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  1. Cant delete logic component

    Thanks Russ, guess thats what ill do.
  2. Cant do Global Search (greyed out)

    I am trying to search and replace text within a target using Logic Developer. Help says I should be able to right click on the target, and click "Find in" target, but its greyed out. Any ideas? Help is no help. :(
  3. UDTs to Custom Data Structure

    I have a reference HMI project that has many variables that have an Invalid data type. We are one by one trying to re-create the data types that are missing, but so far there is no easy way that I know of. Currently I re-create the UDT from scratch in a scrap offline project. (based on just looking at the variable elements in the ref project. Export the UDT to .XML file Import the UDT as a new custom structure into the toolbox At this point I can drag the structure from the toolbox into my variable list, and it creates a variable with what looks like a good structure. What I cant figure out is how to easily re-assign the old variable the new custom data type. Since the old variable is used all over the place, it cant be deleted, and if I rename it it changes every reference to it that exists, so that doesnt help either. The image posted shows the old variable "H_Header" and its properties as invalid type (also shows red X in the icon). below that is a new variable with the new data type. (no Red X). If I could delete H_Header I could then just rename the new variable to the same, but I cant because of its use. If I could change the data type from Invalid to H_Header, that would work, but its greyed out and wont let me change it. Any help appreciated    
  4. Cant delete logic component

    I screwed up and added a blank logic component to a Quickpanel application, and now I cant delete it. tried to close without saving, but it saved anyhow. Any idea what might prevent me from deleting logic from a project?
  5. How to Search and Replace IO addresses for variables

    Actually, I just happened upon the toolchest. Thanks!
  6. VB "Dim" not compiling

    The following is VB code for "On Open" of a display. For some reason I get an error - "Error 2612: Invalid function or missing := in assignment expression [Script, SpurStatus_On_Open: Text]" (referring to the line that starts with "Dim") In a duplicate project the same exact code is happy as a clam, but for some reason this project wont validate, and the terms do not highlight correctly in the VB editor. Dim i <---should be green, but its black For i = 0 TO 5 View.AssignIndirect HL_ManualPB.Element("CMD_L").index(i).Name,  H_ManualPB.Element("CMD_L").index(i).Name View.AssignIndirect HL_ManualPB.Element("CMD_R").index(i).Name,  H_ManualPB.Element("CMD_R").index(i).Name Next <---should be green, but its black  
  7. Text Resizing

    8.60 SIM15 Build6790 I have seen it happen when I used the allign right or left icon in the toolbar. I did a ctrl z and it undid the size change
  8. Text Resizing

    Why does Proficy keep changing font sizes for text objects on my HMI when I use the object alignment tools?
  9. How to Search and Replace IO addresses for variables

    Answered my own question. Export to .CSV, edit in Excel, Re-import. Done and done.
  10. Second day using Proficy. Needing to cookie cut from a template program that references I/O devices in the HMI variables. Currently I have to edit each one individually, and there are thousands of tags to be changed, times the number of cloned systems I am creating. How can I automate this mind numbing, and error prone work?