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  1. Well how about sharing with this forum what the fault was and how you resolved it?
  2. Arduino: I had a plc dream...

    Does this suit your requirements?
  3. There ARE some restrictions on the CP2E series PLC's relating to Function Blocks and Structured Text. See manual W614. Attached is extract from manual for ST. This MAY be causing your issue. W614-E1-01.pdf   Apologies, original attachment was not working W614-E1-01-Extract.pdf
  4. Looking for a good USB to Serial (RS232) Converter

    Whenever you need help with Serial communications my go to spot is:- Good prices and excellent tech support.   And NO! I am not affiliated with them.
  5. Sysmac HMI Identifier Fault

    YUP not the ONLY individual! Burnt me a few times.
  6. Just be sure that the elements of the AryOut have the same data type as as In. Made this mistake once before until reading manual.
  7. CP2E Modbus RTU Slave

    YES ModBus slave will work and is covered in Section 14-7 in OMRON manual W614. In general a function block is not needed in the slave as it is up to the MASTER in a ModBus network to define which data it wants to read.
  8. Connect more than 3 expansion modules CP2E

    Maximum 3. BUT if you purchase two PLC's and a serial  option board for each one, you can use Serial PLC Links function to transfer data between each PLC. In effect you have two PLC's each with max expansion of 3 units.
  9. CP1E Stepper Control

    This article may also help you. Though written for a CJ1M processor the principles apply just as well to a CP1E ALSO remember that if you change PLC settings for motion these MUST be downloaded to the PLC AND most importantly the PLC power must be cycled OFF->ON for the new settings to take effect.  
  10. Pointer cx programmer

    You might be better off using Indirect Addressing for your application.
  11. Easy way to pulse Output

    You don't want to use a PWM output with a mechanical relay! It will quickly wear out and fail!
  12. Canterbury, thanks for response when problem is resolved.Feedback on this site is always appreciated and helps EVERYONE.
  13. 1S Servo brake interlock warning

    Subindex should be 05 bit 7  set to 0?
  14. The VFD's are just an additional Ethercat device and are NOT counted as an axis. So you should be good to go per your previous posts. This also applies to other Ethercat devices provided they are NOT an Axis. i.e. NX I/O/ IO Link, Ethernet IP etc...