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  1. Generally, the vendor will supply there own set of motion AOIs.
  2. VFD Inventory Cycling

    VFD #1 and do a firmware upgrade.  Because it truly has new components. By the same token, VFD #2 was recently tested for working condition.
  3. I could be corrected, but the source protection you are talking about is only for version 20 and later.  I presume you want to change the program for use with v17.  To do so you will need to open the original in v20, turn off the source protection in the security tab of the controller properties and save to a new name. Then change the controller to v17 and it should convert the program.
  4. Also remember that the order of the bits in INTs and DINTs are reversed.
  5. OxF0A2 fault

    Check to see that it's seated properly.  If problem still exists, then replace.
  6. Studio 5000 v28.03 password protect

    The was a change between version 20 and 21.  For v20 and older, you would use the Logix CPU Security Tool.  For v21 and newer, you use theFactory Talk Security via Factory Talk Administrative Console with an adminsistrative account username and password and the Security tab of the Controller Properties based on the Logical Name. There's an entire manual to download and read to setup Factory Talk Security with Factory Talk Administrative Console.
  7. Control FR A800-E over Modbus with Beijer PLC

    Suggest you download and read the ethernet function manual IB(NA)-0600628ENG-B. Understand that by default the drive parameters are set to be controlled by hardwired inputs and outputs and the HIM (human Interface Module).  To control via ethernet, you must parameterize the drive to accept control and frequency reference via the ethernet.   Unfortunately, I have no experience with Beijer PLCs or any knowledge of their capabilities and communication protocols.  I saw a resource regarding comms via Modbus TCP and CANopen.   Once the PLC and VFD are talking, then write code to read and write to the VFD.  Different platforms use different terminology, but most use what is called implicit or explicit forms to read and write to the VFD.  You'll need to determine what the Beijer capabilities are.  Maybe find an example code at either Beijer or Mitsubishi to help you.
  8. Why is the DB so much hotter than the Machine #1? Also disconcerted about the DC Bus voltage difference. What is the result is you change the wiring to omit the DB thermostats signal?
  9. L8 Controller Security Features

    Haven't looked at RBAC.  I do use FT Security for a specific customer (150+ sites) because the process is patented.  I've locked it down such that you can't even open the ACD unless you have the specific VM Image (i.e. computer name and ability to login to FT).
  10. Can't find my PLC on the "Who active" window

    How did you configure your RSLinx Communications Driver?  Which one did you use?  Is your computer's NIC setup in the same subnet as the PLC?
  11. 1769-IT6

    If this is not applicable, then ignore me.  Is the 1769-IT6 compatible or does it have to be a 1762?  I presume that you found the module when offline with the 1500.
  12. Your earlier picture shows the MNet module is already inhibited, so good call on removing it.
  13. Control/CompactLogix Day of the Week

    @PaulKim1003 Wanted to get back to you and thank you.  It worked quite well for me.  My associate built his own but studied yours and found them to be quite similar.  There are many formulas on the web that describe how to get day of week.
  14. Dumb idea here...can you open the med in a text editor and change the version.  You know, like an L5K for Logix? Or is it truly locked because of the different versions of SQL?
  15. Old HMI NT21-ST121-E

    In your base OS, goto Devices and see which COM ports are occupied.