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  1. CP1L-EM30 - Analog inputs built in on board

    Have you either set DIPSWITCH 4 or 5 ON for position of Analog module OR Configured module setup in PLC settings? See section 10-3-2 in manual W516-E1-04 Link here:-
  2. Learn CX-Programmer

    Manuals here:- Youtube videos:- OMRON Downloads on this site:-  
  3. About Function Block Variables

    All explained in manuals and quickstart guides.
  4. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    The red error lights on the CPU and some of the I/O modules indicate that SIOU refreshing is not being accomplished. Have you made any changes to the PLC settings? Do you have a copy of the program? Do any of the units have check marks [see attached picture]? This error occurs if SIOU refresh has been disabled in the PLC settings and the program logic fails to perform an SIOU refresh for more than 11 seconds.  
  5. Suggest you review the STEP/SNXT instructions for your program. What model PLC are you using?
  6. Indeed the CJ1M is old and the the CJ2 series is the current PLC offering. I use around 30 CJ2 series PLC's/Year on multiple projects with CX Programmer. The NX/NJ series Machine Automation Controllers with Sysmac Studio are the latest product offering, but I am not aware that OMRON PLC products with CX Programmer are being phased out or at end of life cycle. Unless you know something I don't??
  7. Capture snapshot of I/O data for simulation

    Yes I agree. IMHO turning on/off I/O manually is BEST approach. Just trying offer a possible solution.
  8. Capture snapshot of I/O data for simulation

    Add code to running PLC using the XFER instruction to copy the CIO areas you wish to keep to unused DM location. Save the D memory to file. In simulation mode add a oneshot instruction to XFER the saved D memory back to CIO.
  9. CPU load memory

    Select "View" and in pulldown "Memory_View".
  10. Task control? scan priority

    Set the Task Properties as a Cyclic task but with Operation start unchecked. Then only call the task from your main program with a oneshot [rising edge bit] to trigger a TKON instruction. At the very last rung of the called task place use LD CF113 [always on] followed by a TKOF. Task will only run once when called from main program. Picture shows Cyclic Task 01 with Operation Start unchecked.  
  11. mx2 control with modbus

    Congrats mate! You didn't give up. Can you enlighten us how you got it working after initial problems?
  12. Controlling mx2 inverter without modbus

    Always good to get updates from forum posters. Keep plugging away and good luck mate!
  13. Controlling mx2 inverter without modbus

    Don't give up so quick. One of these [or similar product] would easily solve your problem.
  14. Controlling mx2 inverter without modbus

    Looking at the RP input in the MX2 schematic it would appear that it only accepts a Sinking input signal. To work with a CP1L-EL it must have Sinking Transistor outputs i.e. CL1L-EM**DT-D Providing you have a Sinking Transistor model, you have wiring correct between PLC output and MX2 and high speed output is pulsing you should be able to monitor this signal on the MX2.