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  1. absolute encoder in Twincat 3

    If you use it in both directions it 4096, if you use it one direction it is 8192. 0 represent 0 degrees and 4096(8192) represent 360 degrees... But you need SSI interface in order to connect to encoder.
  2. absolute encoder in Twincat 3

    Here is the explanation.. https://www.wisc-online.com/learningobjects/viewstorylinelearningobject/11613
  3. It Is "State machine" and it is explained in manual on CD that came with VFD.
  4. Mitsubishi PLC Backup

    Thank you.
  5. Mitsubishi PLC Backup

    I'm interested in FX Toll. Where can I find it.
  6. Output Module problem

    You should check M8034 bit. It is "All outputs disable bit", and it sets off all external outputs, but I think that LEDs remain on...
  7. Eberle help request

    You need Edops or Edops2 plus software. Some are dongle protected. Programming is nightmare. If the machine is AEW Delford (Marel) IBS2000 slicer, I can be of help.
  8. Or you can store "factory values" and restore them when you need them (look at %SW96 and %SW97). Additionally you can program digital input as "run/stop". Best regards, Vuckovic Goran.
  9. Telemecanique Processor

    It is Schneider Electric Twido TWDLCAA40DRF or similar. Programing software is Twido Suite, and cable is TSXCUSB485. Software is free. Cable is around 100Eur.