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  1. I am not following your problem.  The Preset of an RTO in RSlogix 5000 Version 20 , the last supported version for 1769-L30ER is a DINT.  As a DINT it can go out to 2,147,483.647 milliseconds or 2,147,483 seconds or 35,791 minutes or 596 hours or 24 days.  This is well beyond the week you need. Have you tried the following code for your system time - "GSV WallClockTime ? DateTime LocalDateTime[0] " with LocalDateTime as an array of 7 DINT. Both appear to work
  2. So I also posted this on the Rockwell Drives Forum of and received an answer. Turns out the bandwidth means response speed of the torque loop. So 2500 rad/s with 6.28 rad/hz is 398 hz.  and 600 rad/s is 95.54 hz. So a 120 hz noise signal on the torque value signal would be followed with an encoder, but not without.
  3. When reading the Specifications for a Powerflex 750 Series Drive it states that in Flux Vector Torque Control Mode the specification is +/- 2% 2500 rads/s bandwidth with an encoder and+/- 5% 600 rads/s bandwidth without an encoderI understand the percent is percent of total base torque.So if using a 60 n-m motor the 2% is 1.2 n-m or 5% is 3.0 n-m.I just don't understand what radians per second bandwidth has to modify the situation.  
  4. Recipe Screen

    I have often used a UDT named Recipe which included elements for Name and IDNum. I would then create an RecipeArray of Recipe Elements. Then using the piloted list on the HMI I could load from RecipeArray to CurrentRecipe and save with elevated permissions. Using DDE or OPC I could pull the entire array into an Excel Sheet or SQL DB and mainpulate that way and then download.
  5. @pturmel reading from Page 83 of It clearly says rad/s bandwidth - but I always thought rad/s was a velocity.  
  6. Motion Question

    Are you trying to calculate the End Position before you make the move?  If not you should be able to use the reported end positions for your X2, Y2, Z2 values.  Obviously if you are shooting for an X2 or 100 with a command tolerance of +/- 0.05 you could get anything between 99.95 and 100.05 for X2.  Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but almost asking can you predict the weather will 100% accuracy.
  7. PLC Socket POST API

    Not sure if this will help, but when I used sockets to talk to a Videojet printer I used a delay timer between each step. It was just a 100 ms timer and caused a delay between Create, Open and Write or Delete. This is in part because Open.DN means the Open Message has been sent to the Comm Processor it doesn't really mean the Socket is open yet. Again not sure if it helps, but it might not hurt, especially if POSTMAN works.
  8. it might help you get a better answer if we knew what PV Plus Model Number and What revision of Factory Talk View ME you're using.
  9. Average value

    A related observation pay attention to your type of data.  An integer which is 16 bits tops out at 2^16 or 65,536.  An integer of 32 bits tops out at 2^32 or 4,294,967,296.  But a 32 bit Floating point which can represent number to  3.4028235 × 1038.  but due to it's 23 bit fractional part loses resolution after 2^23 or 8,388,608.   What do I mean by loses resolution.  Add 0.49 to a float bigger than 8,388,608 in a PLC and nothing changes.  Add anything between 0.51 and 1.50 and it goes up just 1 count. Stumbled onto this when our PLC Data Totalizers didn't agree with the field meter.
  10. Dear MrPLC Users - The Webmasters of MrPLC just reported to the Admins that the ability to attach documents to postings has been restored. I have attached a simple picture PNG file as proof of concept. Thanks Everyone for your patience.
  11. I was amused the other day to learn that the default Username/Password combination for a well known computer manufacturers remote access port default USERNAME / PASSWORD pair was Calvin / Hobbes.  This got me to thinking what other "great combinations"  could we come up with. 1. Batman / Robin 2. Superman / LoisLane 3. Snoopy / RedBaron Ok I'll stop, but tease your brain and add some good clean fun ones.
  12. I have an integrator installing a new Red Lion G15C100 HMI for me to display data from multiple Allen Bradley PLCs.  We are having no trouble getting data from the ControlLogix PLCs via ethernet and can also MultiHop from Ethernet to DH+ to another ControlLogix, but we've not been able to reach either the SLC500 DH+ node 1 or the PLC5 DH+ node 20 by hopping thru the same CLGX Gateway.  We've filed a ticket with Red Lion but I wanted to post here as well.  Any tried this and succeeded?
  13. You're welcome. I learned thiis from a phone call to my RA TechConnect Team.
  14. I ran into a similiar when trying to run RSlogix in an RDP session until I found the FTAM Admin Console setting showm in the picture. By default the name of the RDP Client Machine  is used when in an RDP session, the shown setting changes it so that the RDP Server Machine . This may help your situation, it may not. ** Editing because I just confirmed that FTView Site Edition Client runs for me in an RDP Session with the below settings ** **Caveat - My Server and Client are the same PC **
  15. WinCC WWTP Example Screenshots

