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  1. NS Runtime 1.30 v 8.1

    please attach picture sir, may i help you
  2. Singles Day, Black & White Fridays, eCom 2020 Cheatsh by Barb Ling

    Check this : https://jvpedia.com/singles-day-black-white-fridays-ecom-2020-cheatsh-by-barb-ling/



    Black Friday 2109.png

  3. Anyone can help me ???
  4. Excuse me , can anyone help me .. I made Graphic program with CX Designer-NSRuntime. But I'm having trouble making auto save/downloads my graphic. Because  in NSRuntime Graphics there is no auto save command. Please check my screenshoot
  5. cc @Michael Walsh       
  6. Hi dear , may anyone can help me.. My Computer has broken so all my software include cx programmer and Designer has been disappear. Where i can get free software CX One for free , thank a lot .. Best Regard
  7. Dear Sir,

    I have a machine on which Omron PLC CP1H Cpu XA installed.
    I upload its program via CX programmer and then download to other same part and serial number PLC   
    but it shows Program is Binary and PLC is in BCD mode.
    I also compile uploaded program it show so 110 errors and 74 warning..

    Please assist us to resolve the above said matter.

    I will be thankful for your assistance.

    Thanks & regards,

    Raza Hussain

    1. uun


      Sorry I have never encountered a problem like this. can you share to me as to what the programm ?


  8. Using Rotary Encoder

    iya, thanks om Gan ...
  9. Using Rotary Encoder

    Thanks a lot
  10. Using Rotary Encoder

    Ok thank brother, can you tell to me, sample program on PLC for read output from Rotary encoder ..
  11. Using Rotary Encoder

    @innoaloe thanks bro,, relly you indonesian ?? Indonesianya mana Om Gan ,,  balesnya pakai bahasa indo aja ya , biar ane juga paham 
  12. Using Rotary Encoder

    sorry for tag you on my post,  i hope you will be fast to give me solution  ,,,  because you're admin at here  Thank for your attention @Crossbow