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  1. Help with STEP/SNXT programming

    I disagree! OMRON STEP/SNXT instructions has been around for many years and for me has been my preferred method of implementing sequenced control. Tried to post some informational PDF's here but site will not allow attachments. I'll try pm you.  
  2. Axis Synchronization (Rotary and Linear )

    "Is there is any better way to perform this syncronization" Add a virtual axis as a master then link the rotary and linear axes to follow the master using different axis configurations.
  3. Always good to get feedback when problem is resolved. Thank You Yves!
  4. servo 1s SYSMAC

    Use the axis motion command instruction MC_MoveJog in Sysmac Studio. This command includes both FWD [PositiveEnable] and REV [NegativeEnable] boolean input attributes.
  5. 1 . In your message does not say that the functional blocks operate 
    ONLY with the controllers NJ  of the family OMRON. 
    My applications work with all families OMRON - CS1,CJ1,CJ2,NJ..., 
    as well as with controllers from other manufacturers, for example Yaskawa. 
    If you are an expert, you should know this when you write your comment.

    2. If  company OMRON has developed MQTT functional blocks that, 
    in my opinion, are not convenient, and do not fully solve the tasks 
    of remote control, remote diagnostics, and collecting information 
    about the object, then other developers do not have the right 
    to develop similar software ??? 
    My developments appeared in 2016, when these functional blocks OMRON
    were not in sight.

    3. Having extensive experience in implementing objects based on controllers,
     we know as well as specialists OMRON what users of equipment need for 
     IOT, remote diagnostics and monitoring

  6. MQTT_Local_Client for PLC OMRON,Yaskawa

    MQTT Function block library here.  
  7. DWord to Data Types

    Even better!
  8. DWord to Data Types

    Wow learn something new everyday! That is really useful. Thanks Mike!
  9. EtherCat Disable Nodes

    Reporting back on excellent feedback from OMRON support. First, setting the option ECAT nodes to Disable do not report an ECAT fault and the Enabled nodes work just fine (without errors).     In axis settings, configure the axes for the option nodes just as you would if they were installed (enabled).     You can use start program or simply just call a section of logic that enables the optional ECAT nodes (it’s up to you and your preference). So I used the "EC_ChangeEnableSetting" function block set to TRUE or FALSE for each node to ENABLE or DISABLE the desired nodes, then use boolean state of "_EC_PDSlaveTbl[#]" to confirm state of each node. Thanks OMRON.      
  10. EtherCat Disable Nodes

    I have a base machine with 3 ECat nodes. 1S Servo and 2 MX VFD,s Nodes 1,2,3. These are set to ENABLED in the Enable/Disabled value. There is an Add On Option for this machine that adds a 1S Servo and an MX VFD. Nodes 4,5. These are set to DISABLED in the Enable/Disabled value. I am trying to create a SINGLE program that allows the add-on option hardware nodes 4,5 to be selected/de-selected. There is a POU for the Base_Machine with logic for controlling nodes 1,2,3 and A POU for the Add_On_Option with logic for nodes 3,4. In the MAIN POU I would like to use the EC_ChangeEnableSetting command to add nodes 4 and 5 when required. Can this be achieved. If the add-on nodes 4 and 5 are not physically installed does the initial DISABLED setting allow normal operation of nodes 1,2,3 without errors? Can or should I use the PrgStart/PrgStop command in my MAIN POU to Enable/Disable the Add_On_Option program listed in the Primary Task?but In the Axis Settings configuration both servos are listed, MC_Base_Machine and MC_Add_On. If the MC_Add_On axis is set to DISABLED will this allow the system to run without error? Anyone have any input or experience whether this approach is feasible and if yes am I on the right track?   Couldn't post a screenshot of program.....UGGHHH!  
  11. NJ State Machine

    Many thanks Michael ! All good. Learning NA as fast as possible!
  12. Referencing NX Structure in NA HNI

    You da man Chelton!!!! dang if I was using square brackets for array pointer [[[[[[[[[   ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Round brackets fixed it (((((((((((((((           ))))))))))))))))))))). What a simple solution. THANKS A MILLION
  13. I have a structure in the NX controller that consists of three arrays, LREAL, BOOL and BOOL each 30 deep. Trying to link these to an NA HMI but cannot for the life of me figure out correct syntax!! Used Variable Mapping on the NA HMI to point to the NX structure but cannot figure out the syntax required.    
  14. NJ State Machine

    I have been using this technique using enumerations to more easily identify each state during troubleshooting. My next challenge is how to show the string associated with each state on the NA HMI. Can and How do I reference the controller variable in the NA and display the string for each enumeration value? Can it be achieved using the enumerated variable directly from the controller OR must I create a brand new copy of the enumeration from the controller to the NA and use the integer value of the enumeration of the controller variable to control the enumerated text in the NA variable. Putting out this challenge!! ANY IDEAS FOLKS?