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  1. Just tried opening Sysmac Studio for a new project and I get this message. Any ideas how to work around this issue. VERY FRUSTRATING!    
  2. Wipe memory from PLC

    Yes that works, but in my opinion much cleaner to have all memory areas cleared when starting a new project.
  3. Auto Assign Addresses To Symbols?

    NOT AUTOMATICALLY that I know of. The method I use is to copy desired addresses from CX Programmer Symbols and paste into EXCEL. Edit EXCEL spreadsheet to add/change desired name then paste back into CX Programmer. A few words of caution:- There is some conflict with WORD and BIT addresses you need to be aware of. For example CIO Word 0 and CIO Bit 0.0 will both appear as 0 in your spreasheet.
  4. CX-Programmer

    OMRON has posted many tutorials on You Tube .
  5. Wipe memory from PLC

    When online select PLC from upper menu bar. Select "Clear All Memory Areas"
  6. Reading of Encoder

    Why are you using FLOAT variables. HSC increments/decrements by INTEGERS not FLOAT. Remember position in PRV is a double word value, in your case D1 and D2. Your program is overwriting D2 in rung 1 with the *F(456) instruction. Not a good programming practice..
  7. CX-Programmer Unable to Open File

    No problem. Send via private email if that works for you.
  8. CX-Programmer Unable to Open File

    Post your programme and I'll test whether it opens in my CX-Programmer version!
  9. Use the Event Display function.
  10. programming position control unit cj1w-nc213

    Unit number in your program is 0 and Operating data area designation is allocated to SIOU in the PLC IO Table. Check rotary switches on position control unit are set at 0. Starting DM area for this position control unit starts at DM2000 and CIO Operating memory starts at CIO2000. You need to modify your program to map to the correct areas.
  11. NB designer change the screen


    Don't waste your time trying to count encoder pulses on a CJ1M-CPU-1x series PLC. As GT support states either add a High Speed Counter module OR replace with a CJ1M-CPU-2x CPU. Better still! The CJ1M is an older model and in my experience is more costly than purchasing both a CJ2M-CPU-1x and a CJ2M-MD21x Pulse I/Omodule.
  13. Omron R7D-BP02H Problem

    See section 2-5-8 regarding Test Run CX-Drive_Operation_Manual_W453-E1.pdf
  14. Omron R7D-BP02H Problem

    If it was working previously, then unless you have changed the PLC program or drive Parameters it is a hardware/wiring issue you need to troubleshoot. My first approach would be to go online with CX Drive to the servo and test whether you can manually move the motor and it responds to position commands. IF NOT OK then you most likely have some wiring or power issues that need resolving. IF OK THEN you need to go online with the PLC and monitor whether the PULS/SPD/INI rungs are active. Monitoring A276-277 for pulse 0 or A228-279 for pulse output 1 in the watch window is a quick way to confirm PLC pulse outputs are working. These are all normal steps in troubleshooting your system.
  15. Omron R7D-BP02H Problem

    Post your program and your servo parameter setup.