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  1. Mitsubishi Analog

    good  answer
  2. plc ladder switch tricks

    PLC ladder, made to enter an inverted trapezoid, which is to complex, simple post, here is an inverted trapezoid diagram:   The output is made positive trapezoid that briefly after complex.   Writing good ladder, we must follow the above principles, the review does not meet the changes. First, draw the conventional logic circuit diagram, and then facing compile command statement table, table instruction statement written out, can be transformed into a ladder. Simple procedures can be directly edited ladder, more complex, and must be transformed by means of instruction statement tables. Some books say, the ladder of transformation, to follow the "Shen left and right light" principle, with the above said is a meaning. More experience and unwritten rules, but is conducive to the reader to understand, modify. In fact, PLC programming software, as long as the change can succeed, grammatical, are right.  
  3. Which PLC should i buy ?

    how much do you need.
  4. PLC shift instruction SHL

  5. S7-200 PLC Timer interrupt function program

    LD     I0.0 EU ATCH   INT_0, 21 ENI LDN    M0.0 A      I0.0 TON    T32, +1000 LD     T32 =      M0.0 LD     I0.0 ED DTCH   21 DISI         INT0   LDN    Q0.0 =       Q0.0  
  6. Micro 830 RTC programming

    do you have screen.
  7. FX2N 64MR and Fx2n 4AD temperature error

    like it
  8. RSLogix5000 AOI

    where is timer?
  9. 2 errors in FZ2N

    well i think it's ok