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  1. View Designer Connection Issue

    Yes it takes me to my plc, but there is also another path that leads to my plc via usb. Everything inside is nearly identical. I connect to the plc in studio 5000 with the usb connection rather than the ab_vbp-1. I'm not sure what the difference between these two are or why two exist. I just now tried switching the studio 5000 communications path to the ab_vbp-1 but it did not change anything. I will include another screenshot of this.
  2. View Designer Connection Issue

    Thank you for your response! 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Not exactly: it runs the emulation but it shows a red "X" on my button and LED and when I hover over it, it says it cannot reach my Controller. Included is a screenshot of this screen. Additionally, the project verifies without any errors or warnings. According to another source, It may possibly just be an issue with my binding tags. I'm currently looking into that possibility.
  3. This is my first post so let me know if there is anything wrong with my post. I am learning Studio 5000 right now for an internship and created a simple project involving a pushbutton and some LEDs. Now I am trying to create an HMI for it in View Designer. My problem now is that I cannot establish a connection to the project because I do not have a physical HMI connected to my plc (Logix 5380). I can't find any way to emulate an HMI module so that I can get it to run. When I emulate my HMI project it tells me "Unable to reach controller TEST" where test is the name of my plc program. I added a module that matched the model in my HMI program (panelview 5510 2715p-t7wd) which I arbitrarily picked at random. But when I go into references and try to add HMI to Controller Path it does not show up (I'm assuming it's because it is faulting in the plc program since it doesn't actually exist). Is there not a way to emulate an HMI or add a virtual HMI to my studio 5000 program that I could connect to from View Designer?