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  1. Shihlin AX2N to FX3U need help

    There must have been a special function module on the AX2N that you did not move onto the FX3U...  Those TO and FROM instructions are trying to talk to the first special function module.
  2. MOVD can be told the number of digits to move if I recall correctly, so it can move 8 bits...
  3. CP1E won't connect or run program

    Sounds like a hardware failure...
  4. Weekly Timer

    Those addresses were listed for FX, so it was D, not SD.  FX did not have SD, that did not come about until Q Series...
  5. Be careful with your moves... clock data is in BCD, not integer.  I would swear there is a command that can copy digits from one register into another, but I cannot think of it right now.  It's been a while since I worked in CX-Programmer, mostly use Sysmac Studio anymore...
  6. CP1E won't connect or run program

    What is the status of the error lights on the front of the CPU?  Without that info, we would be guessing...
  8. I use them all the time.  The Omron US website has the latest version of the Standard IAGs.  The Omron standard IAGs haven't changed in a long time, i think the archive name was 114B.  You can make your own as well.  Also Omron France has a bunch on their website as well.
  9. NX1P

    NX1P2 will need an NX-PF0630 card to add power for the I/O.  And then you can add an NX-PG module for the pulse outputs.  Then you can control as a motion axis using the built in motion function blocks.
  10. What do you mean by 'operational technology'?  And what networks?  There are literally dozens of network types used in factory automation.  For better responses, provide more detail...
  11. Need help with Timer Logic

    It's an IEC software, so the TON instruction always counts up.  And I am not sure you are allowed to write to the current value. You do not need the AND on the second timer, because the moment TON_2 finishes, TON_1 becomes false and that would reset both timers.  Putting it on TON_2 is redundant. As for your extra input, add it as input condition on the second timer.  Will it stay on?  If not, you need to write a latch to keep it on while the second timer runs and reset it when the second timer ends.  The timer needs a true signal for the whole time it is timing.
  12. TSX 17-20 Software

    Back when I worked for a Modicon distributor we had the software, I upgraded a few of them.  I don't still have a copy.  Do you have the proper programming cable?  Because those were nearly impossible to find, and not something that is easily made from what I remember... had electronics inside the cable.  I would think a long-term Schneider Electric distributor would have the capacity to get your program out for you... might want to look who sells Schneider Electric in your area.
  13. Looking for help with an FX3 fault

    GX Works2 is NOT shareware.  You need to purchase it from an authorized Mitsubishi distributor.  The older software GX-Developer had an FX-only version that was lower cost, not sure if GX Works2 offers the same or not. So there is nothing wrong with the PLC.  If that output is the fault, that's based on the program inside the CPU turning that on.  If there was a PLC problem, the error light on the right would be on, and the run light would typically be off...
  14. Looking for help with an FX3 fault

    The manual for the hardware will indicate what the error means.  Sometimes the light is solid, sometimes flashing.  The manual will indicate what each means.   The battery may have gone dead and the program may be lost.
  15. PLC time is stored into registers in the controller, I don't have the list handy.  But you would simply do a compare to those registers in your code.
  16. NX1P2 SktTCPConnect

    If you click in the Initial Values column, a black box appears, and when you click it, you will see each member of the structure and can enter data that way too, if it doesn't need to be changed. Also keep in mind the IP address is a string, so it needs to be in single quotes ''
  17. Windows 10 x64 Driver for MRJ3

    Likely your MR Configurator is out of date.
  18. A series Motion Control

    Contact Mitsubishi technical support for the software.  Those are long obsolete, but that doesn't mean the software is free...
  19. Firmware update killed my NA HMI

    The recovery files should be available on your Sysmac Studio DVD (or ISO image).
  20. Can I connect this switch to the FX3U?

    It appears your switch is controlling the - side of the load, so the common terminal should be positive.  This is sinking inputs.
  21. Round Real to 2 decimal places

    Real numbers have as many decimal places as they need.  I do not know of a way to truncate that to 2 digits.  You can typically do that on any operator interface terminal for display.
  22. Convert DINT to 2 word

    One option would be to use CopyNumToDWORD will convert it to DWORD, then you can use MoveDigit and move 4 digits starting at first to a word, then move 4 digits starting at 5th to another word... As another option you can use ToAryByte to convert the DINT to an array of bytes. Can your SCADA reassemble the data into a DINT once it receives it?
  23. There should be an action to close a window page, or perhaps set the window page number displayed to zero?
  24. Citecy runtime manager

    Why did you post this in the Omron forum?  You would likely get more answers in the HMI and SCADA forum.
  25. Module Ethernet For FX3G

    Can't really help, the -L unit was never marketed in North America.  My understanding was it was a lower functionality unit, and the FX3U-ENET had more features.