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  1. Hi Damica,

      Just like you, I bought a 2080 Serialisol to play with my AB Micro820, and any help getting started with it would be great.

      Would you be available to share experiences and know how? So far I've been working mostly with socket communications... 


  2. What is it you want to know? I have a PanelView 800 (4.3) hooked up to Micro820 thru ethernet.
  3. Engenius Wireless (Set up as a WDS Bridge) good for about 20 miles. This way the device will be on the same network, just as if you had them connected side by side on your workbench. You would need 2, (Cost about $70.00 USD each) http://www.engeniustech.com/products/outdoor-access-points-client-bridges/outdoor-pro/enh202.html
  4. Has anybody used the Spectrum Controls 2080sc-IF4u analog module? This is a 4 channel analog module for the Micro800 series?  I'm trying to set input 4 to (0-5v, x10(format)2-wire, 60HZ). I need someone to help me figure out the bit setting. This is what I have LSB=44 and MSB=44 could some else confirm this? Thanks
  5. I don't know but keep us posted because I would be interested in this also.
  6. This was my approach on learning CCW software. I started with reading the HELP on every function that is offered. Once I understood how each function was going to react to the data, I started programming. I am NO expert, but I do have several units out in the field working as I have programmed then to. I use them to monitor and act upon or report on events that happen in the Oilfield. They are at very remote locations, communicate thru a cellular network. I use SMS messaging to notify(send) and you can SMS(receive) in and request various sensor real-time information.
  7. Not sure what you mean? But I use CCW and the Allen Bradley Micro820 & Micro830, I have had very good luck with both the hardware & Software. I also use RSLogix500 when programming the Allen Bradley 1100 and/or 1400 Micrologix series.
  8. Almost sounds like you are using different "BROWSER". Chrome no longer support ActiveX!! Just a thought.
  9. When you set up your Channel-1(SMTP) parameters - the address for the email server you are going to use: Attach the PORT number to the address. Example( Make sure you separate the address from the port number with a "COLON". I have attached a setup example(Instructions). Hope this helps. Micrologix_1100_Email_Support1.pdf Micrologix_1100_Email_Support2.pdf
  10. I have completed this project. All went well, couple small problems but was able to solve. Thanks
  11. I'm getting ready to use a 4" PanelView800 with the Micro820, this is my first time, can anybody recommend a good Video, tutorial? I just going to display about 4 or 6 lines of "Instructions" and then have just 2 "Touch Buttons" a START & FINISH. Thanks
  12. Would anybody have a simple sample of how to use Arrays in ladder? I have a good understanding of arrays in VB, C, but can't seem to get a grip on how to use array with PLC & Ladder. Thanks
  13. Timer/Counter

    I think I have this figured out. I need to use the "R_Trig" instruction. This is the same as a ONE-SHOT in RSLogix500 for the Micrologix series PLC. The "R_Trig" instruction will only be TRUE with a Rising Edge Input and only for the "Rising Edge" (Thus 1 scan). I'm new and do not totally understand all of the instructions that "Connected Component Workbench" has to offer yet. I will correct program today and post results, so everyone can benefit from my inexperience.
  14. Here's what I'm trying to do. when switch closes turn on output for 1 scan, starts a 10 minute time and counter, so that when time reaches 10 minute it will turn on output again for 1 scan and count another count, timer resets and counts another 10 minutes and turns output on again for 1 scan, and count another count when count gets to 5 this process is complete. I can do this in RSlogix500 with a micrologix 1100 but can't seem to get it working with the Micro800 and connected component workbench.
  15. This ended up being a BIG DEAL. So if anybody needs this, this is what works for me.