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  1. ML1400 RSlogix Micro

    The MicroLogix 1100 and 1400 both allow online editing. The MicrLogix 1000, 1200 and 1500 DO NOT allow online editing. The version of software may also be a limiting factor, I did a quick search to try and find the differences but came up with too many answers.   Alan  
  2. look at parameter 2 this is the commanded speed value it should be the same as parameter 1 the output speed.     Alan
  3. PF527 opto digital output

    Do you have 0v connected to terminal 17?
  4. Also unlatches can be used to turn off bits turned on by a HMI.    
  5. The ML1400 uses RS500.   Alan
  6. .cha vs .mer

    Use CCW to open the .cha file.     Alan
  7. FT View Numeric Display

    Using Joe E. suggestion if you make the number right aligned and then put the % as a text beside it.     Alan
  8. FT View Numeric Display

    Create a text object and imbed the variable and put the % after the variable.     Alan
  9. RSLogix5000, Codemeter & Studio 5000

    The 20.05 is the software version, the others you mentioned are the processor firmware. You should be able to use software version 20.05 to go online with PLC firmware version 20.   Alan.
  10. Interfacing a ControlLogix 5571 PLC

    What module are you trying to use and what firmware is the 5571?   Alan.  
  11. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    The problem is the 1756-DH485 module was discontinued at the end of July 2015.   Alan.
  12. How do I find out if a poweflex vfd LP or HP?

    Low power in PF755 and PF755 go upto 467amps (at 400v in my case)  The PF755HiHP drives are a modular construction and start at 460amps (at 400v in my case) So if your drives are below 400amps it is a safe bet that they are LP drives.   Alan.
  13. Problems with upgrading server?

    Do you have any of the old standard Black panel views that use Panel Builder 32 if you do that software will not be able to talk to the panel views with RSLinx 4.12   Alan
  14. Powerflex 525 single phase

    Some of the PF525's have single phase input and 3 phase output. All PF525's have 3 phase outputs. Which model of PF525 do you have?   Alan.
  15. Password protected PLC programs

    I think you can use the data table monitor in RSLinx, I don't have any password protected PLC's to try it on.   Alan