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  1. convert am to fm

    Terminal FM = (pulse train output) Terminal AM = (analog voltage output 0 to ±10 VDC)
  2. GX Configurator DP

    Thank You Gambit i am quite new to profybus and only used it twice on the Q series plc , i had a look in both programs and i found the relevant bits that they use over the profy network. Thanks a lot. 
  3. memory

    Hi aakash device memory is used when there is a power failure etc set by the developer for the program or lets say process  etc. to continue when power is restored if u made a backup of the program for reasons unknown like plc failure etc that would be fine. If however u want to reload the program lets say while halfway trough process or such situation u will have to set the relevant bits etc manually
  4. GX Configurator DP

    Good day I have two Profy networks at work for witch i don"t have the original DP configuration files because the person who did this is on pension , and the documentation ect was very very badly recorded and filed ect. All of the work was done in ladder with no comments ect in GX Developer One is a FX3U with a FX3U-64DP-M connected to a FX2N-32DP-IF the other is on a A Series also connected to remote IO with a FX2N-32DP-IF How do i make an bacup of these two networks so that i will be able to have all the "Documentation of IO Mapping" and know what the respective IO numbers are on the remote i/o  ect. 
  5. Mortoch

    if i am understanding you correctly you want to use a word or double word to turn on or off outputs ?  
  6. FY0 FY1