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  1. We are using 1S servo drives and need to change rigidity of servo motors from HMI, Is it possible to change drive rigidity parameter from NS HMI???
  2. Any one have idea where should i get IAG for 1S Servo Drive.
  3. Any one have idea about how to plot Cam profile graph on NS Hmi.
  4. Anyone have IAG file for broken line graph to represent X-Y plot. I have to plot Cam profile graph on NA HMI.
  5. Cam profile graph with NA HMI

    Do you have any reference program or documents how to do it please send me on
  6. Any one have idea how to plot cam profile graph with NA hmi? 
  7. Graph of a CAM table

    I an interested to learn How to plot cam profile on NA HMI, i am using NA HMI 12" with NJ 501 controller and i have to show 10 cam profiles on HMI. can you mail me any sample program on
  8. I am using 50 Omron make ethercat servo drives with NJ controller,but 1 servo drive displys error "70", Servo drive user manual does not include error "70" in troubleshoot section.Is any one knows about what is error"70"? and its cause and how to correct it. Please mail me on