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  1. New laptop - traps for young players.

    I beg to differ! Personally prefer to use USB/Ethernet adapters AND inline RF45 surge protector. After TWO laptops were partially destroyed after a ground loop fault in customers control enclosure. If you are going to use a laptops Ethernet port be sure to use an inline surge protector. My 2 cents.
  2. NA touch screen graphics library

    NA_Lib_V1 from OMRON France. Also a great resource for many NA Series application. Once opened in Sysmac Studio you can change the language to English.
  3. Another solution from Hilscher! I am really interested to know if you decide to use one of these Ethercat Slave to Slave units and what were the results. We have an upcoming application later this year that we are considering using them.
  4. You could also look at the Anybus X-Gateway. They also have an Ethercat Bridge for slave to Slave communications. I haven't used that specific product but have used other products from them. Their tech support is second to none if you need it. The only difference is that the ESD module supports 1024 bytes in both directions vs. the AnyBus supports 512 bytes in both directions.  
  5. Data Types for MAM instruction

    SO after running MAM instruction with live application here's my take. If move parameter tags associated with the MAM instruction are declared as DINT's, the MAM will accept them and tries its best to convert the DINT tag values as close as possible to REAL values. Indeed the DINT to REAL values may NOT be completely accurate. BUT in the user application I am working they appear to be acceptable. Thanks all for GREAT feedback.
  6. Data Types for MAM instruction

    I have inherited a program to work on using MAM motion commands on a CompactLogix 5370 processor. The MAM variables for some parameters state that REAL data type is required. However in looking at the the code those REAL variables are actually declared as DINT. Is this OK. Does Logix somehow accept DINT for these parameters even though REAL is specified. So if parameter is 5600 DINT it somehow interprets this as 5600.00 REAL. Confused!
  7. CJ1W-CT021

    Rather than use the the additional I/O module, I would suggest using the built-in High Speed Inputs already available in the PLC. To use an encoder input you use configure the high speed counter for the type of encoder input. This is accessed from the Built-In in put settings of the PLC. Remember that after changing these setting you MUST cycle power to the PLC for them to take effect. After that you can use the High Speed Counter instructions in the program to monitor the encoder.
  8. Some Basic Stuff I just can't figure out

    Which HMI are you using? New NA or older NS?
  9. Some Basic Stuff I just can't figure out

    1. View -> Watch Tab Page or Alt+4. You can enter variables manually OR drag variable in ladder into the Watch Tab Page. You can rename each watch tab page AND have multiple watch tab pages. 2. Each time you click on the rung you are editing a popup appears to select what type of instruction you want. Alternately use the Toolbox menu to select the instruction and drag it onto the rung. 3.Not quite sure what you mean! The units for each variable are declared in Data Type in either the Global or Local variable table. Again, these can be easily monitored in a Watch Tab Page. Variable values also display in the rung next to the type of instruction.
  10. Some ideas/advice please. I have a 1S servo in my Sysmac project moving a belt driven linear slide. During movement it is possible that an object can prevent completion of a move command. What method should I use to monitor this problem Position Error, Over Torque etc. ? Once detected what further action should me taken. MC_Stop, MC_ImmediateStop, dropout MC_Power etc.? Any recommendations/suggestions most welcomed. Thanks  
  11. Help with STEP/SNXT programming

    I disagree! OMRON STEP/SNXT instructions has been around for many years and for me has been my preferred method of implementing sequenced control. Tried to post some informational PDF's here but site will not allow attachments. I'll try pm you.  
  12. Axis Synchronization (Rotary and Linear )

    "Is there is any better way to perform this syncronization" Add a virtual axis as a master then link the rotary and linear axes to follow the master using different axis configurations.
  13. Always good to get feedback when problem is resolved. Thank You Yves!