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  1. Mitsubishi should be able to support that if you give them a call.  Years ago I saw they had models in their repair department going back into the 80s.  
  2. Accel and decel can be left at zero, it will use the maximum as set in the axis settings.  This is detailed in the instruction help if you click F1.
  3. There are some script functions that can be used with recipes, but I have no idea if you can do what you are asking.  If you open a script window, click F1, you will see the help on all of the script functions.
  4. Don't know that software, but the timer will need to be reset.  Not sure if there's an address like %TM0.R or you use a Reset instruction.  There should be help on the function blocks built into the software.
  5. Convert CJ1M RS232 Serial Port to Ethernet

    Convert for what purpose?  Programming?  Data collection? Haven't used that converter before but it sounds like it's going to make a virtual COM port on your PC, and that you should be able to communicate through that COM port number like you were in front of the controller.
  6. Hey I agree with you on that.  As I said, I have done it before on other platforms.  Not trying to argue it...
  7. PLC Automation for Textile Printer

    If it worked fine and now doesn't, chances are an input device is failed, not that there is a software issue.  The program is not seeing the same signals it was in the past.  If you have a schematic, look at the inputs and see what state they are in... I know without the logic it will be hard... But I have had to do this before when online monitoring was not possible, found a wire on a switch broke off a normally open contact and laid against the normally closed contact so the operation of the switch was backwards.
  8. With the IEC TON instruction, the timer preset is provided before it starts to run.  Changes to that variable will not take effect until the timer resets, it cannot be modified after it starts.  You may need to consider a different approach, like incrementing a value in a register instead of a timer...  Same is true for IEC style counters.
  9. New laptop - traps for young players.

    I had a motherboard-mounted Ethernet port fail once in a desktop PC, and all I can attribute it to is a spike in the Ethernet line.  The cable modem failed, the Ethernet switch failed, and the Ethernet port on the motherboard failed.  All we could come up with is the coax cable may have been hit by lightning and the voltage fried everything in direct connection to it... Thankfully the TV was not damaged, nor was the cable box.  I now own a lot more surge protectors (and a whole home surge on the panel).
  10. Buttons with graphics in NA

    If you have a screen capture utility like GreenShot or SnagIt, you can always save a picture of it, adjust the size, and then import the BMP/JPG from there...  Or create your graphics in a utility like Paint or Paint.Net and then import them.
  11. New laptop - traps for young players.

    I am with Bits on this... external hardware is easier to replace when it gets smoked...  
  12. I've used that line about the grocery cart having 4 wheels myself before.  I get it.  I've used other IEC packages before.  But the standards don't say local variables should be accessible from other programs, so at this point, they are not. You can access them in the watch windows by writing program.variable, but I do not see then changing that any time soon for access in another program...
  13. Mitsubishi FX to KInco MD204L comms cable

    You need to add an RS232 option board to the PLC.  The built in port is meant for programming, not for data transmission.  Pretty sure the serial commands like RS/RS2 cannot access this port.
  14. Label with UserAlarmViewer messages

    There is no tool in the NA that offers a scrolling or cycling alarm message.  The Alarm Viewer object won't do what you are looking for. Take a look at the Direct Text settings on a label.  You can enter the name of the resource to display as a string of text, so maybe you can work with that in some logic.
  15. Problem failed to start ladder engine

    As I mentioned in 2017, do you have full admin rights on the PC?  Do you have the latest software?  Is your version compatible with your version of Windows?