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  1. Powerflex 525 single phase

    Some of the PF525's have single phase input and 3 phase output. All PF525's have 3 phase outputs. Which model of PF525 do you have?   Alan.
  2. Password protected PLC programs

    I think you can use the data table monitor in RSLinx, I don't have any password protected PLC's to try it on.   Alan 
  3. Temperature Sensor's Raw value Scalling

    You will get a better answer if you list part numbers and which version of Logix you are using.
  4. 5069-L310ERM

    With the 5069 controllers you can set the ethernet ports to different IP address, or have them both have the same IP address. With having different IP addresses it allows you to connect to a scada network and a local IO network.   Alan.
  5. ip Finder

    Doesn't Rockwell have a tool called System Ferret that does this?
  6. Adding an analog output card

    No you must right click in the tree in RSLogix 5000 and select add module then add the correct module, NOTE you are limited to 8 modules in 1794 Flex IO, if you need more you will need to add another 1794-AENT(R) and then add you extra modules into that "rack".   Alan
  7. Adding an analog output card

    Is the remote rack a ControlLogix rack or Flex or Point IO, is the remote rack on ControlNet or Ethernet. All these things will need to found out to be able to add a new module.   Alan 
  8. Drive Executive software is no longer supported by Rockwell, they want you to use CCW(Connected Component Workbench). You should still be able to get Drive Executive Lite and RSLinx Lite. Drive Executive Full is a paid product and usually comes with Drive Observer, the latest version of CCW (ver12 ) come with its version of trending, which can be configured offline. RSlogix/Studio5000 used DE up to a certain version and now uses CCW (not sure when this changed).   Alan  
  9. 2098-DSD-HV150-SE behaving as a 2098-DSD-HV150

    That's what I was talking about.   Alan
  10. 2098-DSD-HV150-SE behaving as a 2098-DSD-HV150

    If you go online with Ultraware, you can turn the Sercos function back on, someone may have turned it off to make the drive a indexing drive. Note you need to be online to do this, I do not have access at the moment but if I remember correctly it is at the top left hand of the menu tree when online.   Alan  
  11. SLC 500 Communications issue

    Open up your program that you downloaded and see what the settings are for the comm ports, did you click on accept comms changes, if you did then it should now have the comms settings that are in the downloaded program, just configure RSLinx to those settings.   Alan
  12. Micrologix 1200 Fault

    Go online and look at the fault code and let us know what it is we will then be able to help you.
  13. Compactlogix L32e IP Address

    Which Ethernet driver are you using AB-ETH-IP or AB-ETH. If using AB-ETH, then type the L32E's IP address in the configuration box and then set your laptop to 192.168.10.x (just not the same as the L32E) and RSLinx Classic should see it. Are you able to ping the L32E from your laptop?   Alan
  14. SLC 504 and Prosoft AN-X2-AB slow

    Can you use a CLX gateway Chassis with a 1756-ENBT(or newer) and a 1756-DHRIO modules to bridge the ethernet to the DH+ network?   Alan
  15. Using RTC To Shut off Motor

    I thought that RTC = Real Time Clock.