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  1. Q00UJCPU: No descriptions in ladder program

    It should be Q mode. Regarding comments, most likely original programmer didn't checked option to download symbolic data, so you are out of luck. 
  2. Fx5UPLC

    You can flash it with SD card. Everything will be cleared to factory settings, including program, passwords and filtering.
  3. iQ-R PLC Data Logging SD Card Specifications and Questions

    Sandisk SDHC, industrial grade works perfectly. Kingstone is also ok, but always fast one and always industrial grade. I've made one time error and used slow SD card on HMI and never again.
  4. Simple CPU Communication TCP Time out

    Port 502 - is it Modbus TCP/IP?
  5. How to Connect Beijer E300 Terminal to Mitsubishi FX5U

    I'm in process of connecting E200 to FX5U, and it seems that, even with FX5-422-BD it is not possible. Most likely I will change HMI driver to Modbus RTU and adapt both apps.
  6. GOT - GS2107-WTBD-N

    In fact it could be that you can connect the mouse to USB A (not USB mini), on back, but I'm not sure. It works with barcode scanners and keyboards.
  7. Melservo J5 by HMI control without PLC

    With MR-J5-A, it is not possible, as it is PTO drive. You need MR-J5-G or MR-J5-G-RJ drives in order to have communication with HMI
  8. Gx Works 2

    This program is relatively not simple, it is not to complicated, but definitely requires someone who lives from Mitsubishi PLC programming. If original programmer is not available, I would try to contact Mitsubishi India and ask them for recommendation of it's partner company. For example,  my company, in my country would charge around 2000$, with visit to the plant in circle of 100km to do it.
  9. Gx Works 2

    It is GxWorks3 not GxWorks2.  If I was you, I would call original programmer and pay him to do it.
  10. FX1S-10MR with FX1N-1DA-BD mA trouble

    It is almost impossible that 3 cards have malfunctioning current part of analog output. I presume that you changed the wiring for current mode comparing to voltage mode, and forced M8114 to zero?.  
  11. FX1S-10MR with FX1N-1DA-BD mA trouble

    I already wrote you reply on PLCTalk (https://www.plctalk.net/threads/problem-with-analog-output-fx1n-1da-bd.139641/). Most likely there it is not up to PLC or PLC card. It can be either bug in program or problem with sensors. Why don't you post program so we can analyze it?
  12. It may be also directly programmed in PLC application.
  13. Analog output fail A1S

    First is to notice that, the machine has to have much more than 10 years, because of A1S.  Second, is from my experience - when I had similar problems in past it was almost always grounding or/and  sometimes overvoltage. My advice is put IT transformer with slightly reduced secondary voltage in front of  24VDC  power supply, change PLC power supply from 230VAC to 24VDC, provide separate paths to PLCs LG and FG (Logic Ground and Fault Ground).
  14. GOT Simple Series having SCREEN ERROR

    Have you solved the problem? If yes, what was solution?
  15. GOT Simple Series having SCREEN ERROR

    I would try to check Screen Switching. It is possible that that register is somehow overwritten. For example you have selected D11 as Base Screen, but you have cleared that value at PLC start, or you have registered label wrongly at D10 as double etc.