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  1. Micrologix 1000

    Ive been playing with this thing. I was able to get output 3 to shut off now output 9 comes on. In the data files it shows a 1 for the input that is stuck on. 
  2. Micrologix 1000

    Thanks Michael. I looked at our other programs we have and nothing was documented on those either. Any idea what would cause a input to stay on?
  3. Micrologix 1000

    thanks for all the help and info so far. Im uploading the wiring schematic for the PLC. Would this help me on filling out that IO sheet? 66 schematics rotated.pdf
  4. Micrologix 1000

    Are you talking like a schematic? On the schematic it shows that 3 is suppose to be the door close and 2 is the door open.
  5. Micrologix 1000

    Yes sure do.
  6. Micrologix 1000

  7. Micrologix 1000

    No im using the RSL logix lite. I clicked the file to make sure its accessible. I clicked go online and the program came up.
  8. Micrologix 1000

  9. Micrologix 1000

    I added the file. I'm fairly new at the whole PLC thing. Somehow I got roped into it and have been learning on the fly along with some training from our electrician. EX66.RSS
  10. Micrologix 1000

    Im having some trouble with a PLC and looking for a some help. Whats happening is output number 3 is stuck on. I thought maybe it was just the PLC. I pulled the program tried it on a new PLC with no luck. I checked for faults and the handheld shows no major faults. The output that is stuck on is for a door, its telling it that the door is open. Any help would be great.