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  1. Firmware matching

    Something to keep in mind is that some devices firmware have to match the firmware in the controller.  For instance if you are using SERCOS drives, the SERCOS card's firmware has to match the firmware in the controller.  It sounds like this is a PLC that has probably been in place for awhile.  I would hesitate to update the firmware initially.  My first thought would be to install Studio v24 and let the PLC stay the same.  I have many versions of Studio and RSLogix installed on my machine because of this, since I know sometimes bad things happen with firmware updates.  You can download any version of Studio or RSLogix from the Rockwell website. If you need to update the firmware I would make sure I had the original program backed up, I would look for any firmware dependancies, and I would make sure I had a spare controller if I needed it.  Honestly that would be my backup plan though.  Should be fine, but you never know. Depends on your situation this PLC in a machine that is spitting out product, or is it sitting on a desk somewhere.  If it's in a machine, I would leave it at v24.  If it's on your desk...well that's up too you lol. -Cannon
  2. Cannot communicate compactlogix

    Are any other switches or routers connected to this switch?  There could be duplicate IP's or the switch could be caught in a loop. If this is a managed switch make sure that those ports are enabled and are configured correctly.   Honestly ethernet communication is incredibly reliable as long as the settings are correct and cables aren't broken.  We could troubleshoot this quick if you would be willing to tell us what IP address and subnet your PC is on, as well as a list of the IP addresses that you are trying to ping.  One screenshot of the IP address that you can successfully ping as well as a screenshot of one of the IP addresses that you are unable to ping would help a lot too.
  3. Cammed Servo Control

    Any tips on how to use the software effectively.  There isn't much material out there on how to get the most out of it.
  4. Pneumatic Air

    I think we can add the switches.  Both options would work because I know that we use digital pressure sensors that are just mounted to a backplate, and Festo makes switches that can be installed onto the bank itself.  I guess I am leaning on trying to convince them that we need them.  Because whether the switch is outputted into Safety or not, as it stands we don't have any pressure feedback on the bank.  Maybe it isn't required for safety...but at least knowing that the bank has pressure should be required...
  5. Pneumatic Air

    The banks control a variety of things really...There are usually several solenoid valves on each bank, and those solenoids can control Belt tensioners, raising and lowering of anvils or conveyors, blowoffs...etc.  These individual solenoid outputs are controlled in the normal routines of the controller.  In the safety routine though, if the main bank solenoid output is closed, then we are constantly checking the input to the 1734 Safety RIO which is a pressure switch on the bank.  So if we turn air on to the bank, we are checking to make sure that enough air is present for all the individual solenoids...if not we have a safety fault.  Also, I wasn't guessing...the pressure switches ARE wired into the safety modules... The problem is that recently we made upgrades to the machine, and the upgrades did not contain a pressure we need them?
  6. Kinetix 5500S2 Fault FLT S54 POSN Error

    So this means that the servo is commanding the motor to go to a certain position...or a certain speed, and based on the encoder the motor is not where it is supposed to be.  When you command the motor to move, jog, gear...etc. does the motor turn?  Does this motor have a brake?  If so, is it released?
  7. STL

    Joe E., I would be ok with you starting a new topic to rant about STL programming.  Lol
  8. Pneumatic Air

    Short backstory: We have a machine programmed with AB that has several banks of air solenoids.  This is an older machine so the solenoid banks are of the older variety.  On each bank there is a pressure switch that is outputted into a Allen Bradley 1734 Safety RIO module.  We are adding new modules to this machine after about 10 years and the Mec Eng. chose Festo CPX banks, but they did not put pressure switches on them. Question: Is it a requirement (OSHA, OMAC, ISO...etc. any of them really) to have a pressure switch for air module?  Or are they used to just make the machine smarter?  The big concern that I have is that the customer will notice that these new CPX's don't have pressure switches to monitor the status of the air like every other bank on the machine, then questions will be asked...yatta yatta...
  9. Cammed Servo Control

    What is the best software/application to use for editing cam profiles in Studio/RSLogix?  I have a machine with 4 knife blades on a rotating load.  These blades would need to be cammed to a conveyor based on size of the current products recipe.  I know the diameter of the load, and gearing, but I am not sure how to calculate my cam points.  Thanks.