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  1. Hi All, I'm facing a similar problem. I have Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I tries formatting my laptop twice but could get a solution. kindly find attached image. I'm logged in as an administrator.  Thank you.
  2. Hello Micik, You could use TM221 or TM200 PLC with expansion modules and HMIGXO (without ethernet port) HMIGTO (with ethernet port) Dhaval Patel
  3. Vijeo Citect #com error

    Hello Devendra, In Modbus RTU, #COM error mostly occurs when the communication parameters do not match with SCADA and RTU unit. Kindly check the parameters set. Dhaval Patel 
  4. Cheap plc .... any good ones?

    Mr. Mike, You could also look into Delta PLCs. They are cheap and robust. The software is also free. PLC: Software: Dhaval Patel.
  5. Hello there. I have connected wireless module (master) to Vijeo Citect 7.4 using RS-485 to USB converter. My slave modules are supplied power from gird/generator and the master module is supplies from a UPS.    I'm reading Modbus registers of slaves modules data via wireless master. Every time we have a power failure from grid, I get #BAD from all slave addresses. The generator kicks off within 30 sec. That is the slaves are off for 30 sec. Even after the slaves are powered on, SCADA does not poll data from it until I restart the SCADA.    My current MODBUS parameters are:   Inittype = 3, TimeOut = 3000, WatchTime = 10, Retry = 2. Could you please assist me on which parameters to change in .ini so that SCADA reads Modbus registers of slave for more than 30 sec.   I tried increasing TimeOut to 30000 but it couldn't solve the problem. I would appreciate if some one could help me out.   Thanak you in advance.