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  1. OEE line speed

    like this  
  2. OEE line speed

    Sorry i didn't provide the necessary information.  Maximum units pr minute would be 8000 also average IF the machine is running. Controller type: Compact logic and controllogix Ideally i want real time update rate. But i'm aware that the amount of data would be too much.  My thought was to load a counter value to an array of dint. (Dimension:5). Each dint of the array would represent count for each minute. Then use system clock to shift array every 1 minute. The average sum of the array would be units pr 5min updated every 1minute. Is there a better way?   
  3. OEE line speed

    Hi What would be the best way to track units per last 5 minutes?
  4. Cannot open a FT View Archive File (.apa)

    Then open FT view and the name you typed in should be there when you open existing project. 
  5. Running MAJ and stop at position

    Thanks for reply,  It's a two axis setup. I have a virtual axis running 0-360deg with a MAJ. Im using MAPC to lock both axis to virtual axis and follow with two different cam profiles. I want the axis to stop at a specific position every time.  I was tryed to do a MAM with speed set to minus XXX and it stops the way i want but MAM instruction goes to error 13 +extended error 4. So i was wondering IF i was on the right track? 
  6. Hi Can i Jog a virtual axis and then always stop at the same position? 
  7. Studio5000 T-flip flop?

    Thanks everybody.. I have used nehpets version and it works
  8. Studio5000 T-flip flop?

    Thank you for your answer but Im not sure i understand how this is gonna work? Can you make a sketch?
  9. Studio5000 T-flip flop?

    Hi Can somebody help me with a program sample? I need an output to go high when a sensor input goes from high to low. The output should keep high until the sensor input is triggered again and goes from high to low. So when input low nothing happens when input is triggered and stays high nothing happens when input goes from high to low the output is set to high and keeps it high when input is triggered again and goes high nothing happens when input goes from high to low the output is set to low Hope a friendly person can help me with a sample code
  10. Is it even possible to communicate with modbus RTU between the two devices?
  11. Hi I want to control a MX2 inverter with a Micrologix 1100 using modbus. I have used this guide for setting up the PLC: http://www.infoplc.net/files/descargas/rockwell/infoplc_net_PowerFlex70_MicroLogix1100_Modbus_RTU.pdf And this guide for setting the inverter http://www.proenergo.ru/doc_pdf/drives-doc/mx2/MX2+UsersManual.pdf I have wired the 1763-NC01 cable: Terminal A to SP on the inverter Terminal B to SN on the inverter The mx2 dip switch is turned ON. But i cant even get the ml1100 comm0 light to flash. What am i doing wrong?