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  1. Inflation - Cost Increases

    Bob, this is how I'm checking lead times, as well as talking to my distributor. An Update on Our Global Supply Chain Lead Times | Rockwell Automation
  2. addressing inputs outputs

    Adding to Bob description, aliasing of inputs and outputs helps latter when an input or output point fails on a module.  You have a spare and can make one change to the alias and not affect any other logic.
  3. Compact Logix 5370 Output Flickering

    Cross reference the Local:3:O.Data.4 to determine if something else is writing to it.  You are looking for destructive references.
  4. Rockwell commuincation systems

    Nope.  Go get the docs and read. All are still active, used and supported.  You would best be served by focusing on E/IP.  The others are relics and fading quickly.
  5. Replacing A Micrologix 1400 with Compactlogix?

    The 1769 series of processors require a power supply.  Since you only have a processor and two IO modules, position the power supply anywhere.  The power supply is not assigned a slot.  I suggest you arrange PLC, Input, PS, Output, Right End Cap. Honestly, the L30 is way to much PLC for your process.  Probably an L16 or L18 could work as well for less cost.
  6. Devicenet net fault

    We've done messages to inhibit and un-ihibit the scanner.  Done the same this to inhibit and un-inhibit individual nodes.  The issue comes that the scanner card must be idle or not enabled for scan.  Even through Networx, I think to modify a node requires the the PLC to be in Program Mode.  In Logix, the faulting of the card can be setup to fault the entire controller, but I don't think that's what you are looking for either. Not seeing a way for you to accomplish your task.
  7. IO-Link Experiences

    If concerned with maturity of Omron's IO Link devices, consider ifmEfector.  Been using them for several years successfully.  Not sure we've used them with Omron as yet.  But we use them with E/IP for Rockwell and Profinet with Siemens.  Omron talks E/IP, dependent upon processor, you might need to add a comms module.  Additionally, we use SMC valve banks via EX260 (IO Link) as a slave to the IO Link Master.
  8. Very Slow Getting Online to SLC 5/05 Over Ethernet

    Might I also add for SLC and MLX, you should always have at least one service interrupt (SVC).  Usually, second to last rung.  This always for outside devices to have a time slice to talk to the SLC for devices like the SCADA, other PLCs and your PC. My last rung was always an unlatch of the math overflow error.  This gives you a chance of diagnosing the offending logic that's causing the processor to fault.
  9. Inflation - Cost Increases

    Yes.  And ridiculous lead times on standard items and only getting worse.
  10. Can the PLC poll the Historian rather than the Historian pushing the heartbeat to the PLC? MSG instruction, fired periodically, to read the status of the Historian heartbeat?
  11. PLC/ HMI serial port interface

    I think you should post this in the GE Forum.  Steve Bailey is an expert.  If he doesn't know the answer, I'm sure he knows someone that does. Personally, I've done it thru the serial port of a Rockwell MicroLogix.  Add code to scan for characters in the buffer.  Confirm correct length.  Then move the data and store in another location for additional logic and eventual display on HMI.
  12. Control Logix GSV request

    Might I suggest you use a full string rather than 40.  It's lost the 176 at beginning of controller part number.
  13. DSP400 E Syncro

    Possibly a company called Esitron in Germany?
  14. VIPa and Speed 7 seem to be a German owed platform by Yaskawa.  Suggest you contact their technical support to figure out next steps.
  15. Productivity 2000

    Try posting them in the Allen-Bradley forum and someone will create a PDF for each ACD.