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  1. VIPa and Speed 7 seem to be a German owed platform by Yaskawa.  Suggest you contact their technical support to figure out next steps.
  2. Productivity 2000

    Try posting them in the Allen-Bradley forum and someone will create a PDF for each ACD.
  3. As with most VFDs, there are two means of interfacing the VFD with the controls system.  Firstly, is via hardwired inputs and outputs.  The second is via some communications protocol. You'll need to investigate the available communications boards and drivers for the VFD from Fuji.  Then determine if that type of communications is available in your PLC platform or what it would take to add that communications to your PLC with interface communications board and cabling requirements.
  4. FactoryTalk Studio Crashing

    Should have been able to convert project to v12 and create the MER at v10 for the PV.
  5. PVP 6 firmware update

    There is nothing preventing you from create the MER at v10 from your v12 project.
  6. Panelview Panel + 7 900W Unable to connect

    I think it's because the MER is on an external drive.  Put the MER in the standard Runtime folder and try downloading again.
  7. Panelview Panel + 7 900W Unable to connect

    Need to apply the shortcut to the PLC three spots up from the currently selected and then copy to runtime.  
  8. Devicenet help needed

    79 indicates a failure to transmit a message.  Make sure that your scanner is connected to a valid network. Did you assign the correct node address to the ADN?  All device net nodes are set to 63 from the factory and must be changed to match the scan list configuration. Any chance the replaced ADN is the last node on the network and therefore must have a terminating resistor?  This would be true for a straight line configuration with te other terminating resistor at the terminal of the 1769-SDN.  In a "T" configuration, a terminator would be installed at the end of each.
  9. Message Command

    The E in the 1769-L35E, indicates it has ethernet and yes you can use messaging. Another quick way to know....Based upon the processor selected, the various elements are either grayed out or visible.
  10. Not sure this helps.  I use VMWare and I setup my NIC as the bridged connection and VMnet8 as a NAT for my wireless.  I use the NIC (bridged) when local to the PLC.  I use wireless (VMnet8 NAT) for remote access work. Another trick is sometimes I have to disable one or the other to get a connection.
  11. AB 753 Drive output signal failure

    Any chance the IGBTs are blown?
  12. Help with Sockets AB

    You shouldn't need a Tech Connect contract.  You should be able to create a free account and access all the Tech Notes.
  13. Need help with s7-300 and omron NX102 communication

    Sounds like an opportunity for a Red Lion DSP.
  14. Virtual Machine Setup

    Purchase additional seats for each VM Image.
  15. ControlLogix Change Detection

    I would store the last known hex value. Then compare the new value to the previous value and alarm if needed.