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  1. I would compare the CompactLogix however this has to be a modular PLC not a compact PLC. I definitely think the market for modular is shrinking due to so much intelligence being in compact PLCs nowadays.  Would you care to go into greater detail about what programming features Allen Bradley has? I know they use a Tag based system which is easier than using addresses.  Cheers Gibblet
  2. Doesn't Mitsubishi have inbuilt CC-Link IE Field Basic in their latest generation? Is inbuilt networking something you deem a 'must have' in today's market? Look forward to you response. 
  3. Hi,  Thanks for the detailed response! I can understand your concern about people answering with their feelings rather than facts. However I believe that these are just as valid, after all everyone has to work with these things and experiences them differently dependent on application. So pour your hearts out I say!
  4. Hi all,  I am in the process of doing a project for some school work and need to do a SWOT analysis of the latest modular PLCs from Mitsubishi (R series), Siemens (S7-1500) and Allen Bradley (ControlLogix).  So I thought what better way than to ask the people on what they think are the pros and cons of each! Thanks for your responses in advance!