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  1. Motion Control Help

    It is generally called AlwaysOn. Documentation for FX5 is excellent and quite big, I suggest you to read it.
  2. Error 2110 SP.UNIT

    You Can export log to .csv file, and then we can analyze it. It seams like  your intelligent card or motion CPU (if you have it) are in error. 
  3. Interrupt doesn't work

    You must use DHSC command.
  4. FX1N

    FX3 is extremely reliable, so I doubt that it is hardware failure. You could post your program so we can analyzer situation. 
  5. Automatically Adjust for BST

    if USB-RS232 converter has original FTDI chip it will work, and it is not expensive.
  6. Automatically Adjust for BST

    This is original cable you need: https://www.radwell.co.uk/en-GB/Buy/BEIJER%20ELECTRONICS/BEIJER%20ELECTRONICS/SC-09?redirect=true
  7. Data register over flow

    High Speed Counters are processed with special commands, because the speed of input signals is faster than PLC cycles. See commands DHCMOV, DHSCR, DHSCS, DHSCR and OUT_C. Basically, my suggestion would be to use the previous commands to set the counter, compare it and copy it. For example, set the counter preset value to 1,000,000,000. Copy the value of C251 into a 32-bit register (for example D500 and D501), using DHCMOV. Each time the set value of 1,000,000,000 is reached, increment the next register (eg D502) and reset C251 and start counting from the beginning. If you do not use dedicated commands, and maybe even interrupts, the counting will not be accurate.
  8. Data register over flow

    We need more information in order to help you. My suggestion is to attach your code so we can analyze it.
  9. upload program from E100 HMI Beijer

    With Beijer, often is problem with driver. If you have different driver installed on HMI than with E-Designer it often makes problem.
  10. Automatically Adjust for BST

    With ACPU you should use M9036. You need SC-09 cable for programming, and it has RS232-RS422 interface in it, as programming port on CPU is RS422.
  11. upload program from E100 HMI Beijer

    What error E-Designer gives you?
  12. Q Plc 2400 error

    There are to few information. Do you have original source program? Did you have battery issues previously?
  13. Q Plc 2400 error

    Is there SD card installed?
  14. Problem with PID controller in FX3U

    As I'm been informed clones do not have complete compatibility and do not work good with GX Works2 nor with GX IEC Developer, but only with GX Developer. Additionally  SimplePID library is originally made for GX IEC Developer. Also I, personally,  would never use clone for heating radiators due to potential safety issues.
  15. GOT1000

    If you are using any tag with object that is in PLC and you don't have communication, object will not be visible.  If you are using bit switch with internal GOT tag, object will be visible. PLC tags are X,Y, D, R, M, SM, SD for Mitsubishi PLCs. Internal GOT tags are GS, GB, GD, etc.