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  2. Devicenet error 80

    Bit 0 of Word 0 of the Output data image for the 1769-SDN slot needs to be set to "1" to put the 1769-SDN into Run mode itself.   Virtually all DeviceNet systems I've seen have an unconditional output run that sets that bit.   Some others will use a powerup timer, or a set of machine or network status conditions, to keep the DeviceNet idle until it's ready to run. I've seen a few where the programmer just poked a 1 into the data table and never otherwise addressed the issue. In general, nothing should zero out that bit if no changes have actually been made to the machine.    Get into the program and see if anything addresses that bit.
  3. RS485 Async The above is the manual for the OP-905 scale. What you want to do is set the scales up for a 'command and request' mode of operation.  Look at  'Commanding Format' on page 24 of the above manual. Each of the scales will have a different address. You will then send a command and get a response from each of the units. This is ASCII code out of the serial port. It will not use Modbus RTU. Hope this helps you out. Regards, Garry
  4. Devicenet error 80

    You need a rung of code to turn on the "Enable" to the scanner. Let me expound a little more. I tend to have a timer based off of the S:FS, usually set to 20 secs that acts as a power up timer.  When the timer is done I turn on the "Enable" with an OTE.
  5. Devicenet error 80

    We have a Micrologix 1500 with 1769 Sdn. The scanner is showing error 80. The run program switch is in the run position and the run led is on. How does a 1769 scanner end up in idle mode? This unit has been running for 5 years. No programming has occurred to the plc or scanner since install. 
  6. Weekly Timer

    As retirement person I have time enough to wait a few day's :):)
  7. RS485 Async

    Hey guys I don't have much experience in PLC serial communication and I'm tasked to integrate 6 OP-905 scales with our EATON based control system. The scales are rs485 asynchronous serial communication, my concern is that if the device is not designed to be an RTU then I cannot use modbus. And if that is the case how do I talk to multiple scales using the async protocol. Has anyone done this in a similar platform? 
  8. Pop up login screen editing

    That looks like an MP series HMI. If so, it will boot to the Windows CE desktop with a popup dialog box with several options: Control Panel, Transfer, Startup, Taskbar. It's only there for a few seconds, so you have to be quick. Touch any option EXCEPT Startup. You want to go to the Control Panel (I think) and find the Windows Regional Settings. Set your locale to US and language to English. If your HMI developer was kind, that may be enough. We have some screens that have a language selection option on the main screen of the runtime. If your developer hasn't provided translated texts in the project, you need to translate it yourself inside Portal and then download to the HMI.
  9. Block transfer R/W in 5000???

    I'm by  no means an expert, but here's what I know. 1) BTR/W instructions are used to configure and read/write values from/to analog in/output modules (among others). 2) If you're just using analog in/outputs that are configured into the ControlLogix I/O tree, you just have to decipher where the BTR/W instructions are interfacing with the PLC logic (typically N7 registers). To do a direct translation, you can replace the BTR/W instructions that read/write analog values with MOV instructions. 3) The BTR/W instructions should be removed.   Example BTR: In this case, the BTR is reading status information from an analog input module. The information it reads is stored in N7:200-204 Double-click on "Setup Screen": To replace this with ControlLogix, you can either substitute the analog inputs everywhere N7:201-4, or use a MOV instruction to copy the analog input value to whatever tag N7:20x gets converted to.   I welcome further input from any BTR/W experts who wish to contribute. We have a great diversity of PLC5 setups in this plant so I have some idea of the possible variations. This example may not apply very well to your situation.  
  10. Ladder Display Format Change

