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  1. I can simulate timer

    Looks like an Omron program.
  2. I can simulate timer

    looks like the timer preset is 50ms.  Might be happening so fast you can't see it.
  3. 1769-SDN Odd LED Display

    Update!  Finally got someone on site.  Turns out someone added a node at address 00 which conflicted with the 1769-SDN at 00.  Told that they were seeing a 70, but no one every said that before.  Had them change the offending node to it's proper address at 52 and everything went back to normal.
  4. factorytalk view SE

    When in SE project, you can configure as many Device Shortcuts as you like.  Each one talking to a different PLC. Download and read a manual or get some training from your local Rockwell distributor.
  5. IDEC FC6A

    Reading this online manual, the answer is no. https://us.idec.com/idec-us/en/USD/medias/EP1624-FC6A-datasheet.pdf?context=bWFzdGVyfGRvY3VtZW50c3w5NDc5MzB8YXBwbGljYXRpb24vcGRmfGRvY3VtZW50cy9oMDQvaGFiLzg5Mjk2Njg4OTA2NTQucGRmfDI3MzRkYzg3ZGRlODA0NWZmYTdhYTdjNGZlMTEwYzNiMzAwZDNmMzc0OGNiMjdmYjJiMDExYmU5Yzc3NWY4ODM
  6. factorytalk view SE

  7. factorytalk view SE

    or a PC with ME Runtime

    AnyBus has one, also used SMC's (valvebanks)
  9. Factorytalk password

    We've written a routine in the PLC that adds the numerical value of the date so that the password changes every day.
  10. Connect to an AB Logix5555 via 1756-ENBT?

    And if you add :EIP to each IP in the Ethernet Devices drive, it essentially turns into the EIP driver.  More specifically, it reduces to the specific ports for TCP and UDT for Rockwell products.
  11. RSLinx Classic Lite 2.57 will not see new CPU

    Yes, of course.  The 5/03 had no ethernet.  In the case of your 5/05, it certainly has ethernet, but is unconfigured out of the box.
  12. RSLinx Classic Lite 2.57 will not see new CPU

    Download the program via DF1 and then change the IP of the SLC.  Then reattach via ethernet and it should show up.
  13. 1769-SDN Odd LED Display

    Not sure Guru.  Rereading Chapter 8, I now notice that the Module and Network lights are off, indicating no power applied.  Just wondering if the bus connector tab is slightly ajar or bent pins on either the SDN or the right side of the power supply. This is all new out of the box equipment.  I personally remoted in to my shop in Georgia (from Colorado) and programmed the system and tested before shipment to North Carolina.
  14. 1769-SDN Odd LED Display

    Was sent a picture of a 1769-SDN with both 8-Segement LEDs showing the upper for segments lit up as a small square.  In otherwords, not a normal large square or 00.  Has anyone encountererd this before?  Looked at manuals and this LED arrangement is not described.  
  15. OMRON PLC with Modbus TCP/IP

    Did you follow the link in gclshortt's reply?