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  1. Upload & Download Program

  2. Upload & Download Program

    The SC09 cable converts RS232 serial to RS422 on the FX PLC's. So if your laptop does not have a serial port you can use a usb to serial adapter like a Moxa Uport 1150 together with the SC09 cable.
  3. Converting LD/FBD Programm into simple ladder

    It is not really possible . But write the structured project to plc with Gx works 2 and  read it out in ladder format with gx developer and you should get what you desire .....
  4. Ethernet Communication Intermittent

    We had a similar situation and actually found that one of the VSD's was the culprit . Every time that the specific drive was starting we lost communication until it stopped . Swopped out the specific drive and installed extra filters to suppress noise even more and the problem was solved.    
  5. Ethernet Communication Intermittent

    Any VSD's Located close to or in the same panel as the PLC ?
  6. FX3U Output

    Please provide the Complete Model Nr located on the side of the PLC
  7. FX2n incorrect latch range

    Secondly. You will have to contact the machine builder for a backup of the program as there is many parts of the program that was corrupted . If this is not possible and you know the machine sequence by hart you will be able to fill in the missing parts. Good Luck Always have the current backups at hand and do not wait until disaster strikes ..................
  8. FX2n incorrect latch range

    Firstly you will have to set the "Latch" within the settable range 
  9. convert am to fm

    Terminal FM = (pulse train output) Terminal AM = (analog voltage output 0 to ±10 VDC)
  10. GX Configurator DP

    Thank You Gambit i am quite new to profybus and only used it twice on the Q series plc , i had a look in both programs and i found the relevant bits that they use over the profy network. Thanks a lot. 
  11. memory

    Hi aakash device memory is used when there is a power failure etc set by the developer for the program or lets say process  etc. to continue when power is restored if u made a backup of the program for reasons unknown like plc failure etc that would be fine. If however u want to reload the program lets say while halfway trough process or such situation u will have to set the relevant bits etc manually
  12. GX Configurator DP

    Good day I have two Profy networks at work for witch i don"t have the original DP configuration files because the person who did this is on pension , and the documentation ect was very very badly recorded and filed ect. All of the work was done in ladder with no comments ect in GX Developer One is a FX3U with a FX3U-64DP-M connected to a FX2N-32DP-IF the other is on a A Series also connected to remote IO with a FX2N-32DP-IF How do i make an bacup of these two networks so that i will be able to have all the "Documentation of IO Mapping" and know what the respective IO numbers are on the remote i/o  ect. 
  13. Mortoch

    if i am understanding you correctly you want to use a word or double word to turn on or off outputs ?  
  14. FY0 FY1