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  1. Mitsubishi Safety PLC

    Thanks for answers.  I can interconnect  safety RIO module and safety master module. I mean that Mitsubishi Safety PLC has Safety certificate(EN62061). But this cerificate (EN62061) for machinery systems.  I have fire detection sensors which they are SIL 2  and SIL 3 level. Also final elements has SIL levels( for exp: sounder ). Now i can take sensor->  logic solve (Mitsubishi Safety PLC)->final element. this a loop.There are a lot of loops like this. Now i want to know that is it possible  use Mitsubishi Safety Plc in my fire detection system and can i get Safety cerificate for my System.(for exp: IEC Safety Certificate) Or Mitsubishi Safety PLC can use only machinery systems and it is not suitable for plant fire detection system.
  2. Mitsubishi Safety PLC

    Hi everyone.  Is it possible use mitsubishi safety plc as logic solver for fire and gas detection system  on the plant ? 
  3. MX CommDTM

    Thanks kaare_t. But there is only  MX CommDTM Profibus V3.00. I need  MX CommDTM-HART. I want to use it with Q-series HART ( ME1AD8HAI-Q)  module.
  4. MX CommDTM

    Hi everyone. Can anyone tell how can I download MX CommDTM software?
  5. ST program step count

    Hello everyone. I can't find my ST program step count in GX WORKS 2. Does anybody knows where is program step count in GX WORKS2 ?
  6. module diagnostic

    Hi. I have Q12HCPU and Q358 Base unit. How to read from CPU which module removed from base unit when PLC is runing ? Which address storing diagnostic information?
  7. PID (Q62HLC) in Q Series

    Dear all, do you have some ready examples for Mitsubishi Q series(Q12HCPU) where you use PID (Q62HLC) ? I use two analog input from 4-20mA and two PLC output. I acept 2 signal from level sensor. So how can I use PID autotuning? As I see in examples in manual, there also have other parameters, which I must set, except PID function. Thanks in advance .