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  1. NA5 line animation scaling off

    Thanks hecateh I'll try this next time I am on site. 
  2. NA5 line animation scaling off

    Thanks for the reply Crossbow. Is there a way to find this out? If I look at the size of each page they are set to 1280x800 (except for popups of course). And the size grayed out so i can't change any values. I'm assuming that is hard-set when you select your HMI. 
  3. I have a customer that is requesting some HMI upgrades for one of their processes. I uploaded the project and made the changes i needed to, however i noticed something strange. When i would start the NA simulation, the lines (piping) i animated between tanks and pumps were way out of position. Within my project everything is square and level. I verified the page settings are set to 1280x800 on the original page and mine. I basically duplicated the HMI pages and made the changes i needed to. I tried running the simulator on a 1080 screen and 1440 but had the same effect. I finished the project and downloaded it at the customer sight assuming that it was probably just my laptop display causing the scaling issue. When i navigated to the page i made, i had the same scaling issue. I ended up moving my line animations way out of proportion so i could square up the running HMI. I also noticed on other untouched (original) display pages the same scaling problem existed.  Its a NA5-15w101-V1 and on omrons site is a 1280x800 display. Has anyone seen this before and know a remedy? Or do i need to keep making adjustments to offset the scaling issue? Thanks!