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  1. TSX AEY414 Problem

    waiting for support please  
  2. CJ1M PLC not communicating with PC

    Dear All, Currently, all DIP switches are OFF. If I turn DIP Switch # 5 ON, should I restart the PLC or not needed? Some says SYSMAC protocol should be selected and some says Toolbus, I am not sure which one is correct  
  3. CJ1M PLC not communicating with PC

    I have tried Auto-online option but not successful   waiting for reply   Thanks Shoaib
  4. Dear All, I am trying to connect the CJ1M PLC with PORT connector (DB9) to PC. I have made the cable according to the XW2Z-200S-V diagram but when I try to connect to PLC, shows communication error can anyone help what may be the reason? waiting for reply Thanks  
  5. Dear All, Omron NQ HMI was installed with CJ1M CPU. Now I am trying to replace the HMI with weintek MT8071iP but HMI showing communication problem. I have omron HMI NQ program and set protocol settings as was set in NQ please see the attachment. Please suggest what may be the reason? waiting for reply Thanks Shoaib
  6. TSX AEY414 Problem

    Hello Quant, Thanks for reply please confirm If I want to place the module in some other slot, do I need to make changes in hardware configuration of the PLC program? or I can just place the module in any slot of the rack?
  7. Dear All, TSX AEY414 was installed on a machine  and was working fine. suddenly module becomes faulty and its ERR LED tuned ON we replace the new same module and the new module was showing the same error we replace the 3rd new module , this worked for 8-12 hours fine. now the situation is that RUN LED is on of the module, but values on HMI display remains 0.0 can anyone help me please? waiting for reply Thanks