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  1. Good day, Hope someone can assist.  We are busy trying to diagnose high CPU utililization on a Controllogix system (1756-L75). We are using the Studio5000 Task Monitor. We have optimized our program as far as possible, but we noticed on the task monitor that the "Comms IO Monitor" is using 60% of the CPU.  Can anyone explain what the tasks mean: Comms IO Monitor Comms System    
  2. Good day,  I retreived the event log from 2x RM's today, I found on the one RM that there has been more than 700 million events. Apart from switchover events, there following event shows up a lot: (C2) Bridge Connection Deleted       Starts/Stops   Byte 1 (0xFF) : Byte 2 (0xFF) : Byte 3 (0xF2) : Byte 4 (0x13) : Byte 5 (0x0) : Byte 6 (0x0) :  Our system: 1756-RM2 1756-L75 1756-CN2R 1756-EN2TR 1756-EN2TR 1756-EN2TR 1756-EN2TR The CN2R's are connected to 12x 1771-ACN15 and 2x 1756-CN2R in remote racks, which is also set up to be the keepers. The EN2TR's are connected to their respective ETAPs/EN2TR's in ring topology.   We have experienced some issues when switching over. Hope someone can tell me what that message means regarding the Bridge Connection.    
  3. Redundancy Error

    Good day, How are your EN2T's connected for the SCADA? We have a similar setup, from the EN2T's we go to two Stratix 8000's that is connected to 2 Cisco switches with a crossover between the 2 switches.  The redundancy checks the connection of all the communication modules, if the cable on the one EN2T is disconnected, then that chassis will disqualify. I hope this helps.
  4. The issue was resolved by rebooting Server A but this led to a loss of view on the operator stations for about 10 minutes. Hopefully this issue does not pop up again.
  5. Good day, We are running FactoryTalk View SE (Network Distributed) version 7.00 (CPR 9 SR 6). We have 5 machines: Engineering Station, HMI/Data Server A, HMI/Data Server B, Operator station A and B. The FT Directory is located on Server A. Server A is Primary and Server B secondary. I made some changes to one of the HMI Display's and added a HMI Tag with an alarm.  Tested the changes, everything worked as predicted. I then checked the status of the RSLinx, HMI and Data servers using FT Administration Console, everything was running with full redundancy. I then selected Replicate to Secondary, the replication was successful and Server B rebooted. After Server B finished rebooting, I check the status again. I found that the RSLinx and Data servers started up and was again fully redundant but the HMI Server showed that Server A was active and Server B was Ready to provide service, left it for about 10 minutes but it never changed to Standby.  I rebooted Server B again to see if it will help but it did not. I then stopped the services on Server B, deleted the HMI Project, restored the project from a backup of Server A, but still had the same issue. I am suspecting that there might be an issue on server A because if I open FT View Studio on the engineering station, I get an error stating: Unable to open HMI Server. I have checked all network connections and everything looks fine. Is there someone that may be able to assist me? 
  6. Good day,  What settings did you use for the Input Connection Parameters? The settings that worked for me on the MicroTech MT9101 was: Comm Format: Data - INT Assembly Instance: Input:                 100      Size: 208 Output:              112      Size: 130   I will confirm the settings when I am back at work on Monday. You can maybe try asking Ramsey for the latest manual, that is what helped me in the end.
  7. Good day, I would like to extract the FT View SE Alarm Log. We currently have got a Excel spreadsheet set up with a connection to the FTAE SQL Database.  When I refresh the data, Excel give an error telling me that the data is more than what can be displayed in a spreadsheet. So it then discards the latest data. I have tried setting a database limit in the Factory Talk Administration console to only keep the last 60 days worth of data but it does not seem to take effect. I get data from January 2017 up to 15 October 2018. Is there a way to configure the ODBC connection in excel to only give me the data for the last 30 days or is there someone that can help me to limit the size of the database? I have attached the current connection config.
  8. It's a pleasure. I am just as glad that it is working. Have been struggling for months.   Enjoy your day!
  9. If you flash the ENBT to the latest firmware it should also work. I also saw the same problem but you have to use the COP instruction to copy the INT's to a tag with data type REAL. I have attached a snapshot of the ladder logic that I used to test. Make sure about the length, certain tags are 2 long and others 1.
  10. I also had some issues. What version firmware do you have on the ENBT? I'm using Revision 6.6.   How are you connecting the MT9101 to the PLC? 
  11. Hi Johan, I contacted Ramsey in America and they said you must make sure that the MT9101 is running the latest firmware which is You can check it by scrolling on the main run screen. He also sent me the latest manual. I have attached the manual. There are some differences, the input instance is still 100 but the size is 208, the Output instance and size stayed the same at 112 and 130, respectively. The configuration instance I first tried 4 and the size 0 but it did not work, then I changed it to 3 and it connected and the tags started reading but I cannot make sense of the tags. I could only see the Zero and Span reference values. The rest of the tags gives values which does not make sense. I will email them again and see if they can help me.   REC4281K.zip
  12. I do not have any experience with that but I can give it a try.  
  13. No, could not get it working. Ramsey couldn't even help me, they said I must get a Modbus/TCP module for the PLC to get it working. 
  14. Thanks for the replies so far. I have attached an extraction from the manual with the settings. According to the manual the Comm Format is Data - INT. I have tried the setting they recommend but then I get a Invalid Input Size error, so I changed the size to 208 instead of 210 and then the message changed to Invalid Output Size. I then tried all the available options from 1 -- 248 and every time I got the same error. I will try what you guys suggested and hopefully I can get it working. 20160906151057885.pdf
  15. Hi, I would like to connect a  Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101 integrator via Ethernet/IP to a Controllogix. I have read the manual from Ramsey and they show that I should add a Generic Ethernet Module in RSLogix and enter the Input Assembly instance and Output Assembly parameters to get it working. I have tried the settings in the manual but it tells me that the Input Size is not correct, tried different values and couldn't find any that work. Could somebody please assist me? I have emailed Ramsey but have not gotten a reply yet and I also contacted their local office here in South Africa but they could not help me.