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  1. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    Better have a backup of your project if you go clearing PLC memory.
  2. Cx designer not supports test simulation with cpm2a/cpm1a

    What are you trying to do?  CX-Designer is for the NS-Series HMI, not for the PLC.  And NT-Series Support Tool is for the older NT-Series HMI.  To talk to the PLC you need to have CX-Programmer.
  3. CX-Devlopper test mode problem

    This post is almost 14 years old.  If you have a question, create a new topic.
  4. Panasonic servo drive

    Pretty sure you cannot do that.  They are a matched pair, and the new motors don't work with the old amplifiers.
  5. PLC to PLC communication

    FXCPU is useless information.  There have been FX model CPUs since the 80s.  Need a complete model.  Like FX2N, FX3U, etc.
  6. L Series CPU Program Transfer

    Is it the same CPU model?  Did you do as the message indicated?
  7. Panasonic servo drive

    Sounds like that motor isn't the right one for that drive.  Servo amplifiers and motors are a matched set.  Are you using the wrong size motor?
  8. Can't alter program A series.

    What you may see is the address X1 may not be used, but perhaps you will find something like K4X0, which indicates 16 bits starting at X0.  It's possible that an entire word of inputs is referenced and moved somewhere using this notation. K1X0 is 4 bits long starting at X0 K2X0 is 8 bits starting at X0 and so on...
  9. SD card not updated at NA HMI

    The NA's FTP is to a specific directory in the HMI, not the SD card.  FTP cannot access the SD card or USB drive. You can write scripts inside the HMI which could possibly move files between the storage areas.
  10. Cpu dulpex notwork

    I'm not certain on that, it's been a couple decades since I touched one of these.
  11. Cpu dulpex notwork

    Did you download to each CPU?  If CX-P said simplex mode, it didn't transfer to both CPUs on its own.
  12. Alarm History to usb? NA5

    Logged in user is a field available in the alarm list, so it would save to file.
  13. GX Developer

    Years ago there was a version of GX Developer limited to 1000 rungs of code that was distributed free.  They haven't done that in a long time, not sure if you can still dig up a link to it.  
  14. I made a blank VM with nothing more than Windows 10 Pro and the image file is 36gb. Windows 7 was 16gb. Windows 2000 was 4gb. Microsoft bloatware...
  15. My bad... I am way behind on my knowledge of the legacy platforms, pretty much a Sysmac guy now...