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  1. CP1L

    You can write any desired position directly to Pulse Output 0 or Pulse Output 1 by using the INI instruction. Use #0002 in the C [Control Word] of the INI Instruction followed by a DWORD for the Write position.pdfWrite position.pdfWrite position.pdfWrite position.pdfWrite position.pdfWrite position.pdfdesired position. Note that this can ONLY be done when the pulse output is stopped.    
  2. WOW that is unusual! Glad you got it fixed and THANK YOU for for being a responsible poster who let's others know how problem was resolved.
  3. Sounds to me that the program is not being transferred to the PLC and you may well have a bad USB cable. Use another USB cable. After transferring program "To PLC" use the "Compare with PLC" to confirm program has downloaded.
  4. cp1h-y20dt-d Pulse/Dir Pulse Wiring to Servo Contoller

    For PULSE output 0 using PULSE plus DIRECTION configuration you connect CW0+  [Pulse] to the pulse input of your servo and CW1+ [Direction] to the direction input of your servo. Then connect COM[-] to both CW0- and CW1- terminals.
  6. How to Use Frozen Screen

    Use SHEETS. Sheets are screens used when the same images are to be displayed on more than one screen.
  7. While I'm no fan of TIA Portal having found overall programming and development time far exceeded that of other platfoms, I can see you have put together a well constructed and useful website. Hope your time and effort work out. Good luck. [Maybe you will make me a Siemens convert after all!]
  8. CP1L-M60 PID VFD control

    IMHO you are making this task more complex than need be. Many of todays VFD's have built-in PID routines that are available. You would send an analog signal from the MASTER to the FOLLOWER VFD and use the PID setup in the FOLLOWER VFD, no need to mess sround with trying to do it in the PLC. You haven't stated which model VFD you are using so don't know for sure if it has built-in PID.   My 2 Cents  
  9. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    For Heaven's sake buy the correct cable for programming via the peripheral port. Don't even waste your time trying to make it. P/N is CS1W-CN226. Just google it and there are many resources to purchase the cable at reasonable cost. If your computer doesn't have a Serial Port then you will also need a USB to Serial converter. This model has never failed me with CJ1M PLC's.
  10. If you decide to use a CJ2M with an added MD21* for your motion application then this article in the downloads sections is very useful. Though written for a CJ1M it is still applicable to the CJ2M.

  11. Puls train.

    Your gonna spend a ton of bucks on the NC213 module vs. upgrading to the latest CJ2M CPU with CJ2M-MD21* Pulse I/O module. Mt 2 Cents.
  12. Relay Digital signals

    The CJ1M is an old unit. Replacing it with CJ2M-CPU and one or two CJ2M-MD21* Pulse IO Modules is a far better option for High-Speed counters and Pulse control outputs. IMHO you are going to waste a ton of time messing with the CJ1M for your application. My 2 Cents.
  13. CX-Programmer Unable to Open File

    If the porgram was created in your version 9.50 or earlier then an update probably won't fix your problem. First try a full auto update and see if that fixes your issue. Failing that a complete uninstall followed by Clean CXOne, then a complete reinstall and a complete auto update is probably your only solution. Very tedious and time consuming but as a last resort should ultimately fix your problem.
  14. CX-Programmer Unable to Open File

    Opens fine for me in CX-Programmer V9.65
  15. How to retain value in timer (TIML) on power off

    It's in the PLC instruction manual. Increment ++/++L Decrement --/--L Remember to use a rising edge LD instuction ahead of the Decrement instruction.