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  1. Cpu dulpex notwork

    I'm not certain on that, it's been a couple decades since I touched one of these.
  2. Cpu dulpex notwork

    Did you download to each CPU?  If CX-P said simplex mode, it didn't transfer to both CPUs on its own.
  3. Alarm History to usb? NA5

    Logged in user is a field available in the alarm list, so it would save to file.
  4. GX Developer

    Years ago there was a version of GX Developer limited to 1000 rungs of code that was distributed free.  They haven't done that in a long time, not sure if you can still dig up a link to it.  
  5. I made a blank VM with nothing more than Windows 10 Pro and the image file is 36gb. Windows 7 was 16gb. Windows 2000 was 4gb. Microsoft bloatware...
  6. My bad... I am way behind on my knowledge of the legacy platforms, pretty much a Sysmac guy now...

    The Omron HMI will not talk to Delta PLCs.  I cannot image a complete Delta PLC is cheaper than one encoder input module.
  8. I keep my VMs in a directory right off the root of my HD, and I copy them once in a while to an external SSD for backup. I haven't tried to run 1.40 in a VM yet, it's installed in my native OS. I am also using VirtualBox, not VMware.
  9. Sysmac Studio 64 Bit vs 32 Bit

    License is valid for both.  64-bit is a bit better for memory management over 4GB of RAM, and in my experience slightly faster.  The 64-bit will also have an additional 3d motion monitor which will require an additional license.
  10. Those are 32-bit real number commands.  I think only NJ/NX have 64-bit floating point.
  11. Haven't had any issues with 1.40 yet.  Are you running the 32-bit or 64-bit version?
  12. Newbie using FX0s 3 motors forward then reverse

    There's no reason to use step ladder, its more confusing to support.  Step ladder is Mitsubishi's convoluted way of creating a flowchart program in a ladder logic CPU. Your sequence from above sounds like 10-15 lines of simple ladder logic.  You've already written up the sequence, now convert each of those statements into a line of ladder.  There are some good tutorials online and on YouTube on how to write ladder logic.  If you can read a power schematic you can write ladder.
  13. Timers do not work in Sturctural Text

    Looking at your ST code, you never ran the timer.  You simply put values at its input and looked at the output.  The timer itself is not in your code. It would look something like this: TE_ON(In:=Start, PT:=t#10s) To leave the logic as you have it, simply add the execution of the timer. TE_ON() Then your line looking at the output would work fine. Pretty sure their manuals show this, I haven't done it on Mitsu in a few years, but this is how IEC structured text works.
  14. About Fx3u-64ccl and how to config using two FX3U cpu's

    There are 3 software packages, you could use any of them.  GX-Developer, GX-Works2, and GX-Works3 are all capable of programming FX3U. Resistor is dependent on cabling, as indicated in the manual.
  15. Why do math on integers and then convert to real?  That's not accurate.  Convert the numbers to real before doing to math so decimals are not rounded off.