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  1. Hi, my HSC counts accumulated pulses but destination register does not count ! will appreciate any contribution to help resolve this issue  thanks  HSC Issues.pdf
  2. Hi Everyone. I need help bad. For some reason the RSLinx Classic on my computer was not working. I decided to re-install it but could not do that. Then I uninstalled it  but would not. I reinstalled all others but RSLinx would not. I cleaned the registry and again did not succeed either to install or uninstall. Does anybody have an idea what is going on? Please help. Thanks.
  3. EN2T/D, DNB/E, Devicenet Issues

    Issue suddenly began about 3 weeks ago...or I noticed it anyway. I opened devicenet to change a parameter in a drive but all nodes have a question mark on them and RSNetworks will not register them no matter what I do. I checked RSLinx and I see question marks on The DNB/E modules and on the EN2T/D modules. I made sure I had the eds files and AOI's for these modules but nothing changes. I have uninstalled Networx and changed versions several times but it comes up the same way. I am using RSLinx version 4.10 and now have RSNetworx version 28. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello,  please i wish to simulate HSC in Allen Bradley 1400 using a square wave generator. i have built and tested the square wave generator it works well, the issue is how to wire it to Allen Bradley 1400. also i wish to understand IO Configuration filter settings, am using Allen Bradley 1400 B series Processor  Thanks  Square wave generator simulating with AB 1400 for HSC.pdf
  5. 1746-bas program problems

    Hello everybody I am using a 1746-bas to communicate with an Omron plc. I used hyperterminal to write the program for the 1746-bas. I have the data going to the 1746-bas from the Omron plc but as soon as I exchange the data the program from my 1746-bas seems to get interrupted for no reason. I have looked at the manuals but have not been able to find anything to remedy the problem. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you 
  6. Hi everyone; I want to communication Omron NB series HMI with Allen Bradley Micro 830 PLC. I don't know is it possible. İf its that possible, help me please..
  7. Hello to everybody, I'm new in AB world, but has experience in Siemens and Omron. I'm trying to find out a way how I can handle multiple PLC firmware versions in Studio 5000. I installed Studio 5000 v30.* and it give me only 1 option to select PLC with v30 or HMI with v3. I get in touch with AB support and they told me to upgrade my PLC firmware to support my software version what is doesn't sounds like solution for me. Could anybody help me to explain how Studio 5000 works and it was done in Rockwell world?  Thanks in advance! Regards, Scotty
  8. Hi,  Im a University Student under going a research project. Im having issues operating a JVL Mis 176 Integrated stepper motor from an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 1769-L18ER-BB1B (5370). I have the devices daisy chained over Ethernet/IP and have connection and feedback to both PLC and the motor drive. Im using an AOI JVL have provided, but they dont have an info document with the AOI provided. I can Enable and Disable the Servo pf the Motor but cannot actually get it to function using the internal commands of the PLC program. Just hoping someone here might have a bit of experience using these and could shed  a bit of light on it for me. AOI attached below. Thank you.  JVL_AOI_v30.ACD
  9. Hello everyone, Working in Automation for the first time as a Co-op student so i'm fairly new to PLC's and the Automation field in general. I've recently been tasked with converting a RSlogix 5 program from an old PLC 5 project into a Studio5000 project. I referenced the manual (I'll attach link below), and had no issues using the RSlogix Project Migrator tool that I downloaded off the Rockwell website. My problem is that once I convert the program, my I/O tags that were originally sequenced in octets(0-7, 10-17, 20-27, ...) from the RSlogix 5 program, are switched into a sequential scheme in Studio5000 that just increments them in order (1, 2, 3, 4, ...). I hope this make sense, but basically the first seven tags match between the projects, but then I:010 in rslogix 5 is equivalent to I[8] in 5000, I:011 is I[9], and so on and so forth. Has anyone had this issue before and found a way to have Studio5000 keep the original octet scheme? I don't see this normally being an issue, but the customer has specifically asked that the I/O tag names be kept the same as the original program. Thanks for any help. - Ben   Converting PLC-5 reference manual link:
  10. Hello guys, I'm new to the forum and pretty much a rookie in the PLC world. Am currently working on the MicroLogix 1100 and trying to establish communication via the USB to DH485 1747-UIC. I have watched a couple o videos on YouTube, like this one and also, tutorials like this one, but without success. Reviewing some information provided online, I came across the fact that this adapter is compatible  with the Allen Bradley SCL series.....but couldn't find out if it's compatible with the MicroLogix 1100. If this is not compatible, then which Ethernet-to-USB adapter do I need to use for my specific PLC? Thank you very much in advance for all of your help. Best regards, Jarib CS
  11. Hi please, i will like to learn a few things about expansion module, how can the card number of an expansion module be identified,  how can the configuration of an expansion module be achieved using RSLogix 500, an example will be the expansion module attached here in the micrologix series  expansion module configuration (Allen Bradley).pdf
  12. SLC-500 Power Supply Short?

