) segment. I think that, there should be some kind of setting, but i cant found it.. I've done this with PLC, but this is not an solution for this application. in conclusion: After program starts, it has to reach set point temp, and then hold temperature for certain time.  
  2. E5CC-T program editing using CP1L-EM PLC

    problem has been solved. I was using wrong port on plc..
  3. E5CC-T program editing using CP1L-EM PLC

    by the way, i am using CP1W-CIF11 communication board.
  4. E5CC-T program editing using CP1L-EM PLC

    settings on PLC Serial port 1: Communication settings same as temp controller. Mode: Serial gateway. On temperature controller mode: CompoWay/F. All settings is set by FB manual. But still, no luck to read or write registers on temp controller... i am using _e5xx200_ReadVariable and _e5xx400_WriteVariable FB's..   Any suggestions what i am doing wrong?
  5. Hello, is there a way, to edit E5CC-T temperature controller internal program, using CP1L-EM PLC, connected to temperature controller via rs-485 communication? I can't find any information about doing it. I know that i cat change these programs, using CX-Thermo, but that is not an option. I need to do that, using only PLC..