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  1. Cannot reset servo drive warnings

    Omron's EtherCAT drives are not Yaskawa.  MC_Reset fixes errors on the motion axis, you may also need ResetECError if the controller shows an EtherCAT error.  As for not resetting the servo itself, you may need to talk to Yaskawa about their EtherCAT SDO.
  2. Using Word to perform calculation

    If you read the instructions, you can add data of different types, but the bit string types (BYTE, WORD, DWORD, LWORD) can NOT be added to the integer or real number types.
  3. That's how I do it.  Why reinvent the wheel, the motion commands are built in.
  4. How to install software AL2-GSM-CAb to PC

    That's not the programming cable.  That cable is for connecting to a modem. AL-232CAB is the programming cable.  And it requires a serial port, not USB.
  5. What motion instruction are you using to cause the move?  MC_MoveVelocity will make a speed controlled axis, and doesn't need a position. I never move a motion axis using the variables in the IO map... Configure your motion axis and use the motion function blocks.
  6. Mitsu FXos-16MR-UA1/UL trigger

    Sounds like all you need is a photoelectric sensor.  And no, you won't need a board to use it with the controller.
  7. Resources

    Project file size is more related to the resources like documents, video and graphics.  But that being said, no, I wish there was a way to delete unused resources too, as I copy and paste between projects a lot and wind up with lots of text strings unused.
  8. Rotary axis truly infinite?

    Rotary axis you build the value range, min and max, when you make the configuration.  Don't you mean a linear axis?
  9. Haven't worked with it in a while, but pretty sure there's a bit in the control word to turn it on.  Check manual W524.
  10. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Users should never touch the Solutions folder.  That is the working directory for the software.  The only way to save a project to a single file is export.  I don't foresee them changing that any time soon...
  11. A0j2 cpu software" Korean version"

    I don't see why it would not be recognized as an A0J2, but definitely not an A0J2H.  A different version of MEDOC maybe?
  12. FX5 or Q Series Step Motor Control

    Servo would have been far easier, as it has built-in encoder feedback.

    HMI should be on Ethernet, not a field level network.  Makes life so much easier. 

    Which HMI is it?  Likely the connection manual for it would show how to access controller data.  I don't think you are limited to the read and write words, i think there is messaging capability, but have never put an HMI on a field level network before, only serial and Ethernet.
  15. CC-Link Network Dropping Out Ideas?

    I did a stone quarry over a decade ago where I ran CC-Link cable over 600 feet tied to conveyors and overhead cable to one remote temperature input station...  It worked before I even had the terminating resistors installed.  Never lost communication.  Make sure the cables are tight and the shield is properly grounded on one end...