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  1. Already know about the trouble. Thanks for advance.   CLOSE
  2. I used channel 5 for this Flow transmitter.  anyone knows about the "minor fault (channel fault)".
  3. Like this, i think is good with the connection. Do you have an idea?
  4. I was stuck because of this, I am sure the signal is connected at Analog Input. I measured that, it is 6 mA. Any of you, can remove this fault? Is there a problem in the Analog Input Module? Thank you if you reply to this. Sorry if I am reposting this post.
  5. i have a project and i stack in my component. i can't add component in design. i was attach the picture, you guys can take a look it. any suggest? i use windows 7 32bit and visual studio 2008. thankyou
  6. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    maybe check the cable, if in device manager dont show up. that is the problem. i usually use usb to peripheral and it useful or you can use usb to rs232.
  7. CJ1M ethernet connection problem

    yes, it is necessary to test your connection with CX-integreator. if you can ping with cx-integrator it will be connected on another plc. it's my idea, maybe another advice can solve your problem.
  8. SEND RECV CMND (VB 6.0)

    Hello, when i read communication command refference manual about fins command, i found the instruction (SEND, RECV, CMND). i just want to connect PLC to VB 6.0. my ask, is it necessary put that instruction in CX-Programmer to connect PLC to VB6.0? thank you. Newbie.
  9. VB6 to CJ1G with ETN21

    thanks for your suggestion :)
  10. VB6 to CJ1G with ETN21

    Sorry, i am newbie with this communication between PLC and PC with VB6. Before i use this application, and it works. Thank you.
  11. VB6 to CJ1G with ETN21

    i have a problem with my project study. i can connect it, with ping it in cmd. i use UDP protocol. my computer's ip is and plc's ip is what i must configuration it with winsock? is there a configuration in CX-Programmer? or what? i just want to read and write data memory in D10, how i can send data in winsock? i can't understand "FINS Commands" if i can it, i will improve it in my program. anyone can help me? Thank you. Erwin Harry N