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  1. Melsec Medoc K2N

    It's easier to write the new PLC program from scratch than...
  2. Mitsubishi Q and SMC JXCD1 Devicenet module

    Take you attention on the version of GX IEC, the last is 7.04. I'm thinking, to the 7.04 release the QJ71DN91 module was already in sales. Hope it will help you to solve the problem.
  3. FX3U-4AD or FX3U-4AD ADP

    Resolution, signal range.
  4. None payment demand.

    I have never used such insidious things before, because I firmly believe that a professional must be crystal honest and decent both in front of the client and in front of himself. But I observe that a lot of developers of automation systems are engaged in frank streichbreaking, initially globally underestimating the cost of work, promising the customer obviously unrealistic deadlines, offering miserable, ugly technical solutions, and already in the course of development they begin to blackmail the customer and milk him like a cow. Customers match in their irrepressible stinginess. As a result, the profession and professionals are completely leveled by both side of the relationship, and honesty and decency are perceived as a weakness. Given this, unlike you, on the contrary, I decided that I no longer intend to fuss with either one or the other. That those that others actually turned me into a disabled person, because of which I have to abandon the profession, which in total has been given for almost 40 years.
  5. None payment demand.

    Hi Ron, There are pigs who, having ordered the development and installation of an automation system, prefer not to pay money for the work done. This is for such snouts. About 10 years ago I saw one such "entrepreneur". He owns a microbrewery that is serviced by an automation system developer company. He did not pay - "Why pay? The brewery is functioning." Well, a similar inscription was highlighted to him, and all the must in the tanks had to be drained into the sewer. Alas, I myself also had a chance to encounter similar pigs, who did not pay me for a month of exhausting work, to the point of exhaustion, headache, conjunctivitis.
  6. Reading analog inputs from Chinese all in one PLC

    I did not deal specifically with this PLC model, I worked with another Chinese one, which, unlike this one, has a complete manual. I see only that these controllers are very different from each other. The document you have uploaded is not translated into English and it is impossible to translate it, since it mainly contains pictures with hieroglyphs rather than text. So only the seller can help you.
  7. Reading analog inputs from Chinese all in one PLC

    You did not read the documentation for this PLC. The data of both analog inputs stores in special registers. And you can get it by access to these memory cells.
  8. PLC upgrade

    I'd recommend to replace both models with FX5U, that has an Ethernet port onboard. Although in this case the program of A1SCPU should be rewritten to match the addressing, variables and commands of FX5U, it's worth it.
  9. Rural public water system in TROUBLE

    I'm afraid that at current situation just I couldn't help. Three and a half months have passed since the publication of my proposal for your appeal. Now Russia is under sanctions for invading to Ukraine. Russian banks are also under sanctions. As far as I know, the sixth sanctions package, which is to be announced next week, provides for the exclusion of the remaining two banks from the SWIFT settlement system. Systems of transcontinental money transfer have already left Russia. So you just won't be able to pay me this work.
  10. Rural public water system in TROUBLE

    To begin with, it would be right to unravel the tangle by sorting the chains of functions into the corresponding individual functional blocks, which should, firstly, make it possible to figure out how everything was implemented, and, secondly, it would simplify making changes to the program. Theoretically the program can be written from scratch, however I haven't worked with AL2 for a long time so forgot details how to work with buttons and how to organize correctly a storing of setpoint values and their changes by abovementioned buttons. Three components allows to carry out adjustment work remotely: - a person at the facility, which can to connect/disconnect cables, to control the process, to make and send photos and videos; - skype; - team weaver.
  11. RS485 COmmunication

    It depends on the OPC server and its PLC polling. In real any type of memory cells are available for reading/writing.
  12. RS485 COmmunication

    If I remember it correctly, that yes, up to 16 slave nodes by computer link protocol. However, I'm warning to build the network using the FX2N-485-BD due to these interface boards has non-isolated RS485 interface, which is correctly to use inside the electrical cabinet only. To use FX2N-485ADP is a right solution.
  13. Mitsubishi Fx2n Modbus rtu vfd

    Hello, What do you mean by "help me"? Should we do this work for you?
  14. F2-40 Replacement

  15. F2-40 Replacement

    @jgar_ I have no original ideas for transferring the program from this PLC model, which run counter to the suggestions of colleagues. Only the alternative option is to write a program from scratch, relying on connection diagrams and detailed work algorithms.  I'm thinking in case of F2-40 it would not so problematic.