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  1. Compact Logix L33ER

    L33ER has only one IP.  The two ports act as a "hub".  There are later models that have two ports and are individually addressable.
  2. Better off going to the plant floor and plugging into the switch that the Danfoss drives are plugged into.
  3. No CST Master detected

    Depends on the type of controller and communications type of the servo. Usually, the CST is configured in the properties of the controller.
  4. Devicenet problems

    Wiring issues or noise.  Make sure your are using actual shielded DeviceNet cabling.
  5. Tag Based Alarms No Messages

    PLC at v32 and an old PV at v5.  I would be concerned with compatibility.  You should check, maybe it's a simple upgrade of the PV firmware.
  6. 5VDC Circuit Breaker

    Thanks @panic mode.  Will investigate.   Update! Found a Phoenix Contact Circuit Breaker with a thermomagnetic that handles 0-50VDC.  The datasheet stated the operating voltage as 50VDC.  Not even as a range.  But upon testing it proved to work for 5VDC.
  7. 5VDC Circuit Breaker

    I'm in need of ideas.  I have customer that is using Allen-Bradley 1769-IG16 - 16 Channel TTL Input Modules and are insisting that no fuses be used.  Rather, they want a circuit breaker to protect the card and the 1606-XLP25A 5VDC Power Supply. My google searches found Phoenix Contact having an electronic circuit breakers to protection of 12VDC devices, but not down to 5VDC. Anyone know of a vendor or even a part number of a circuit breaker for 5VDC circuits? Possibly, the only solution is fusing. 
  8. Is the drive possibly single phasing it's output? Check that the DC Voltage at the output of the drive is correct.
  9. Analog Card 1769-OF2/B Revision Upgrade

    A 1769-ECR is a "Right End Cap" and provides termination of the 1769 bus.  Wasn't aware of it having and revisions or "brains" other than a terminating resistor.
  10. [Help]FactoryTalk View Can't Communication

    Thanks Joe.  I typed up darn near the exact same thing this morning but never posted it.
  11. Micrologix1400 PTO through homing

    sounds like it is hardwired.  You should be able to define an input on the Servo to trigger the homing.  Then define an output from the ML1400 with a rung of code to turn on the output.  Back in the Servo, you'll need to define how it's going to perform the homing and upon completion, set the encoder value to zero.
  12. FTV ME Parameter tag to PLC

    Have you tried writing the internal tag to the PLC tag?  In otherwords, [PLC]ParameterInUse = Pump1
  13. I knew someone like Ken would show up.  Hate to say it, you should go down the Siemens migration path.  Back in the day, it was about making field wiring the least impact.  Rewriting code was the less costly path.  It was more about regaining full functionality both code wise and graphically.  Let's all admit, if the operators aren't happy, no one is happy.
  14. Allen Bradly communication

    Can you provide a document from the Atlas side regarding communication capabilities?
  15. Communication

    If thru EIP, I can always change the speed of the drive.  I prefer not doing the explicit messaging. Rather thru implicit connection with drive.