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  1. Index and data registers

    See this post.
  2. Can i wire 3 Prox. Sensor in Series to 1 input?
  3. Invert scale 0-990 --> 990-0

    Use the APR instruction!! CP1L_APR_SCALING Inverted.cxp
  4. Omron sysmac studio

    Downloaded files for Motion Control. See
  5. NJ Motion Control Manuals



    NJ Series CPU Motion Control Manuals
  6. NJ Motion Control Manuals View File NJ Series CPU Motion Control Manuals Submitter BITS N BYTES Submitted 04/10/17 Category Manuals
  7. Access to program internal variables?

    Local variables are accessible only within each POU. Global variables are accessible from every POU. Couldn't be a simpler concept. What exactly IS your gripe with this concept?
  8. question @ and !

    It's in the manual!! Omron Differentiated instruction timing..pdf
  9. Multi position switch

    Been a LONG time!! Attached is file that should work.
  10. Cycle Timer

    Suggest using the accumulative timers instructions TTIM or TTIMX.
  11. Access to program internal variables?

    As stated in your quote IEC 61131-3 offers suggestions for how variables can be declared. It doesn't say they they MUST have all the attributes in the specification. OMRON has decide to make LOCAL variables only available to each specific POU and GLOBAL variables available everywhere. Personally I prefer this approach bu apparently you do not.  
  12. Access to program internal variables?

    Global and Local variable declarations are defined in the IEC 61131-3 specifications. DON'T MESS WITH THIS. The concepts are well defined across many control platforms to provide variable consistency.
  13. fresher need help for change screen

    Have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about!! "How can i put the WORLD type in HMI from my plc program?" Doesn't make any sense.
  14. fresher need help for change screen

    What are the models of OMRON PLC and OMRON HMI you are using?
  15. Convert time

    Use TimeToSec to convert time to UINT. Then use **_TO_*** (Integer-to-Real Number Conversion Group).