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  1. Cannot Write to D for Simulation

    Make sure nothing is writing to D40 as a double word (like DINT or REAL).  It would occupy D40 and D41.
  2. NA5 line animation scaling off

    12 inch and 15 inch are both 1280x800.  Were the screens originally designed for the 7" or 9" at 800x480?
  3. Not that I know of... monitoring the variables shows the values.  You can change the formats at the right end of the watch tab if needed.
  4. NX102-9000

    4 position control axes... position control axes are basic motion axes, and do not support group motions.  The instruction set in the manual shows which instructions can be used on a single axis positioning axis.
  5. NX1P2 CPU Clock Speed?

    Not sure what bearing that has on anything... the task cycle time for the PLC primary task is the important value, and it is user configurable in Task Settings in Sysmac Studio.
  6. Omron NA5-NX1P2 - Password page

    The HMI already has a security system and if someone attempts to access a page that has security, it will prompt for a user name and password automatically. You need to set security for a page, and then create the users and assign them the proper security levels.
  7. Gx Works 2

    That entirely depends on the program in the PLC, and you will need someone familiar with programming to make any modifications.
  8. Schneider Electric M258 NO LITES

    If it has no lights at all, likely something has failed internally.  Most PLCs have at least a power LED that should be on.  Not familiar with that unit, but doesn't sound good...  
  9. If you want a Mitsubishi solution, use SoftGOT.  It lets you create HMI screens and not have to buy the HMI.  You could also use any third party SCADA software that offers drivers for Mitsubishi.  Aveva, Ignition, IFIX, or a dozen others.
  10. Q-Series - Operation Error 4100

    Not sure what you meant by 'the 10 input'.  But that's 2 digits.  BCD is 0-9 only.  So each group of 4 inputs MUST make a valid number 0-9.  K5X460 means 5 digits, X460-463, X464-467, X468-X46B, X46C-X46F, and X470-473 0001 through 1001 If for example your inputs are 1010, that's 10,  that's not legal for a single digit of BCD. Make sure the data on those 2 inputs makes 5 valid BCD values.
  11. It's a programmable controller, you can program it to do anything you like. Every controller out there can do it, not just these...  Even a PC, it's all in the code you write... I've been asked to write exactly the same thing one, and I refused.
  12. Q-Series - Operation Error 4100

    4100 is a generic operation error... in your case it has nothing to do with a memory card or a network... Look at the FIRST line of the error message... THE INSTRUCTION CANNOT PROCESS THE CONTAINED DATA.  When it gives you a program name and step number, it's a program error. The instruction it is highlighting is having an error with the input data... so what is put in via K4X460 does not work in the DBIN instruction... check the status of your inputs starting at X460 and see what it is trying to do.  And look at the help for DBIN to see what about it can cause the 4100 error.
  13. Would it be easier to make a virtual axis, run motion commands on that, and use MC_GearIn and MC_GearOut to connect and disconnect the real axes to the virtual?  
  14. XML Export No Longer Supported?

    There are options in Studio that allow you to inherit information from one project to another.  I personally have never used them, but that should allow you to make a master project and then make new projects by selecting parts of that master project.  I asked around, nobody has ever heard of an EXPORT function for XML, only the IMPORT from the IEC XML type.
  15. MC_Power Power Up Error

    GX Works2 and GX Works3 both had means to monitor buffer memory.  Haven't touched either in a number of years, so I forget the actual name of the window.