    My program has the option Tool | Options | Program Editor | Ladder | Ladder Diagram Display Format set to 11 Contacts.  Are there any repercussions to changing this on an existing program?  I would like to spread it out to the 17 Contact setting.
  11. Sad to hear but this is amazing history of industry. Thanks for this.
  12. I got denied on a job interview, there might have been a few things but I think not knowing NEC and lack of experience with three phase hurt me. The NEC stuff is for another thread but how do you get experience with three phase? Unless you're in a shop already 3ph can be tricky to find. We talked about it at school in multiple classes but never anything hands on. Yet the descriptions for these entry level jobs all expect you to have a few years in of working with 3ph. It looks like I can make my own three phase from 120VAC with a small VFD. Maybe find some small 3ph motor at the scrap yard, get a new contactor and practice taking measurements/hooking stuff up. I've no problem building a trainer if I get to study up on 3ph and NEC at the same time. Crazy? Any advice?
  13. Do you guys actually own the ($95) NEC? Dewalt seems to have reference versions on Amazon for $15~.
  14. String to Real

    It does. I was looking in the "Conversion" menu. The STRING_TO_REAL is in the "Data Type Conversion" menu. Also, sometimes I'll take a guess at an instruction name and begin typing it. You will get a drop down box with suggestions. Of course, some get overlooked just as I did. No one can be expected to know them all. This is why we browse these forums and share our experiences.
  15. Weekly Timer

    Yes, this is mine, and it can be used for DST, but not for the timer that the topicstarter needs. I did another FB, that was lost completely along with death of old HDD.
  16. Weekly Timer

    Oops sorry I meant his one.. If I am not mistaken it is yours   
  17. Weekly Timer

    Dear Gambit, 1. The library is for Modicon PLC by Schneider Electric, not for Mitsubishi PLCs... I can not see the code, while doubt that the DST routine will work properly when PLC pass the DST point being unpowered or in stop mode. 2. The timer should work properly with any combination of time on/off, e.g. when the Time_on is at Friday (5) and Time_Off is at Wednesday (3). The DST does not require the mentioned logic.
  18. It just means the home position is lost. (because the battery died). Most likely you will have a button on your HMI for setting a new home position. You will have have to check which OPR method is being used in your servo settings. If it is the DATASET method then  you have to manually jog to the home position and then set it. If it's done in another way then it will use limit switch sensors to go to the home position automatically.      
  19. Weekly Timer

    Why not take a look at this sample code. It looks ate a specific time and date also   
  20. Weekly Timer

    Yes. Lets discuss conditions, because it's my time and my efforts, while I'm a very busy man. Today is impossible to spend for such help, but  22-23 Nov  a "window" will appear.
  21. i have problem to ask you, hope you help me. i  used APR instruction in PLC CP1E N30, and i have reference some examples of APR command, i do not understand why MOVE # 8000 into Word control. I have attached the image below. Can you explain this problem.I am using analog module CP1W MAD11 has 2 input channels as input 0: 0-10v, input 1: 4-20mA, analog output: 0-10, so Can I MOVE # 8000 into Word Control ? i want to scale pressure value 0 -10bar with range 0-6000,thank you


  22. String clearing

    Thanks for your answer
  23. Last week
  24. Hello, I'm new to the forum as well as working with PLCs. My former boss is out of country and i was called in to fix a machine.  I was recieving low battery voltage code on the Servo, After replacing the batteries on the Servo amplifier i'm now receiving an  Alarm 1201- Home position return(OPR) data incorrect  on the HMI. I'm using GX developer to talk to the PLC but i don't have a lot of experience with it. My old boss sent me a copy of the PLC logic backup. I've overwright the PLC with his backup he created but nothing has changed. Is it possible to manually reset the home Position or find this parameter in the logic and plot it there? Thanks for your help in advance! Excuse my lack of knowledge.
  25. Weekly Timer

    @Inntele,   Also the result of my work no available anymore. But, Is it possible that you can help me?
  26. Ladder Logic

    Gosh I'm jealous of this guy's homework, I can't stop thinking about it. For his HVAC, could/would you do a PID in gates, or would you do bang-bang?
  27. Operation error

    And also: If you are using 2-wire, then 110ohm, 4-wire then 330ohm.
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