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  1. Help please

    Sounds like an invalid program or a hardware problem.
  2. Help please

    Sounds like Windows doesn't like your USB to serial adapter or your drivers are in error.
  3. Interesting, never seen anything like that.  I had an odd issue with compile once before, and it turned out the programmer put a space in the controller name.
  4. Shihlin Electric Model SEPLC PLC

    Already answered this in another forum, this is not relevant to the topic you replied to.
  5. Help please

    USB port in CX-Programming is only for PLCs with a USB port on board.  You are using a serial cable with a USB converter, it will show up on your PC as a COM port.
  6. Most modern PLCs have flash memory so the program is not retained by a battery.  Omron NJ and NX Series do this.   As for the program copy, nope.  You will need the vendor's software to access the program in the PLC.  It's not something you can just copy and paste.  But you can buy the software, you do not need to involve the machine builder unless they password protected their programs.  The software will be different for every PLC vendor.

    The module on the left appears to be the CPU.  Perhaps if you remove it from the mounting base there would be writing on the right side we cannot see while its assembled?
  8. FX1S Programming Software

    Those are legacy titles, way out of date.  You want GX Works2 or GX Works3.  GX-Developer is still better than those antiques.
  9. Advanced HMI to CX-Programmer

    Never heard of Advanced HMI, not sure.  But Omron PLCs can communicate via the FINS protocol, which is well documented, so if you can put together a simple message, you can talk to the PLC.
  10. edit time variable in Recipe NA HMI

    The commands in the controller are NanoSecToTime and SecToTime, there is no millisecond variant.
  11. As another idea, most HMI products have such a feature built in.
  12. Switching off/on by analog signal - Omron CP1L

    Simple comparison instructions will do the same thing. Logo is a smart relay, not a PLC, and thus has some simple functions to eliminate the need for programming.  PLCs will require you write more of a program, because they have a much broader set of capabilities.
  13. Delta Plc Solenoid Pulse

    Use a timer in your program so that once you detect and empty, you set the output on and then turn it off after some time delay.  You will need to determine how long that time is. PWM is typically for stepper motors, not for on/off control. Not familiar with Delta PLC, but did similar with an Omron decades ago.
  14. FX3U Modbus RTU with FX-485-BD

    As he said, the unit itself does not do Modbus RTU.  You need to write the communication in a string format and send it out. Pretty sure they had a module for the left side bus that did offer Modbus, FX3U-485ADP-MB or something like that.
  15. Mitsubishi FX2N PLC to GOT 1000 HMI

    Yeah if the RS232/RS422 adapter is on the back of the GT15, that's a different story.  But he never said which GOT1000 model, so I guess I assumed GT11. You can't get its pin assignment because no such cable exists.  It's not possible without a converter.