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  1. The problem is that the text display in GTD3 simply uses an array of INT's.  Inside the Logix CPU's the STRING data consists of a DINT (which is a value containing the number of characters in the STRING), followed by an array of SINT's (82 SINT's in the case of the standard STRING). This means that the two aren't compatible. It is possible to sort of get around this using some extra PLC code, but it's not ideal. Hopefully the GOT's will eventually support the STRING data type (as did the E-Terminals). Matt.
  2. GX-Developer improvement requests

    Hi, Does anyone have any more news as to a release date of "GX-Developer 2"? There was talk of a release date around last June, but things seem to have gone a bit quiet. Matt.
  3. s7 counters

    Thanks for the help guys. I've used the down counter with the n.c. contact before, but I've just been used to other manufactures where you have a counter coil with a preset (eg C1) driven by an input and then you can use a n.o. contact (this is LAD that I'm talking about) with the label C1 that closes when the preset has been reached. I think I'll give the IEC counter ago. As for batch counting I probably would just increment a data register as opposed to using a counter, just that I've never come across a counter with a limit of 999 before. I've also got a query with monitoring a ladder program but I think I'd better start a new thread for that one! Matt
  4. s7 counters

    Hi, I've a quick question relating to the counters whilst using an s7300 system. I'm probably missing something really simple here, but I can't seem to find a contact that closes when the counter has reached it's preset value. There is an output that comes on when the count is not equal to zero but I can't see what use that is. The only way I can see of using these is to use a compare instruction elsewhere in the program. Is this right? Also the count limit seems to be 999, is there any way around this. This seems quite low if you were for example counting products in a production run. Thanks, Matt
  5. GX IEC Variable Name Length

    When I insert for example a contact in a ladder POU, and then select a variable from the list this is then assigned to that contact. The problem is only the first 8 characters of the variable are displayed, and I can't seem to find anyway of changing this. Can this be changed or is it fixed at this length? Thanks. Matt
  6. Convert GX Developer to IEC

    OK, I've found the program on the Beijers Web Site, it's called 'MELSEC IL to IEC Ladder Conversion Utility' . Here's the link .
  7. Convert GX Developer to IEC

    Thanks for the replies, but I think I must be missing something here. I've installed GX-Converter from the IEC CD, but all I can find is an extra option within GX-Developer (not IEC) to export the program to either TEXT or CSV format. Is this the correct version of GX-Converter? Thanks.
  8. Convert GX Developer to IEC

    Hi, I've been using GX-Developer for many years and am currently on version 8.30. I've been sent a demo CD for GX IEC Developer which I've now installed and am playing around with. Is is possible to convert a project written with GX Developer into IEC developer retaining the ladder format. I can only seem to import into Instruction Iist, and if you change that to ladder the whole POU body gets cleared. Thanks, Matt.
  9. 1756-DNB Random Restarting

    Eddie thanks for the reply. The firmware of the 1756-DNB is 6.1. Nothing has been added or changed software or hardware. Unforunatley i do not have access to any diagnostic equipment. There are five messages each dealing with 9 drives each. The path and instance are updated dynamically. The lenze cards (which are part no. E82ZAFC) use manufacturer-specific class 6E hex. The message type is Get Attribute Single. The whole system is divided into 9 safety zones so on occasions the MSG will return an error because the E82ZAFC card is unable to otain the data from the inverter. I'm a bit dubious of the E82ZAFC card's as we have had two fail (constantly causing bus off). Days before the first one failed, the data obtained via explicit messaging which is displayed on an HMI was very slow to update (several seconds). After the failed card was replaced, there was no apparent delay. Hope that makes sense!
  10. 1756-DNB Random Restarting

    Hi, I have a 1756-DNB in a Controllogix rack. Everything has been running fine until yesterday, when the unit would restart randomly, sometimes seconds apart sometimes minutes. The "CommandRegister.Reset" bit is currently forced off for elimination purposes. The card is a master to 45 off Lenze Motec drives. I am using Explicit Messaging to obtain data from the drives such as Motor Current, Run hours, Fault Code etc. This part of the program is a periodic task and if I disable this task the random restarts cease to happen. Can problomatic or too many MSG's instructions cause the 1756-DNB to restart? If not, what else can cause it to restart? Thanks. Matt
  11. Displaying ASCII Panelview Plus

    It's a Panelview Plus 1250.
  12. Displaying ASCII Panelview Plus

    TWControls thanks for the reply. The HMI is connected to the PLC via ethernet, and yes I am talking about the Local:2:StatusDisplay[0-3], and when monitored within RSLogix and style set to ASCII could read something like 'A' '#' '0' '0' for bytes 0 - 3. I have written a diagnostics page for the PLC on the HMI and thought it would be nice to mimic the 1756-DNB on the screen. So I'm guessing I do what you've explained, but just ommit the devicenet mapping. On a slightly different topic, do you know if it's possible to mimic the LED's of the CPU on the HMI? Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I am currently working with a Controllogix processor including a 1756-DNB devicenet card. On the front of this card is a 4 character display which gives info on the module's current status. I can view these characters within RSLogix5000 by browsing to the "StatusDisplay" register and by setting the tag monitor style to ASCII, replicate the front display. What I would like to do is show this info on the HMI, but if I create a string display object reading the "StatusDisplay" register of the card I just end up with decimal equivalent of the ASCII character. How replicate the characters on the front of the 1756-DNB onto the Panelview Plus? Thanks