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  1. The PF40 would need to have a 22-COMM-E installed to be able to use ethernet, the plug on the VSD is DSI ie RS485 not ethernet.
  2. A 1756-PA72 is a power supply for a ControlLogix chassis, and it does not have any digital inputs or outputs it also does not have any external access to its various voltages which supply power to the chassis power supply busses.
  3. Yes you will need a 1203-USB or the older serial 22-?????? The 12032 talks RS-485 and the 1746-UIC talks DH-485, to best of my knowledge.
  4. That would depend if there was a stop signal coming on the ethernet connection, all stops work even if you are getting the control from the VSD keypad.
  5. If P2 is changing with the drive pot then the speed reference is working, just need to figure out why the start is not working.
  6. I have it running on W10 and I have not had a problem with it yet, but have not tried to download or upload from a panelview unit.
  7. 1793-IB16

    I just tried to add the 1793-IB16 to a 1794-AENTR in version 33 of Studio5000 and it would not let me. You may need to swap out the 1793 modules for 1794 modules, or use a 1756-DHRIO card and keep the 1794-ASB and the 1793 modules.
  8. panelview 300 and 1000+

    A good thing about the PV300 micro is that you can change the comms from DF1 to DH-485 using firmware. Even though they come with 2 different part numbers.
  9. panelview 300 and 1000+

    The PanelViews with black surrounds use PanelBuilder 32, the newer PanelViews with grey or silver use FactoryTalk Studio for ME.
  10. Legacy product

    Most of the SLC500 hardware is discontinued or at End Of Life, with a discontinue date of September 2024. Even the 1447-BA batteries for the processors will no longer be available after September 2024.
  11. You need to download it from the Rockwell website, it is easier to Google it then go to the download link.
  12. Referencing I/O as Integers

    When referencing CompactLogix it is best to state what processor you are using as the Local data format has changed with the 5069 processors, if that is what you are using then Rockwell have a AOI that converts the 5069 format to the older format.
  13. You should be able to use either Drive Executive (DE) or Connected Components Workbench (CCW) and use a 1203-USB to connect or if it is on ethernet connect over the network.. CCW is free but DE costs.
  14. I have had issues with RSWho not being able to drill down to the processor, If I go to RSLinx and let it find the processor and then go back to RSWho it can then see the processor.
  15. 1769-IT6

    1762 is for ML100, 1200 and 1400 not the ML1500 that uses 1769 CompactLogix modules.