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  1. GX Works2 simulation error.

    Reinstall GX-Works... or Reinstall your PC
  2. Gxworks installtion error

    Uninstall n then install again
  3. Block Compare Instruction

    Ya very simple, but if u want to use 1000 compare???
  4. Block Compare Instruction

  5. Remove Labels - GXWorks2

    Just DON'T Check the Comment when you Download the program to PLC... Just check Program Only.
  6. High speed encoder inteligent module QD62E

    1. Put the Module QD62E on Slot 0... 2. Go to Inteligent Function Module Monitor 3. You can see at the picture. 4. You must Activate Y4 to start count up, and you must activate Y3 to count down. 5. And then, the value will go to U0\G2. 6. See the example. 7. Visit www.gagalenyilih.com   Thanks...    
  7. Block Compare Instruction

    Is there a Block Compare Instruction like the one in Omron PLC for Mitsubishi PLC? If the Omron PLC is BCMP (68), then what is the name of the instruction on the Mitsubishi PLC? I tried to use BKCMP in the Mitsubishi PLC, but the way it works is not the same as the one in Omron PLC
  8. CX programmer function blocks

    function block like this??? I use CJ1M.. You can watch this tutorial at this link EXAMPLE PROGRAM FUNCTION BLOCK OMRON
  9. hi, i want to make program to start and stop Pump motors, but i just have one push button? how i can make program?   thanks
  10. hi.  i want to make some program that work with indirect adress. example, i make program with many much type. I make with Got-1000 mitsubishi.   can you bring me some example? i am sorry, my english is Bad
  11. GOT-Barcode reader

    try this program ,.. I use Q02U CPU TES PKY ENGINE LINE QJ7-29416.gxw