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  1. Converting digital output from FX2N-2AD module to mm

    54mm=589 1mm=589/54=10.7090909 so you can divide digital value with 10 .7090909. Then you can get mm value
  2. FX5U-Error message

    Thank you...
  3. FX5U-Error message

    Hello everyone,       When i try to dump my PLC program to FX5U PLC, Error message is coming, error message is, "inconsistency is fount with the file writing in PLC, please execute it again after initializing the write target memory by CPU memory operation". and on that PLC, Error LED is always ON. Why?  Please help me solve this problem. Thank you,
  4. GT21 Automatic Screen change

    Thank you, perfectly working :)
  5. GT21 Automatic Screen change

    Hello Everyone,   I am using GT21 HMI. Here i want automatic screen change.  Ex: If any error comes in the machine HMI Scree should automatically change into Error screen. Is it Possible? if yes. How i want to do? Please help me. And another one: In HMI if i press the switch, process is start but that switch come OFF state. but i need that switch always ON till i press again. Please help for this also. Thank you,
  6. Remote access to PLC

    For FX3U PLC remote access is possible or Not through teamviewer software? if yes...How i want do this? But i am using communication is GT10-RS2TUSB-5S cable.  thank you.
  7. GT10 Communication

    Thank you very Much!!!!!!
  8. GT10 Communication

    Anyone of you could send me "GT10_RS2TUSB-5S'" Driver software?
  9. GT10 Communication

    anyone of you could send me "GT10-RS2TUSB-5S" driver software?