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  1. @chelton also PM sent
  2. Thanks chelton for your words. I have had a re-think over solutions and have something I am trying on a current project to test. I already use global objects and use tag substitution which are placed on graphics pages which then again use tag substitution, so nested tag substitution, which works fine for this part. It is just that I needed client scoped variables or tags to store the currently selected area for the page and page name for menu operations. This is a networked system, so more than one client might be using the particular application at the same time, say local client and remote access. If you were thinking McC..... then you are right
  3. Hi all, I have a global customer that still uses FTV SE version 10 (I'm sure some may know who). I provide a customised solution using CompactLogix 5380 series PLC and an FTV SE application for part of their operations. Something that has been on my mind for a while is the ability of local tags or variables held only at the display client (thin client in this case). I have used HMI tags and also tags in the PLC, but my need for local client tags is that I hold the current display name and importantly, the area of the display page. Essentially I use a common display page to show one of two areas, they are identical in appearance, just different areas, and make good use tag substitution by passing a parameter file to the selected display page. While the methods above appear to work, I wonder what happens when two users at two different display clients operate the application, selecting different pages from my menu. With either HMI tags or PLC tags, they would simply get over written by the last write by the last user, hence why I would like to use tags local to the display client. I would like to avoid any use of HMI tags stored on the server if possible. Any advice is much appreciated.