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  1. Bit Position Word

    Yes that is what I used to mask other bit's until the first bit is cleared.
  2. Bit Position Word

    First let me give BITS N BYTES a great big THANK YOU for pointing me into this direction, with experimenting I was able to get the results I wanted.  Here is my final code that seems to be working flawlessly "At lest it appears to be"    Omron Message Control.pdf
  3. Bit Position Word

    Thank you Bits N Bytes for the suggestion that does work well to a point. I failed to mention in my earlier post about the amount of messages I have. That DMPX instruction did work up to the 16 bit, but I have 3 words worth the alarm messages, could you us this be applied to accommodate 3 words, if so how would I approach that.  Thanks! Dean
  4. Bit Position Word

    Yes I considered doing just that with using 16 rungs, but was hoping for a simpler way like I do it in the GE 90-30 PLC. If I find an answer I will post it. Thanks! Dean
  5. Bit Position Word

    Interesting, How would I apply that using H1    Thanks! Dean
  6. Bit Position Word

    I have a small piece of code I have been using in GE 90-30 PLC's thats works great controlling my message base, I use Omron PLC's as well, but I can't put my finger on how to duplicate the same instruction on an Omron CJ2M PLC, The 2 instructions are Bit Position Word and Bit Test Word in the GE ladder. Basically the bit position instruction scans the word (R1) until it finds the first bit set to (1) then sets that same bit in position in (R10) Then remains that way until that first bit it found gets sets back to (0) then scans again until it finds the next bit set to (1) ETC.  Then I block out and other bits until I see the first bit go low "Bits not equal"  Does Omron have an instruction that works the same.  Please see the attached PDF for example of code.   Thanks! Dean Bit Position.pdf
  7. This works perfect, However my question is what if you need  the shift register to be 32 bit long. What do you have to modify for that  to function.   Thanks! Dino
  8. NS5SQ

    Great I will look at where that option is, I really appropriate everyone's input! Thanks! Dino's
  9. NS5SQ

    Isn't there way to pass the data between the common memory areas to just read a data register in the PLC? Thanks! Dino's
  10. NS5SQ

    I want to set the time from the PLC "CJ2m"To a NS5SQ11-v2 I know the address is $SW14-$SW16, How do I write to those bits from the PLC, I am connected VIA Ethernet. Thanks! Dino's