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  1. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    To Joe's point, I have done several projects where we install a CompactLogix and replace the SLC5/03 with the 1747-AENT.  There are limitations, i.e. certain modules that can not be in the rack.  Can't remember the specific ones, it's been 8+ years since I did this.  The manual for the 1747-AENT describes the limitations.
  2. Vibration sensor recommendation

    Forgive me for the outdated information (15 years ago).  I've never used a vibration sensor that wasn't associated with a specific vibration monitoring system.  Those would have been Bentley/Nevada or SKF. I'm not saying that one doesn't exist for interface to a PLC.  Maybe others have more recent experience with sensors and interfaces.
  3. SLC 5/03 System Conversion To Ethernet

    Seen some DH485 to E/IP converters by ProSoft and others.  Might be worth a try.
  4. Multiple IO-Link module

    Each IO Link Master requires a separate instance in the IO Tree with a different IP address.  One thing often overlooked is that the instance must be done from the add module portion.  Do not copy and past another instance.  Additionally, each Rockwell processor has different limitations with regards to TCP/IP and CIP connections.  Read the manual to ensure you don't exceed those limitations.
  5. View Designer PanelView 5310 Beginner Question

    I will store multiple projects.  When you create the mer and then do the transfer, there is a radio button for "Replace Communications".  Make sure that's turned on and then download.  After reboot, Rev B should show up.
  6. Firmware matching

    Install v24 of RSLogix 5000.
  7. Cannot reset servo drive warnings

    Every servo manufacturer will have some alarms, warnings and fault that can only be reset by a power cycle.  Consult your manual.
  8. Click PLC and Remote Access via Secomea SiteManager

    Ethernet.  I've used SiteManagers for many years but not with Click.  I've found an agent driver for Koyo, but can't hit on right combination to actually connect.
  9. Does anyone have any experience to share regarding gaining remote access via Secomea or any similar device?  Specifically, how to configure an "Agent" and it's settings to successfully get online with the Click?
  10. Cammed Servo Control

    Rockwell has a "free" download for a program called "Motion Analyzer".  It will give your the cam profile needed.  It will even write the code for your PLC.
  11. Just a guess but, %MW1:X0 and so forth.
  12. Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP Mapping Size Limit?

    Any chance the vendor has an AOP and EDS.  Maybe it can't be done with a Generic Ethernet Module.
  13. Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP Mapping Size Limit?

    Is it also version dependent?  I'm looking at a 5069-L320ERS2 at v32.  The Generic Module is the same as Chris described before.  
  14. Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP Mapping Size Limit?

    Sorry, never read the standard, quickly hit the limit of my knowledge.
  15. Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP Mapping Size Limit?

    So for the other device, does it have a configuration tool?  After using the tool, does it create a new EDS?  If you limit is the PLC side, maybe you can adjust the other device.  Problem is you might lose critical data needed for control and status. Also, the second pic is from the slave.  Notice the swap of descriptions and what is an input and output.