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  1. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    The CP1L series PLC's do NOT support bit level addressing of D registers. [Only available in CJ2M series] So change the allocation addresses to W memory. Turning on W0.12 in the PLC will turn on the continuous buzzer on the NS15 HMI.
  2. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    Then you need to change your communications setup in CX-Designer by adding a HOST to the ethernet option and then point the NS memory to the desired location in the PLC.  
  3. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    In CX-Designer go to PT->System Settings ->Initial. Assign "$SB Allocation Address" to the PLC memory area you wish to use. Then select "System Memory List". In order for communication to work you must enable the check box.  
  4. High speed counter

    There are only two high speed counters available for each MD211 module. Right hand MD211 uses counters 0 and 1, left hand MD211 uses counters 2 and 3. To read the present value for each counter the Port Specifier of the PRV(881) instruction is #0010, #0011, #0012 and #0013 and the Control Data is #0000. You must configure the type of counter in the PLC Setup, then download the setup to the PLC. THEN MOST IMPORTANTLY POWER CYCLE THE PLC FOR THE NEW SETTINGS TO TAKE EFFECT. Attached is link for MD211 module manual. See Section 7 for details on high-speed counters and 2-3-3 for PLC Setup
  5. Controlling heater element with PWM

    That code only addresses PWM Output 0 at 200Hz with a 50% or 25% duty cycle. Physical output is 2961.4 = Output 4 on the right hand MD211 [Closest to PLC]. "I don't see anything! Or where I can see this pwm signal? " THIS WILL NOT WORK IF YOU ARE USING SIMULATION MODE IN CX PROGRAMMER OR IF YOU ARE USING 2961.4 AS AN OUTPUT ANYWHERE IN YOUR PROGRAM. You must have physical PLC and MD211 with downloaded program to "SEE SOMETHING"!
  6. Controlling heater element with PWM

    PWM can only be used for outputs of MD211/212 Pulse I/O module. Not possible with OD212. You say "I read in documentation about Pwm but is a poor explication about this problem." What documentation are you using? It is very clearly explained in the Instruction Reference Manual W474 and Pulse I/O manual W486. Do you have these? Here are links:-,_sysmac_one_nsj_series_reference_manual_en.pdf    
  7. Read position from rotary encoder

    Port Specifier should be #10, #11, #12 and #13. Control Data should be #0 in all cases.

    The example I posted works correctly for the values you are asking for.


    This example for a CP1L might help you.
  11. Cx Integrator

    Simplest method! Don't need CX Integrator.
  12. how to set up timer in st

    What is the model number of the PLC you are using? CJ2M, CP1L, CP1E............................ Structured Text timers or Counters can ONLY be used with CS/CJ series CPU units version 4.0 or later, or with CJ2-Series CPU units.