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  1. Dear Experts!!!! I want to communicate my "XG-8000 Series Keyence Vision camera" with Mitsubishi Q06UDV PLC over RS232C non-protocol mode. My configuration is like : PLC CC-link Master module---------------- cc-link to RS232C cc-link cable converter (AJ65BT-R2N) AJ65BT-R2N is connected to XG8000 Series controller over RS232C port-1. Can anyone please tell me the commands, how can i change program, change variable etc. from PLC.(or have any manual regarding PLC command please forward) If you have any sample program please forward it to Thank You.
  2. Dear Experts!!!   Could you please provide me the sample of "QD75MS Module & MR-J3-B program with functional block"    As you can see the page no. 3  in the attached document  "KI-Doc_QD77MSXX_MR-J3-XXBS.Zip" sample is there but i am not able to find it anywhere.   Or if you have any otherone please share it.   Please help!!! KIdoc_QD77servo_English_20130131.pdf
  3. Dear All!!! Please tell me the way how can i delete recipe from Runtime. There are only save and restore options in the inbuild recipe function. I am using inbuild recipe function. Factory Talk View SE v8.0 (all the patches till date are installed) I have RSView32 VBA code but i am not able to use it in FTV SE Please help me with it!!! Private Sub Display_AnymationStart() Dim sRecipes As StringList Dim vRecipe As Variant On Error GoTo ErrHandler Set sRecipes = gProject.GetComponents("recipe;files") For Each vRecipe In sRecipes LstRecipeNames.AddItem vRecipe Next vRecipe ErrHandler: If Err.Number Then gActivity.Log Err.Description Err.Clear End If Set sRecipes = Nothing Set vEachRecipe = Nothing End Sub 'user selects the recipe name in the list box, and then presses delete button Private Sub cmdDeleteRcp_Click() On Error GoTo ErrHandler If LstRecipeNames.ListIndex = -1 Then MsgBox "Select a recipe to delete" Else 'delete the recipe file, and remove from the project gProject.DeleteComponent "Recipe;files", LstRecipeNames.Text 'remove the item from the listbox LstRecipeNames.RemoveItem LstRecipeNames.ListIndex End If ErrHandler: If Err.Number Then gActivity.Log Err.Description Err.Clear End If End Sub The bolded points are problem, Bypased the error handler , but please lemme know how can use use this commands in FTV SE, as VBA in SE is client based blah blah... gProject.DeleteComponent "Recipe;files", LstRecipeNames.Text
  4. Bad quality alarms ( FT View SE v8.0)

    I am working on Factory Talk View SE v8.0 sir!!!! Its a SE application not ME.
  5. Dear Experts!!! I am facing one problem in ALARMs configured in SCADA ( FT View SE v8.0) There are some unnecessary alarms like "acknowledgement status" are coming. Alarm bad quality alarms are coming all the time, I dont have any clue about them. Please help!!!
  6. I am using FT View SE v8.0 Communicating "control logix" and "FT View SE v8.0" through RSLinx txtHorno is a hidden "string display" which is VBA controlled on the screen  
  7. FactoryTalk View SE VB Code

