Prathamesh Joshi

integration AB PLC and Zebra Printer/ Scannaer integration with RS232

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We want to integrate Allen Bradley L16-ER with Zebra Printer GT800 and Zebra Scanner Li4278 with RS232 extension Card.

We have hardware :



3.Zebra Printer GT800

4.Zebra Scanner Li4278

5.Communication Cables 

We are not able to receive and transmit data from and to Printer and Scanner

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Prathamesh - Let me suggest you "eat this elephant a byte at a time".

1. Take a PC with Hypterminal/Putty/Terraterm/<insert favorite terminal program here> and ensure you can RS-232 communicate to printer, then to scanner and finally to 1734-232ASC from the PC.

2. With all pieces communicating to the PC now try and hook the ASc and Printer or ASC and Scanner up.

3. Once you're into step 1 if you ahve questions about programming the 232ASC post back.

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