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  1. CX Programmer upgrade

    If you have your license number, you can use the Automatic Software Update utility to upgrade the CX-One components to the latest versions.  The first time you use the utility it will ask for the email address and license number used to register and then remember it, and it offers to upgrade all CX-One and Sysmac Studio components.
  2. Sysmac studio not installing

    Current is 1.49 as of April. I am pretty sure it's needed DirectX 11 for a long time now, possibly always with the 64-bit version.  That issue says your video card does not support DirectX 11.  Only way to fix that is to get a newer computer. By the way, you should post things like this in the Omron forum, many of us don't read the forums for products we don't know and can't help with...
  3. Create one virtual axis, and issue the commands to that axis.  Then using MC_GearIn and MC_GearOut, link the other axes on and off as required where you used to use gears and clutches.
  4. NX PLC Backup functions

    Which is exactly what I said...  the machine builder should have done a more robust and most importantly repeatable homing method.  Bad code...
  5. I believe the idea is that you use Save As and create a new tree when you change the name.  I don't think it's a bug.
  6. Samsung n700 plus

    Still can't help you, never seen that product here in North America...
  7. The manual for the FX2N-1PG should have a program example and you can search your program for similar code.
  8. I do use prefixes on mine, but only the ones below, I don't put in data type at all...  This is so when I sort the variable list alphabetically they all group together... I_ for physical inputs O_ for physical outputs HMI_ for data coming from the HMI (buttons, inputs, etc) SI_ for safety inputs SO_ for safety outputs
  9. Data movement

    If you are using a structured text box in ladder, make sure the logic to the left is true, or the box doesn't execute. Other than that, check that your program is actually in a task to be executed.
  10. I meant the oldest saved number, not the folder.  Just tested and yes, it cannot be renamed.  Properties is grayed out for all of the versions.
  11. NX PLC Backup functions

    Yes, clear all memory basically returns the CPU to out of the box blank.  It does also do away with the encoder position.   As for your 'zero position preset' comment, that is incorrect.  It has nothing to do with clearing any memory.  When you run MC_Home with Zero Position Preset, it takes the position the axis is in at that point and makes it home (zero)... The other methods all perform motion to find the home position.
  12. Samsung n700 plus

    Apparently from an Internet search, its actually called the NX70 or NX700, and they are made by Rockwell.  A lot of websites and photos came up for that search.  Personally never seen one, I wonder if they ever were marketed in the US...
  13. OSAI

    Seeing how this post is 15 years old, I don't know if they are even still an active user...  Don't think you will get a reply...
  14. NS8 EndOfLife - what use as replacement ?

    I did just get the notice, and apparently its a parts availability thing.  They don't normally phase things out without a several year notice, but with the current availability crises on so many products, there's doesn't seem to be an easy option. There is no converter to NB or NA.  Keep in mind NB is a budget interface, so more work is needed in the controller side to do some things that NS did in the HMI, such as accessing Sysmac variables.  That being said, I have heard from many customers that they use NX1P2 controller and NB operator interface all the time, as the small NA costs more than the NX1P2 did. 
  15. NX PLC Backup functions

    The only way a download should erase the retained variables is if the check box is checked.  In transfer or synchronize, there is a check box to clear the value of retained variables.  Unless the entire processor memory was corrupted, those should not be lost.