    Anyone have experience with the old SLC-500s? I have one machine that is about 13 years old and I think they used a new old stock SLC-05/04 when they built it. Anyway I had a battery error, which makes sense since the battery was very old, and I lost my program when I tried to replace it, which makes sense because the capacitor which is supposed to hold the charge is very old. When I tried to re-download the program to the PLC, I could not connect, I realized my issue now was no null modem... and my driver not working on my RS-232 to USB converter. My question is:  What is the port above the DB-9 port used for? It was labeled PROG, so when my DB-9 serial cable didn't work I tried a serial cable for a mitsubishi FX series on the top port... and.... my power supply died. Is this a common thing on SLC-500 power supplies? Can you short them by using the wrong cable? The weird thing is the fuse on the front was not blown. Is there a fuse inside I can get to and replace? We are planning on just keeping this machine a few more years so we don't want to upgrade it. The CPU was fine afterwards.
  13. Hi please, i got a ladder logic project here that a uploaded from a PLC, I please i need more elaboration on this ladder logic project please the attached pdf below    thanks  PLC1.pdf
  14. Hi, please I wish to develop project like this: I wish to control my flow transmitter using PLC. For example If i wish to pump 1000, 2750 0r 3800 gallons of water into my tank;  the command should be given from RSLogix 500, after pumping the 1000 gallons the valve should switch off. They should be a possibility were the task can be done anytime inputing different amount of gallons. I wish to use Allen Bradley 1400 PLC to perform this task. I know analogue card will be required, now how is communication established between the card and the flow transmitter? My flow transmitter does not support Ethernet option! What types of instructions are used in RSLogix 500 to build this type of application? controlling transmitter flow rate with AB 1400 PLC.pdf
  15. RFID + Proface

    Hi Guys! Is there anybody worked already with Proface panel and RFID reader ? Can anybody help me with that ? Even it is possible to use RFID reader on a Proface touch panel ?  The software what I use is RSlogix 5000 and of course, GP-PRO for the proface panel. Thank you so much for your answers.
  16. Insert existing attachment A lot of automation cells we get done are made outside of shop so we don't typically have any current acd files for the plc. I am trying to make changes to the program but uploading seems to be giving me some problems. The initial upload seems to work fine I can select a file to save to and I begin to see the file being upload, the problem comes after about two minutes near the end of the upload. Attached is the error I see after the upload stops. Has anyone seen this problem before and know of a solution? Any help would be appreciated. Current controller Studio 5000 Logix Designer 28.03.00 1756-L71S
  17. Hi please, am trying to upload a program from  PLC AB 1400. When a message pops up asking me if I wish to go online, and i accept. another message will appear saying program in the processor has changed causing an offline state. please i will appreciate any help thanks    RS logix 500 indicates program in the processor has changed.pdf
  18. Hi, please I wish to understand something, I understand communication for AB 1400 and Delta HMI can be achieved using RS 232 communication cable and wiring the pins according to HMI manual specifications. Now I don’t have RS 232 communication cable, but I have VGA 9 pin male and female communication cable, Please any idea on how I can communicate the PLC and HMI using 9 pin VGA male and female ? How can i use VGA 9 pin male and female to communicate from my PLC to HMI.pdf
  19. pid tuning

