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  3. Can't alter program A series.

    Thanks. I don't have the program with me but i'll be going back. I did have a look for indirect addressing but it's a big program. My suspicions are mounting that this is some kind of way to keep outsiders out.   I'll be back with more details later... with this lockdown, they are only working 2 days a week with skeleton staff  
  4. Constant Web Tension Control

    Yeah that would be the correct way to do it. However the company I’m working for doesn’t want to have to buy anything extra or mechanical to add to the current system. I think I’ll be able to do it by reading my coil diameter with a laser sensor in inches and dividing my torque feedback(in-lbs) from my drive by that radius(in) to get a number (+- 10%) representing the tension in pounds force.
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  6. Constant Web Tension Control

    Not sure this will help.  I usually see a load cell, between the slitter and the recoiler, used in a PID to determine the torque setting to the recoiler vfd running in torque mode.
  7. Constant Web Tension Control

    So I'm having trouble writing a FBD within my current program for a slitting line. I need to keep a constant tension on my web as it is being recoiled onto our recoiler. I wrote a simple program using a sensor to read the growing rate of the coil to get a radius and I have feedback on my torque on the recoiler motor. The simplest math for this application without getting into anything too fancy should be Tension(lbs)= Torque(ftlbs)/coil radius. only problem is when its less than a foot then my calculation is thrown off and it actually shows tension goes up until it reaches the one foot mark then it seems to scale correctly. Do I need to scale something else? Any help on this would be appreciated.
  8. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    dear sir.. ok.. noted.. I will do first.. and also get all information related with the problem 
  9. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    You should be able to connect to the plc over USB. This would allow you to check the error log.
  10. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    plc connected with 1 pc inside the control room... I'm not sure with plc address... I need to see what is current node switch is selected... for ur advice what I need to do now.. online first with cx programmer and check error log or others, or change the cpu first or any others idea. 
  11. Can i send an email with 1768-ENBT/A ?

    Glad to hear it!
  12. Can i send an email with 1768-ENBT/A ?

    Hi Pcmccartney1, you were right. I did not set it up right.  My primary and secondary server ip addresses were empty. Now, I am able to get an email :) Thank you for your replies.  
  13. Panasonic servo drive

    Crossbow Of course I intend to use wrong motor but with same wattage as the drive. Since the drive is of Minas 5 series and the motor is of Minas 6 series,  motor automatic recognition protection appears. My goal is to eliminate this recognition on my own risk, and I think it is possible by changing some parameters. Thanks for your consideration  
  14. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    What is the IP address of the cpu? What other devices are connected to the network?
  15. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    can you explain more detail cause I'm not to understand due to just started used omron plc. not familiar with omron plc
  16. Can i send an email with 1768-ENBT/A ?

    No, I think you either add and configure the EWEB or write an MSG in your ladder thru the ENBT.  Maybe others here have more experience on the matter.
  17. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    See attached from the W465 manual  
  18. Omron sysmac cj2m cpu 31 Error Code

    hi mahmod... just want asking question.Your problem before.. I had face same problem.. Alarm HE at cpu.. how ur solve the problem
  19. Can i send an email with 1768-ENBT/A ?

    Hi pcmcccartney1, thank you for your reply. But in the manual, it says " Send an email initiated by a Logix controller via a MSG instruction" I guess, I can not send an email thru a compact controller unless I have a 1768-EWEB.  
  20. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    Dear All,  Need your help. I have problem with plc cj2m cpu35. After power trip plc error. Err HE Ip 01..what is mean? plc also connected with one pc using ethernet cable. Any suggestion need to do... 
  21. Sysmac Cj2m Cpu35

    Dear All,  Need your help. I have problem with plc cj2m cpu35. After power trip plc error. Err HE Ip 01..what is mean? plc also connected with one pc using ethernet cable. Any suggestion need to do... 
  22. Bad quality alarms ( FT View SE v8.0)

    I had this problem. When setting up the alarm in the the Alarm and Event Setup. I typed the Input tag in manually and used curly brackets{} around the tag address.  For Example: {[Test]HMI_SIM_ESTOP} After getting BAD QUALITY I re-entered the input tag using the tag browser elipse [Test]HMI_SIM_ESTOP It fixed my BAD QUALITY problem
  23. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    thank you good sr
  24. Panasonic servo drive

    Sounds like that motor isn't the right one for that drive.  Servo amplifiers and motors are a matched set.  Are you using the wrong size motor?
  25. Can't alter program A series.

    What you may see is the address X1 may not be used, but perhaps you will find something like K4X0, which indicates 16 bits starting at X0.  It's possible that an entire word of inputs is referenced and moved somewhere using this notation. K1X0 is 4 bits long starting at X0 K2X0 is 8 bits starting at X0 and so on...
  26. SD card not updated at NA HMI

    The NA's FTP is to a specific directory in the HMI, not the SD card.  FTP cannot access the SD card or USB drive. You can write scripts inside the HMI which could possibly move files between the storage areas.
  27. Connect remotely to an OPC Server DA

  28. Connect remotely to an OPC Server DA

    Are you using a Mitsubishi OPC server  ?
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