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  2. WinCC flexible and TIA Portal archive viewer

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  4. Hello all, I need to change the IP setting of a Beijer MAC E1032 text terminal (HMI) without a computer or e-designer software available on location. I know there was in the E100 series a two-button combination to switch manually from run to prog (arrow+home) however it did not work on a E1032 series terminal. This is an other combination but I just forgot what it was because normally I always use the PC for this. Anyone has the answer wich combination it is? Thanks in advance for your help.   Best regards, Theo V.
  5. How do we debug scripts in CX-Supervisor Developer?

    Thanks for that. I was coming to the same conclusion. Two problems: 1. Most of the scripting is done in CX rather than VB. How do I use MsgBox in CX? It seems to be a VB control. `@VBSCRIPT`? I can use LogEvent to output a string but I haven't figured out how to include a variable. (Again, this is CX scripting.) FOR i = 0 TO 9 LogEvent( Recipe[i] ) 'Works. LogEvent( i & Recipe[i] ) 'Doesn't work. LogEvent( ValueToText(i) & Recipe[i] ) 'Doesn't work. NEXT I'm a bit unclear as to which functions can be used in CX-Supervisor Script. Any ideas?
  6. The first screen is suppose to be the second screen with the logo and says Enter password. As far as the blank screen 1 I just deleted it and renumbered accordingly. 
  7. User Name DB LOOKUP HELP.

    Hello,    hopping somebody can help, not sure if this has been spoke about before on here or not.  please point me into the direction if it has.  I'm looking at creating a user log on and password section. Example -  User Inputs User Code and password.  - the User code is then put into a VLOOKUP in the DB to find the associated password. if correct displays said users data.  has anybody done/seen this before. I've generated it via Ladder but its very long winded and if it comes to having multi users (+50 its a lot of copy and paste).      Thanks in advance.    Dan         
  8. Edit isn't working.   You unit may have external pushbuttons - I don't have those in the converted program so that may be where I am going wrong.
  9. Take this with a pinch of your favourite condiment as I had to convert the program to a GT1000 before I could open it. 1. Your start screen 1 is blank. there is no way for it to advance as there are not buttons. 2. The controller setting was not for an FX plc but this may be due to the conversion process. When did this set-up last work and what did the first screen look like?
  10. PLC Unity Pro

    install DTm and try it out - I see no other possibility to check it
  11. Fuji Wsz plc

    Please send Plc software link
  12. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    Hi Armadillo852, I visited the CCU link. Very nice story and very interesting character (this Chantecleer) I borrowed the name from a movie I watched with my children years ago called Rock-a-Doodle I think the movie was based upon an Edmond Rostand’s play called Chantecler Edmond Rostand is better known for his Cyrano de Bergerac Bye  
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  14. ScadaPack 314 Counter Inputs

    I have a project using ScadaPack 314 and I am coming up 2 discrete inputs short. Question is can the counter inputs be utilized as discrete inputs?
  15. I am working with a Mitsubishi FX2N-2LC plc and F940GOT Series HMI. My issue is that my F940GOT HMI screen wont advance/execute to the next screen. Its almost like it is not receiving communication back from the PLC after an input. I have monitored my plc program in GX Works 2 while connected to the F940GOT HMI and I see that the program is taking inputs for the password and E-stop becuause I see it update in GX Works2 monitor mode but the HMI screen is stuck on page 1 and wont execute/advance.  Is there a path or communication I need to open in the GT Designer2 program to allow it to receive communication back from the PLC? I have attached both programs. If anyone would like to take a look, I appreciate any help. Thank you.   EDIT: I did a quick search into the manual and looks like I may have to do something with the Screen Switching Tab under Common->System Environment. Anyone ever do this? Belco 11178 (2).gxw OriginalProgram-F940GOT - Copy.GTD
  16. How do we debug scripts in CX-Supervisor Developer?

    Hi, No, VBScript does not have any debugger or step mode. The only method is old skool debug techniques: - Use MsgBox to confirm variable values, and confirm execution and branch points - Where performance is an issue or too many pop ups, use LogEvent to record messages in order into Error log - You can also use the data logging or Audit trail to follow point values Hope that helps, BB
  17. I'm modifying an existing application and need to expand some recipe arrays. Runtime is throwing an error on the last element of the original array (elements 0 to 137 and I have expanded to 199). Is there any way to add a breakpoint into the code to see what's happening? How does anyone else do it? Many thanks.
  18. PLC Unity Pro

    Hi Quant Thanks for suggest, how to know what version DTM support with PLC Unity pro XL V11.0 could you suggest me some technique ?
  19. Hi Everyone..I'm having hard time to read Analog Sensor. I've try to read the manuals about expansion module, but still having hard time to understand it. My PLC is CP1E-N30DR-A connect with Expansion CP1W-MAD44 and I'm trying to connect with pressure sensor Omron E8F2-B10C that in a certain pressure will trigger to open a Digital Valve. is there something wrong with my setting for range? I do the setting in 4-20mA (0-5V) I attached my Program and Picture while running, the program is only for reading the pressure sensor. the result is  -600 to +600, is there a way to earn the actual result? I've tried Scaling and APR, But didn't understand, is there a guide/tutorial for it as well?   Cheers.. Albert TEST.cxp TEST.cxp
  20. NB7W-TW00 with CP1L-EM30DR-D and MX2

  21. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    Because of your name... My daughters went to Coastal Carolina University, and their mascot is a Chanticleer...
  22. Fuji Wsz plc

    Please send Fuji Wsz plc software download link  
  23. How to make analog signal more stable?

    sure if it means that much to you, but this small fluctuations are normal and averaging will just distort the signal (slow it down). filtering can be done in software and hardware. look up low pass filter in this forum. btw you still did not answer our questions....
  24. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    Hi just a quick update if anyone out there is looking at this and wants to run a 4M inverter the way i do change parameter A453 that's set at factory default 8  to 1  this will allow the motor to stall and not go into fault mode
  25. According to hwat i know this is not possible. The closest thing you will get to a slider is using a horizontal,vertical or circular selector switch with certain amount of steps in it that will increment or decrement  the value on touch
  26. Dataliner

    The Dataliners I've seen only communicated via serial port. If that's the only option your PLC has available, the new PV+ HMIs won't work. In that case, I would investigate the Red Lion G3 series of HMIs.
  27. How to make analog signal more stable?

    Yes it is around +/- 3 counts. What do you think can i use function MovingAverage to do this more stable?
  28. That is why I don't buy SCADA from big boys any more. I use mySCADA   Innovations and perfection is not with Rockwell or Wonderware people any more, industry has moved.
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