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  1. Voltage Output Greatly Reduced

    I forgot to mention.  My output is on V out 0 which i have addressed at O:5.1 (slot 5). I'm not sure if this is correct. 
  2. Voltage Output Greatly Reduced

    Hi All,  I have an Allen-Bradley 1762-IF2OF2 Module which I am using for a voltage output. The range of my output is scaled to 0-6.4V (0-19968 bits) from a 0 - 700°C input.  Currently I am receiving an output voltage 0-0.458V which is way smaller than my 0-6.4V required output.  Has anyone seen something like this?  I have added some images to help explain how I've set it up.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks C
  3. Unconfigured I/O Address Used

    I've had a eureka moment! I was trying to add a discrete input signal to a register which, now thinking about it, obviously wouldn't work. I have replaced the discrete signal with analogue signals which are introduced earlier in the ladder logic. This has corrected the issue.    Thanks for all the help guys.   C
  4. Unconfigured I/O Address Used

    I've added the whole PLC file and a PDF version MLX1200 - PLC 1 NO OFFSET.RSS PLC 1 PDF.pdf
  5. Unconfigured I/O Address Used

    Here's the instruction I'm trying to type it into. It works for I:0.0-I:0.3 however past that it doesn't.  I've attached 2 rungs, 1 working and 1 which isn't. 
  6. Unconfigured I/O Address Used

    If I enter the address as I:0.0/0 I then get the error "Address must be specified to word level".   
  7. Unconfigured I/O Address Used

    I do have expansion I/O however I'm maxed out.  I'm using the 1762-L24BXB which states that it has Input channels 0-13 and outputs 0-9.  I've uploaded the image from the manual which shows the channel config.  Thanks
  8. Unconfigured I/O Address Used

    Hi All,  I am encountering an issue with my Allen Bradley MLX 1200 processor when trying to use the integrated PLC I/O channels I:0.4 - I:0.13 I am getting the error "Unconfigured I/O Address Used".  I'm using RSLogix 500 to program the PLC.  I have tried to configure the I/O however it doesn't seem to allow me to 'Activate/Configure' I/O past I:0.3. Has anyone seen something like this before?    Thanks CThornton
  9. Hi, All!  I am very new to PLCs and I am currently writing ladder logic for an Allen bradley MLX1200.  I have a number of inputs which i have addressed in the format: I:1.0/1 etc. which should equate to I:Slot.Word/Terminal. I have checked the SLC 500 Instruction Set document which has informed me that this format should be structured correctly however I still receive the error message "ERROR: Address must be specified to the word level!"  Can anyone see where I am going wrong?  For reference Slot 1 is a 4-Channel Thermocouple Input Module (1762-IT4).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks C