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  1. ST Language

    With INNOLALOE'S code on rungs 5 and 6. He's THE BEST!!     EdgeDetect_Example_2.cxp
  2. ST Language

    More ideas. Trigger oneshot with differentiated instruction for EN input OR handle oneshot with internal latch within ST. EdgeDetect_Example_1.cxp
  3. Though I am not familiar with Altivar drives I am sure there must be drive parameters that allow synchronizing the movement between two drives without having to do this via external from CP1L PLC's. In this arrangement typically one drive outputs an analog output to the follower drive and they both follow one another with no requirement for any PLC intervention. At the very least this would require encoder feedback signals within each drive to successfully implement. You could utilize torque or feedback position based upon requirements. With this arrangement response time is completely independent upon PLC cycle time and should be adequate for your application.
  4. Errors that appears when i connect via serial port

    Glad to help. My best guess is that with dipswitch 5 ON the default setting of the Serial comm. port is HostLink, 9600 Baud, 1,7,2,E but CX-Programmer by default uses Toolbus at 115200 Baud, 1,7,2,E. This conflict possibly caused the Sync/Async Communications in the Peripheral Service to take too long to execute and faulted the PLC. If anyone else has a better reason please chime in.
  5. Errors that appears when i connect via serial port

    Hmmm! What are your Serial Port settings? They should look something like attachment. Remember to "Transfer to PLC" AND MOST IMPORTANTLY POWER CYCLE THE PLC for the new settings to take effect AND set DIPSWITCH 5 to OFF.
  6. Errors that appears when i connect via serial port

    What is the pinout of the Serial Cable you are using? Looks like it may be incorrect and is shorting out the serial port and subsequently faulting the PLC.
  7. C200HW-MC402-E help

    I don't believe your CS1W-CPU44H is compatible with the C200HW-MC402-E motion card. At least that's what the manual indicates.     C200HW-MC402-E Compatible CPU's.pdf
  8. Will Sysmac Studio coexist with CX-One?

    If you are intending to use both CX-One and Sysmac Studio I would highly recommend installing them on the same VM. The Auto Update feature scans for presence of both applications and updates them both as needed. Very nice feature.
  9. UM Read Protection CS1 - how to remove

    Tasks and Function blocks can be individually password protected in the program whether ONLINE or OFFLINE. UM read protection locks out ONLINE access to the PLC program. You can use both.
  10. [Help]

    Interrupt Tasks will NOT work in simulation mode. Interrupts can ONLY be triggered by a physical input on the PLC.
  11. PWM 891

    NO. That's for setting up pulse outputs. For PWM it is NOT necessary to make any changes in the PLC settings. Simply configure the PWM instruction for the relevant output Port and desired frequency resolution [0.1 or 1.0 Hz]. Then use the Frequency and Duty Ratio to modify the PWM output pattern.   PWM Instruction.pdf
  12. CP1L

    You can write any desired position directly to Pulse Output 0 or Pulse Output 1 by using the INI instruction. Use #0002 in the C [Control Word] of the INI Instruction followed by a DWORD for the Write position.pdfWrite position.pdfWrite position.pdfWrite position.pdfWrite position.pdfWrite position.pdfdesired position. Note that this can ONLY be done when the pulse output is stopped.    
  13. WOW that is unusual! Glad you got it fixed and THANK YOU for for being a responsible poster who let's others know how problem was resolved.
  14. Sounds to me that the program is not being transferred to the PLC and you may well have a bad USB cable. Use another USB cable. After transferring program "To PLC" use the "Compare with PLC" to confirm program has downloaded.
  15. cp1h-y20dt-d Pulse/Dir Pulse Wiring to Servo Contoller

    For PULSE output 0 using PULSE plus DIRECTION configuration you connect CW0+  [Pulse] to the pulse input of your servo and CW1+ [Direction] to the direction input of your servo. Then connect COM[-] to both CW0- and CW1- terminals.