    abright52 : have u found the way, how to call the function??? I am facing similar kind of problem  
  8. This one i understood..What about the other 2 questions???   The problem is: no error is coming when I debug the code.
  9. Public WithEvents oGroup1 As TagGroup Public vidrios1, vidrios2, vidrios3, vidrios4, vidrios5, vidrios6, vidrios7, vidrios8, vidrios9 As String Public str_vidrios1, str_vidrios2, str_vidrios3, str_vidrios4, str_vidrios5, str_vidrios6, str_vidrios7, str_vidrios8, str_vidrios9 As String Public Sub Display_AnimationStart() Dim TagsInError1 As StringList On Error Resume Next Err.Clear If oGroup1 Is Nothing Then Set oGroup1 = Application.CreateTagGroup(Me.AreaName, 500) If Err.Number Then LogDiagnosticsMessage "Error creating TagGroup. Error: " _ & Err.Description, ftDiagSeverityError Exit Sub End If oGroup1.Add "[0]comm_furnace_glasses[0]" oGroup1.Add "[0]comm_furnace_glasses[1]" oGroup1.Add "[0]comm_furnace_glasses[2]" oGroup1.Add "[0]comm_furnace_glasses[3]" oGroup1.Add "[0]comm_furnace_glasses[4]" oGroup1.Add "[0]comm_furnace_glasses[5]" oGroup1.Add "[0]comm_furnace_glasses[6]" oGroup1.Add "[0]Glass[0]" oGroup1.Active = True oGroup1.RefreshFromSource TagsInError1 End If End Sub Private Sub oGroup1_Change(ByVal TagNames As IGOMStringList) On Error Resume Next Dim oTag11, oTag21, oTag31, oTag41, oTag51, oTag61, oTag71 As Tag Dim oTag100 As Tag Dim str_bits1 As String If Not oGroup1 Is Nothing Then Set oTag11 = oGroup1.Item("[0]comm_furnace_glasses[0]") Set oTag21 = oGroup1.Item("[0]comm_furnace_glasses[1]") Set oTag31 = oGroup1.Item("[0]comm_furnace_glasses[2]") Set oTag41 = oGroup1.Item("[0]comm_furnace_glasses[3]") Set oTag51 = oGroup1.Item("[0]comm_furnace_glasses[4]") Set oTag61 = oGroup1.Item("[0]comm_furnace_glasses[5]") Set oTag71 = oGroup1.Item("[0]comm_furnace_glasses[6]") Set oTag100 = oGroup1.Item("[0]Glass[0]") m_vidrios.str_bits (str_bits1) str_vidrios1 = str_bits1(CStr(oTag11)) str_vidrios2 = str_bits1(CStr(oTag21)) str_vidrios3 = str_bits1(CStr(oTag31)) str_vidrios4 = str_bits1(CStr(oTag41)) str_vidrios5 = str_bits1(CStr(oTag51)) str_vidrios6 = str_bits1(CStr(oTag61)) str_vidrios7 = str_bits1(CStr(oTag71)) Err.Clear End If txtHorno.Value = "Mid(str_vidrios1, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios2, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios3, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios4, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios5, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios6, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios7, 1, 31)"     If Mid(txtHorno, 1, 1) = "1" Then           oTag100.Value = 0     End If      If Mid(txtHorno, 1, 1) = "0" Then          oTag100.Value = 1     End If  End Sub   I have some doubts , please help debugging it : 1) txtHorno is a name of string display object  (which is VBA controlled) : txtHorno.Value = "Mid(str_vidrios1, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios2, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios3, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios4, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios5, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios6, 1, 31) & Mid(str_vidrios7, 1, 31)" is it right??? should i write "" because this is returning a string??? should i write "txtHorno.Value =" or just "txtHorno =" if not please tell me the correct way to write it, actually txtHorno is a string in which i want to move the above(function returned) value. 2)m_vidrios is my module name in which i have defined a public function so that i can use it in my form : m_vidrios.str_bits (str_bits1) Is it a right way to call it??? The code of module named "m_vidrios" is : Function str_bits(entrada As String) As String Dim i, j  As Integer Dim Temp As Double Temp = Abs(CDbl(entrada)) str_bits = "0000000000000000000000000000000" i = 0 If Temp = 1 Then str_bits = "10000000000000000000000000000000" GoTo A: ElseIf Temp = 0 Then str_bits = "00000000000000000000000000000000" GoTo A: End If For i = 31 To 1 Step -1 If Temp / 2 ^ i >= 1 Then str_bits = Mid(str_bits, 2, i - 1) & "1" & Mid(str_bits, i + 1, Len(str_bits) - i) Temp = Temp - (2 ^ i) Else: str_bits = Mid(str_bits, 2, i - 1) & "0" & Mid(str_bits, i + 1, Len(str_bits) - i) End If Next i If Temp = 1 Then str_bits = "1" & str_bits Else: str_bits = "0" & str_bits End If     A: End Function   3) oTag100.Value = 1   will update my PLC tag "[0]Glass[0]" high automatically or i have to write anything else???
  10. Dear Experts!!!! Can you tell me the complete clear cut procedure of  PIDE autotune functioin And plz tell me when i shoukd do it ??? I.e. when the set point near the actual or when its far away and reaching to the SP. Can't i do it in FBD in Auto mode :  If yes then how??? Have to put FBD Block in manual mode always???? Any other way to autotune it???  
  11. Dear Experts!!! Actually i have two problems : 1.    I want to change the object (FT View SE v8.0) property to "VBA controlled". But its not allowing me to do it,  like as you can see on the pic.   2.    I want to make an array of objects in FT View like as shown in the pic (Image of VB form): the object name is azul and the index is 0 so the object shown in the pic is azul(0) VB Form code is : Private Sub Form_Load() Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 224 Load gris(i) azul(i).Visible = True Next i azul(0).Visible = True For i = 0 To 224 azul(i).Top = gris(0).Top azul(i).Width = gris(0).Width Next i For i = 0 To 224 azul(i).Left = azul(0).Left + i * azul(0).Width Next i End Sub As you can clearly see in VB code I have created one object only, but rest of the objects are being created by Code only I want to do the same thing in FT View SE v8.0 Please please help!!!!!
  12. Factroy talk SE v8.0 screen problem

    please help!!!
  13. Dear Experts!!! I am facing one problem in FT View SE v8.0 : I have 15 screens : 5 "are replaceable" with full resolution and other 10 are popup displays with half the resolution of that of Monitor and are "on the top" type. I have a buttons to go to those pop up screens. Whenever I press any button to open any pop up screen the background screen (Replacable type, full screen) becomes shorten and pop up displays works like they should. i.e. whenever a pop up display opens, full background screen display suppresses automatically. Then i go to another full screen and then come to the main working full screen then it becomes ok. This phenomenon occurs whenever a pop up display open (not VBA controlled). Its a simple display open button ( not VBA controlled) As you can see in the picture the back image is suppressed :- Normally it comes to full screen , its like :- when I go to some other replaceable type screen and come back again to this screen, it becomes OK. Here in this pic below, you can see the properties of the screen which is giving problem :-
  14. Popup windows on the FT View SE v8

    Sir, i can understand but i am not able to find it anywhere in AB FT View SE
  15. Popup windows on the FT View SE v8

    I tried what u said sir but not working .. believe me done everything.   And the topics u referred : I think u misunderstood the situation here. I don't want to show confirmation popup. I want to show a display.