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  1. L8 Controller Security Features

    Haven't looked at RBAC.  I do use FT Security for a specific customer (150+ sites) because the process is patented.  I've locked it down such that you can't even open the ACD unless you have the specific VM Image (i.e. computer name and ability to login to FT).
  2. Can't find my PLC on the "Who active" window

    How did you configure your RSLinx Communications Driver?  Which one did you use?  Is your computer's NIC setup in the same subnet as the PLC?
  3. 1769-IT6

    If this is not applicable, then ignore me.  Is the 1769-IT6 compatible or does it have to be a 1762?  I presume that you found the module when offline with the 1500.
  4. Your earlier picture shows the MNet module is already inhibited, so good call on removing it.
  5. Control/CompactLogix Day of the Week

    @PaulKim1003 Wanted to get back to you and thank you.  It worked quite well for me.  My associate built his own but studied yours and found them to be quite similar.  There are many formulas on the web that describe how to get day of week.
  6. Dumb idea here...can you open the med in a text editor and change the version.  You know, like an L5K for Logix? Or is it truly locked because of the different versions of SQL?
  7. Old HMI NT21-ST121-E

    In your base OS, goto Devices and see which COM ports are occupied.
  8. Old HMI NT21-ST121-E

    You'll need to check to see if COM3 is being used by another device.
  9. Control/CompactLogix Day of the Week

    That would be wonderful!
  10. Any idea how to obtain or calculate the Day of the Week from WorldClockTime or any other attribute? There is a KB about a specific instruction GDW for SoftLogix 5 only.
  11. Make of plc

    Looks more like a IO board.  Takes all field wiring and the cable on the lower right goes back to an input or output module.  Like a Phoenix Contact product and also has individual fusing. 
  12. PanelView 600 - lost application

    Seem to remember those having a large memory card for application storage, almost PCMCIA looking.
  13. You need to determine the Xycom's Remote Screen Change capabilities and match up with that.
  14. Produced-Consumed tags exchange

    To pturmel's point, I've done udts quite a bit.  The only real hurdle is the limitation on the size or bytes of the udt.  The udt must also contain a connection status tag.  The limitation of normal tags is around 500 bytes while safety tags is 250 bytes, I think.
  15. Encoder Following Logic

    I might be over simplifying this but... Seems the box or case erector needs to know when to drop or push the box onto the conveyor between the cleats.  Why not have a prox detect the cleat and maybe an adjustable delay timer to determine when to "release" the box?