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  1. Setting Temporary IP Address to IC695ETM001

    Thank you Steve Bailey, Compatibility is fine. Proficy running under Windows 10 Pro. Downloading through serial port will be an issue to me right now as I don't have the accessories available. 
  2. Hello, Am trying to set up Rx3i CPU310 controller and my several attempts to assign temporary IP address to Ethernet Interface Module ETM001 continue to fail with error message shown in the image attached. I tried all possible solutions as suggested on the error but keep getting same error. Is there any other causes apart from these?  
  3. PME 8.60 Software license.

    Thank you @Steve Bailey, Yes I am aware of that and I have been doing exactly that - uninstalling and reinstalling up till now. Emerson Sales Manager - Australia/New Zealand, has responded to my inquiry and is preparing quote now. He said the current software version is now 10.1, however the professional license will still work for the old PME version. Greatly appreciate your help.  
  4. PME 8.60 Software license.

    Thank you @Steve Bailey. Yes, we have the older version running the plant. Hardware migrated from old LM9070 controller to PAC Systems Rx3i CPE305 controller and software from LogicMaster to PME 8.60. Pretty much still using the old version. Yes, as per your advise have already contacted Emerson and still waiting for their feedback.    
  5. PME 8.60 Software license.

    Thank you @BobLfoot for the direction. That definitely should help. Cheers,  
  6. PME 8.60 Software license.

    Hello, I want to purchase software license for PME 8.60. Am currently relying on 4-day trial activation. Can someone lead me to where I can purchase the license. I am in Papua New Guinea. Thank you,  
  7. Hello All, Thank you all for directing me towards resolving this very critical issue. Carefully following through your directions, I identified the faulty module, which was the Modbus TCP/IP Communication module (MVI69-MNET) on slot#12. Since nothing was connected to it, I simply removed the module and reset the processor. PLC is up and running now with no issues. Plant has been running now for the last 2 day.    This is a great forum with great people.  Thank you.
  8. This is the general layout of the modules in the panel. Thought of CPU failure but I saw on the I/O configuration pane, processor has active communication with two other units over ethernet. Only the I/O modules that the processor has lost communication with.
  9. Yes, I did save a copy but that was when the issue came up. Can I reload that same project file again?
  10. I did cycle the power. Moved mode selector switch on the processor from Remote to Program then to Run and back to remote. Run and Ok LEDs solid green but I/O Ok LED is blinking green and thus issue not resolved.  I totally powered down the unit, carefully separated the modules, inspected the cards and all connector pins in good condition. Carefully reseated them back and powered up. repeated the steps for mode selector switch. Still no luck as yet. Unfortunately, I don't have a up to date back file that I can reload. Thank you,
  11. We upgraded from SL5/05 running on RSLogix500. It has been running for about 2 years now. This just happened in the middle of the machine doing its normal cycle.
  12. Am using Version 30.011 of Studio 5000. My Process Laptop is 64 bit.
  13. Thank you. Please review screenshot attached. The Module connection fault is the same for all I/O modules.    
  14. Processor's "I/O OK" light is blinking green. Simulated by sending 4-20mA from field via process meter, not getting any change in values. Sending 24vdc in for discrete inputs, no activity in logic. Just checked I/O configuration tree and realized processor lost communication with all I/O modules. Will check physical connections and I/O config settings as well.  Is there any other possible causes for this I should look at? Thanks so much for your help.