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  1. Analog

    You need to indicate what modules are installed in what order on the rack.  Once we know that, we can tell you which FROM instructions to look for in the program for the data being read from the module.
  2. Problem with a card is using most VM software it belongs to the host PC, not the VM.  See if your VM software allows you to transfer ownership of it like a USB device can.  Then the VM should recognize it and be able to install drivers. You need to get those things retired, they have been obsolete and out of production since the early 90s...
  3. I/o configur error

    It's been a while since I worked on one of these, but if I recall right that error is indicating a problem with the inputs starting at address 40, which makes no sense, since your PLC being 80 I/O would have inputs 0-47 built in, your expansion module would start at 50.
  4. Automatic sub

    There was an issue with attachments not working, the site has been fixed if you try it again.
  5. NS12 HMI Mounting Clips

    Should be listed in the manual or data sheet for the product.  It's a pretty common replacement part.
  6. Cant Transfer Data from Dataman Scanner to PLC

    You need to provide a lot more data to get any help.  First, what is the scanner's connection type?  Ethernet?  Serial?  Next, how is it connected to the PLC?  Built in port?  Serial Module?  Ethernet Module? Now, has it ever worked or is this a new project?  If it was working, what changed (and don't say nothing).  It it's a new project, what code have you written, what settings have you made to try and make it work?
  7. When creating function block inputs and outputs, you must specify one data type.  You cannot do things like the internal blocks that will select ANY data type.  Function block inputs and outputs are created by creating a variable, and a variable can only be one data type.
  8. Get full date & time into the plc?

    It seems that attachments are not functioning again, we have made the site owners aware.
  9. Get full date & time into the plc?

    The PLC already has a clock variable.  Can it be used instead? You should be able to create a variable in the PLC, map it in the HMI, then use a timed global event to copy the value from the HMI clock into that variable to send it back to the PLC.
  10. F2-40 Replacement

    Panic Mode corrected me, the F2-20GF1 did allow this device to connect to MEDOC.  I used to have one when I worked at the Mitsu distributor, bought it on eBay just because we had customers still needing upgrades.
  11. Omron V680S-HMD63-ETN ID Reader issues.

    Bad Ethernet cable?
  12. How to Reset a Timer in CX Programmer

    The logic in front of the timer needs to turn FALSE to reset the timer.  Many people will use the completed output as a normally closed contact on the input so that it resets itself each time it ends.
  13. TSX PSY1610

    Perhaps the PLC that will not communicate does not have a program in it? What CPU are you using? TS PSY is a power supply part number.
  14. Slow Dell Laptop

    Swap it from a hard drive to an SSD.  That alone will boost speed by 30-40%. Laptops are not like desktops where you can randomly change out controllers and boards.
  15. GOT server/client communication?

    Beijer specifically made the E-Series to talk to a hundred controller types, as Beijer doesn't make a controller.  It's purpose built to be a bridge.  The GOT is more specifically made for Mitsubishi PLCs, but can also talk to some third party devices.  Client/Server is the recommended solution.