    Hi there! I have a problem with a process. The bottom line is I have a quite big asynchronous motor (about 110kw), with this motor I would like to fill a pool. There is a sensor that monitors the level. Im setting the PID for the motor control, it seems to be good, but unfortunately the fultuation is very big, however the level is perfect. I send a 4-20 mA signal to the inverter. Actually, it is almost everytime changing. I think it is not good for the motor. the changing scale is between 100 and 600 rpm ... What do you guys think ? Can this cause early motor or inverter failure? I had a thought, I did that I was doing an average and sent the current process data every 3 seconds. It causes that, the motor rpm 100 or 600 rpm.. nothing else, and change it about every 3 or 6 seconds,  because of te too much error I think.  How can I solve the this problem. The material runs out evenly from the pool, but the control variable is still bouncing. I monitored the process variable and the control variable too and the error too. I noticed that the output only changes when it is very close to the setpoint. for example the setpoint is 5000. And if the process variable is 4950 then the output is 100%. and if the process variable is 4992 then the output is about 67% but, the if the process data is 5010 then the output is 0%.   I'd expect that, for example that if the process variable is 2000 then the output is will be 100%. but the process data is 4000 then the output will be 50 % ... and so on.... so I hope I can find a permanent output value.  I dont know, maybe I made some mistake.... pls help me in this situation. Thank you.        
  20. Hello, I'm using Allen Bradley Micro850 , 2080-LC50-24QWB. I wrote a program using Connected Component Workbench which reads certain indications and controlling contactors. My customer would like to connect that PLC to a PC by an Ethernet cable RJ45 and read those input registers and write those output registers into his application that he had built. He would like to know the commands in order to read or write the data and the TCP/IP data structures and frames. I would like to have the registers mapping of this PLC as well. i have been searching this information in the data sheets and have found none. i hope you could help me or at least instruct me becasue that's really urgent. thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, i uploaded program from my Allen Bradley 1400 PLC. when i tried to go online, a notification pops up showing program in processor has changed causing offline state do u want to upload, when i upload the same information comes up Uploading from PLC.pdf
  22.  Hi, after implement the following steps to configure my Allen Bradley 1400 programing logic controller, I tried uploading program from the PLC, a got a notification displaying (no respond from processor at selected path/node) please will appreciate any help to rectify this error uploading program from AB 1400 (1).pdf
  23. Hi all, I am new AB family, currently got into a new project but i have following doubts, Please clarify my following doubts. Project Details : I need  to implement 21CFR part 11 Compliance in AB HMI (1&2) -  2711P-T10C4D1 & 2711P-T6C5D As per my study, i understand that 21CFR can be imlemented by FactoryTalkView(FTV) ME edition V10.00. But HMIs currently available are programmed using FTV 5.0 version. Can we upgrade the FW version of HMI and convert the old HMI backup (from FTV 5.0) to new Backup (FTV 10.00) and load it  without disturbing the old backup HMI screens/settings ? So, Please give me solution .... If you have datasheets, documents, Videos also , kindly share with me. Thank You in Advance, Thanks & Regards, M.Monish Kumar  
  24. Hello I have a scenario that's been bugging me for some time now. The scenario consists of a Micrologix 1400 that I need to control it's output from modbus/tcp. In detail what I really need is to be able to manipulate the O0:0 through modbus/tcp. The PLC would be the master and I would be the slave that triggers the connection to the master. I'm using a Modbus-Client on my PC and that should be the slave. Any idea as to how I can manage that? Currently I can send data to the master but everything is "stored" on B10 and I have no idea how I could write directly on O0. Thanks a bunch guys. PS: I'm borderline noob. 
  25. I am needing some guidance on an application I'm working on. I'm trying to obtain data from a profinet slave device to an Allen Bradley compactlogix PLC. I am using a Prosoft PLX82-EIP-PNC profinet-/ethernet-ip gateway as a median to allow me to access the profinet data. In RSlogix5000, I have created an EIP Class 1 connection for the profinet controller and AB PLC (248 words of input data, 248 words of output data). The same structure is created in the profinet controller (248 words of input data, 248 words of output data). The profinet gateway and PLC are communicating properly. From my profinet slave device, I have a specification that the data is structured within a 23 byte format. Connecting to my profinet gateway, I can see this data. I have attached an image that shows the specification of the profinet data and the data values displayed inside the profinet controller. From the PLC side, I'm needing to be able to see this data and put it in meaningful values. I am using the profinet slave device's internal temperature as an example to work towards. I'm not sure the best way to be able to handle this data and structure it to a meaningful value inside the PLC. (I am using the device's internal temperature as an example to try and get into the PLC).   Thanks,