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RSLogix Micro ERROR:Address must be specified to the word level!

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Hi, All! 

I am very new to PLCs and I am currently writing ladder logic for an Allen bradley MLX1200. 

I have a number of inputs which i have addressed in the format: I:1.0/1 etc. which should equate to I:Slot.Word/Terminal.
I have checked the SLC 500 Instruction Set document which has informed me that this format should be structured correctly however I still receive the error message "ERROR: Address must be specified to the word level!" 

Can anyone see where I am going wrong? 

For reference Slot 1 is a 4-Channel Thermocouple Input Module (1762-IT4). 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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without seeing code, one cannot tell....

if instruction is XIC or XIO or some other bit instruction, then specifying bit is needed such as you show.

but if you are trying to grab group of input bits at once (maybe an analog value or group or digital inputs to compare or copy etc.) then address must not include bit level suffix with slash and bit number. to address something at word level, remove bit level suffix.


for example:

XIC  I:1.0/1  OTE B3:0/0 ; set set memory bit with same value as input bit

NEQ I:1.0 0 OTE B3:0/1 ; set another memory bit if any input is active (checking group of inputs using word level so no slash and bit number are used. it looks at all inputs  I:1.0/0 ...  I:1.0/15) 

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