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  1. Canterbury, thanks for response when problem is resolved.Feedback on this site is always appreciated and helps EVERYONE.
  2. 1S Servo brake interlock warning

    Subindex should be 05 bit 7  set to 0?
  3. The VFD's are just an additional Ethercat device and are NOT counted as an axis. So you should be good to go per your previous posts. This also applies to other Ethercat devices provided they are NOT an Axis. i.e. NX I/O/ IO Link, Ethernet IP etc...
  4. Dependent on PLC model. Don't see the PLC model in any of your prior posts?
  5. You must have two axes in the axes setting one for each servo. Set them BOTH to disabled and enable which one you wish to use. Once complete you can use similar code to define which one is OK. Attached is example how to check.      
  6. Hmmm! I am confused as to why you are using configuring the Delta 300 series VFD drive as an AXIS?? Normally a VFD drive is just another node on ETHERCAT but it is NOT an Axis. Please clarify.
  8. If you set up and configure your axes normally but set them to DISABLED I believe toggling the _EC_ChangeEnableSetting in your code should allow you to select which drive to use. This should toggle the _EC_PDSlavTbl[*] so you know which drive is enabled. Not 100% sure but worth a try.  
  9. If you use 10 as the identifier for the TIMX instruction it will use data from CIO 10.
  10. You can ONLY use instructions ending with X if you have set your PLC properties as "Execute_Timer/Counter as Binary". Guessing that this might be your problem.
  11. New laptop - traps for young players.

    I beg to differ! Personally prefer to use USB/Ethernet adapters AND inline RF45 surge protector. After TWO laptops were partially destroyed after a ground loop fault in customers control enclosure. If you are going to use a laptops Ethernet port be sure to use an inline surge protector. My 2 cents.
  12. NA touch screen graphics library

    NA_Lib_V1 from OMRON France. Also a great resource for many NA Series application. Once opened in Sysmac Studio you can change the language to English.
  13. Another solution from Hilscher! I am really interested to know if you decide to use one of these Ethercat Slave to Slave units and what were the results. We have an upcoming application later this year that we are considering using them.