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  1. NJ - GRT1 SmartSlice EtherCAT config

    His signature at the bottom of all his posts is meant as a joke.  
  2. Motion CPU Q series to R series conversion issue

    N005 is not a valid source address.
  3. GOT2000 Communicate Over Omron Networks

    You're not going to be able to tunnel across Controller Link.  Connect the PLC to Ethernet and try that.
  4. Where's my Toolbar?

    Can't say I have ever seen that happen... there is an option in the View menu to reset window layouts, not sure if that would help.
  5. Parallel link FX3U

    FXGP/WIN is far too old and long obsolete to talk to FX3U.
  6. Simple query loop?

    The ZIP I have says 1.70.  So there may be a newer version than is posted on their website.  Wouldn't be the first time.
  7. Omron NA5, NX & Zebra ZD421T (Ethernet)

    Ethernet is a cable, not a protocol.  What methods does it offer to communicate over Ethernet?  
  8. Safety PLC Upload

    I was about to bring up the USB option.   Back in Synchronize, if you check the very top box, it selects everything underneath it.  By default it only checks items it thinks are different. I wonder if the safety controller even has a program in it. Make sure the EtherCAT network is up and running, make sure it shows no errors in troubleshooter.
  9. Q06HCPU Error number 7397 and 3301 PARA ERROR

    Can't really diagnose without looking at the layout of the cards on the rack.  This typically means there are special unit parameters set for a module which is not present, or not present at the location specified in the special unit parameters.
  10. Simple query loop?

    Keep in mind that puls1 is a local variable, and cannot be displayed on an HMI.  That is why you typically attach a global variable to the output.  Instance names for function blocks cannot be global variables in Sysmac, not sure why...
  11. Safety PLC Upload

    When you do your upload, uncheck the box that says 'Do not transfer the following'... you see in the text there it states it will not upload settings from the slave terminals and NX units. So with that box unchecked, it will upload all NX application data, including safety.
  12. DataLamp (NA5) HMI - (NX) PLC - Sysmac

    The check box is only for simulation so you can quickly turn programs on and off.  To make that program run on an actual CPU, you need to go into Task Settings and put the program in a task.
  13. Memory Data in FX3S

    Should be information in the manual as to what addresses are retentive.
  14. Omron NA5, NX & Zebra ZD421T (Ethernet)

    The buttons on the HMI are typically used to update variables in the attached PLC.  The PLC could then send a message over Ethernet to the printer.  Do you know what protocols are supported by the Zebra printer?  You didn't provide model info on the PLC or the printer, so hard to say what might work.
  15. Simple query loop?

    I have a 98 page manual on the function blocks.  The download I got had the library, sample project, manual, and starting guide. ARCL_Comms_Lib_1.7.0_Manual.pdf Any time they use EXECUTE as an input name, it can be pulsed.  It would be called ENABLE if it had to remain on.