    If I had samples I could share I would, but you'll get better responses if you make an attempt yourself and post your work asking for improvement suggestions.
  16. You once again make the case for always using a reputable password vault application. Glad the download solved things.
  17. Might check out the manual and the Screen Cycle Macro -
  18. Unknown operations

    I don't know the Mitsibushi SFL either, but this video purports to explain it. -
  19. Not Sure if you have a step 39 but I would suggest the following for Step 39 EQU Stripper_Seq.Current Step 39 XIC M2_Stripper_Servo_Instructions.MAM_Servo_Move_1.EN OTU M2_Stripper_Servo_Instructions.MAM_Servo_Move_1.EN MOV 40 Stripper_Seq.Current Step.   It is probable that your MAM was enabled and errored but something reset the error but not the Enable.  In this case the instruction doesn't fire again. I'd look for usage of  M2_Stripper_Servo_Instructions.MAM_Servo_Move_1.EN,  M2_Stripper_Servo_Instructions.MAM_Servo_Move_1.ER,  M2_Stripper_Servo_Instructions.MAM_Servo_Move_1.DN and  M2_Stripper_Servo_Instructions.MAM_Servo_Move_1.PC and see if there manipulated elsewhere.
  20. PLC Law

    In the now classic commercial a group of men sit around a table and generate "Man-Law" usually related to beer. A Sample Man Law Ad on youtube It is my hope in an equally light hearted way we PLC guru's can sit around our keyboards and draw from our own personal histories those jewels of PLC-Law that should pass to the up and coming programmers. PLC LAW #1 - DON'T OVERCOMPLICATE THE SIMPLE. In other words use the simpliest easy to understand logic allowable. Using a sophisticated high level instruction just to look cool doesn't help anyone. NEXT?? 9/6/2008 - Just Published the Edited Downloadable 2008 Edition of the PLC Laws to the MRPLC Download Section. We are now at Law #51. Note: The Posting has the 2006 and 2007 versions in the ZIP file as well.
  21. From a strictly financial approach you can estimate how much time you'll spend copying, customizing and commissioning each built unit, times your desired hourly wage.  Keep in mind you'll not only be duplicating the PLC Program, the HNI program but any User Documentation and Ebnd Customers usually want some startup support. Now as to the question of "intellectual Property Protection".  Depending on whose PLC & HMI you used there are passwords and protections that can be leveraged.  Keep in mind some end users have hard and fast rules against buying such products which they can't troubleshoot and debug in their environment.  There is also the GPL Licensing approach which "gives" the source away, but requires you to be credited with each successive cloning or reuse.   Having not sold my work "freelance" as it is, but always been an employee I haven't had your issue to actually encounter.
  22. And look at page 187 for how to interpret the attribute -
  23. S7-400 IP Address Setting

    I am working with an existing machine that has several S7-400 CPU and a handful of CP-413 Modules.  Connectivity is thru an USB to Profibus adapter and using Simatic Manager Step 7 V5.6. PC#1 - IP Address A.B.C.171 can ping A.B.C.170 and A.B.C.172 PC#2 - IP Address X.Y.Z.N cannot ping A.B.C.170 and A.B.C.172 I located the Hardware Properties for the device at IP Address A.B.C.170 and the device at IP Address A.B.C.172 and changed both from "do not use router" to "use router" and setup A.B.1.1 as the Gateway since the Mask is and this cells core switch is A.B.1.1. I chose Apply, and Save as I backed out but still cannot ping A.B.C.170 or  A.B.C.172 from X.Y.Z.N computer which can ping A.B.1.1.  No ACLs or firewalls involved. IS there anything I am missing on the PLC side that would make the gateway not take? Is there a tool to tell the PLC to ping X.Y.Z.N so I can test from it?
  24. i second @pturmel approach using the dhrio card.  
  25. Booleans getting "stuck" on?

    Not just The Nile @pturmel  he's bought all of Egypt and Ethiopia.  LOL