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  1. Sending data from CJ2M to CJ1M

    For your application and small amount of data you could use Serial PLC Link to exchange data via the serial ports of each PLC. Very simple, reliable and easy to setup. Requires NO PROGRAMMING in the PLC. It is setup/configured in the PLC settings.
  2. CP1E program missing input and outputs

    Final notes. IF you have the correct model CP1E-N type PLC have you selected the correct DEVICE TYPE and CPU TYPE in CX_Programmer?
  3. CP1E program missing input and outputs

    I hope your CP1E PLC model suffix is type CP1E-N. Only this model type will allow high speed pulse outputs. To configure the outputs you also use the PLC settings to configure either or both Pulse Output 1 and Pulse Output 2.   Again don't forget to download these new setting to the PLC and POWER CYCLE to accept new settings.  
  4. CP1E program missing input and outputs

    In order to use I/O for high speed tasks/instruction they must be configured in the PLC settings and downloaded to the PLC. After downloading you MUST power cycle the PLC for these new setting to work.  
  5. Bit Position Word

    The DMPX instruction control word C specifies how conversion occurs. Setting third digit of the C word to 0 specifies 16-to-4bits conversion. Between 1 and 4 words can be processed based the setting of digit 1 by setting it between 0-3. Setting digit of the C word to 1 specifies 256-to-8 bits conversion. In this case a block of contiguous block of 16 or 32 words is searched by setting digit to 0 or 1.   For a full explanation and sample code for this instruction in Omron Manual W340. Here is link:-    
  6. Bit Position Word

    Data Encoder:- DMPX(077) Instruction might be what you are looking for?
  7. Protected program

    Good luck. Let us know if this works out for you! Regards
  8. Protected program

    You could try using the BACKUP/RESTORE procedure using a CF card. BACKUP exiting PLC program to CF Card. RESTORE program to other PLC using CF Card. Depending on how the program was originally protected this should work. BUT if the other PLC is a different Version # this may cause a problem. CJ1 CF card backup & restore guide.pdf
  9. data save

    Using IR and DR for Indirect Addressing.pdf
  10. Well how about sharing with this forum what the fault was and how you resolved it?
  11. Arduino: I had a plc dream...

    Does this suit your requirements?
  12. There ARE some restrictions on the CP2E series PLC's relating to Function Blocks and Structured Text. See manual W614. Attached is extract from manual for ST. This MAY be causing your issue. W614-E1-01.pdf   Apologies, original attachment was not working W614-E1-01-Extract.pdf
  13. Looking for a good USB to Serial (RS232) Converter

    Whenever you need help with Serial communications my go to spot is:- Good prices and excellent tech support.   And NO! I am not affiliated with them.
  14. Sysmac HMI Identifier Fault

    YUP not the ONLY individual! Burnt me a few times.