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  1. Need help with s7-300 and omron NX102 communication

    Sounds like an opportunity for a Red Lion DSP.
  2. Virtual Machine Setup

    Purchase additional seats for each VM Image.
  3. ControlLogix Change Detection

    I would store the last known hex value. Then compare the new value to the previous value and alarm if needed.
  4. PanelBuilder32 Download

    This is no demo version of the software.  It has gone unsupported more than 10 years ago.  Your distributor will need to be contacted and also probably get support from Rockwell's Tech Connect and Knowledgebase.
  5. Manual for KOYO SR-21 required

    Contact AutomationDirect at https://www.automationdirect.com/
  6. AOP installation broke module RSL5000

    Mind telling us how?
  7. Pacdrive C400

    Searching www.se.com, found references to the EPAS-4.  Might need to call Schneider, maybe the software is rolled up into another package?
  8. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    The 700 stores that last three faults seen.  Check those to determine a possible cause.  You say the safety circuit is good, but the drive can't see it.  Check for wiring mistakes.  Maybe a wire has come loose.  Maybe there is no 24VDC due to a blown fuse.  If you have RSLogix5000 you should be able to connect to the drive and find additional information.
  9. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    Is it giving you an error code? Inhibit is usually the lack of safety circuit.
  10. temperature spread

    I would think you would want to compare the new signal against the last known max and min, then at the end compare the max and min for the spread and generate the alarm.
  11. RSLogix 5 - Does Version Matter

    Short answer, don't know...Wondering if RSL5 is like RSL5000 where you have multiple versions and it opens the program with the specific version needed.  When you opened in v9 did the help or about say it was v9 and not v7?   When you opened in v9 did it say anything about needing to convert the file?
  12. Q03UDE IP address won't change???

    Are there settings for DHCP vs. Fixed?  Is it possible that on reboot, it's going out and finding a DHCP server?
  13. monitoring the ethernet/ip bus

    The statuses are available through the use of a GSV in your program.
  14. Can you decrease the scan time in Studio 5000

    Opps!  I have no idea about View Designer.  Thought we were talking FTVME.  Maybe in the project tree and right clicking on the display name? And now I re-read the OP's original post and it is View Designer.
  15. Can you decrease the scan time in Studio 5000

    You have right clicked on an object.  You need to right click in the background of the display.