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  1. 1769-IT6

    1762 is for ML100, 1200 and 1400 not the ML1500 that uses 1769 CompactLogix modules.
  2. 1769-IT6

    Do you have an end cap on the right hand side of all your modules?
  3. L18ERM 16#0203

    Studio5000 lets me create a project with a L18ERM at version 33, I do not have any hardware to test with. But as Studio5000 lets me create a project you should be able to flash the hardware. 
  4. Read IO Config

    No there is not.
  5. If you want to use Version 19 then you will need to download it from the Rockwell Website.
  6. The software version has to match the hardware version, so if you go to version 19 software you will need to go to version 19 for the hardware, note when you do the firmware change on the processor it will wipe out the existing program in the PLC.
  7. Produced-Consumed tags exchange

    I either got that way of doing it from a TechNote/Tech Support or from Ken Roach.
  8. Produced-Consumed tags exchange

    I set one up the other day and in the L55 (v16) I could not put the L73 (v32) in the tree so I put a L63 and it is working fine I just had to turn of unicast in the L73 on the consumed  as the L55 did not like that setting, after that it all worked fine, the 2 processors are in the same chassis.
  9. Changing a PowerFlex 753

    20-COMM-E are active mature.
  10. RS485 and DH485 are not the same, I am sure someone who knows all the differences can comment about them. From my understanding RS485 is a physical standard whereas DH485 is a protocol used by Allen Bradley.
  11. What is the BAS module connected to? You may be able to replace the unit with something that talks Ethernet.
  12. Are you writing your logic in ladder 2 or another ladder, if it is in another ladder then you will need to put a JSR(Jump to Subroutine) in ladder 2. By default ladder 2 is the only one scanned when the PLC is in run mode.
  13. FTV version 11 lets you make version 5 .mer. I think there is a patch from Rockwell that lets you do it with FTV version 12, but it will not from the standard install.
  14. rymac63, it may pay to talk to your distributor as there maybe an adapter plate that lets you keep the power wiring in at the top and out at the bottom.
  15. It sounds more like that the Comms port on the SLC is no good. If the program was lost or corrupted then the Fault light would be flashing red.