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  1. mitsubishi Register accessing

    Scada has mitsub driver. but can show one connected plc. also has modbus driver. but i dont know plc modbus register mapping.    no GOT hmi . but wecon Hmi are installed
  2. mitsubishi Register accessing

    Dear Gambit ,   infact i want to connect 7 mitsubishi plc with one single scada through modbus bd cards. everything is already installed. but i dont know how can i do that.  may be by creating a server and opc . but any hint will be thankful 
  3. mitsubishi Register accessing

    Dear All i want to access a register of plc FX2N-16mr through modbus card FX2N-485-bd .   can any body help me out. i dont know any idea. any help will be a life savior. 
  4. RS485 COmmunication

    thanks Inntele for your precious reply.    infact i want to share some registers from plc 1 , PLC2  ------ PLC into scada. but as far i am looking for . it shows bit.     can you please share some material or some hints. 
  5. RS485 COmmunication

    Hi all, i am looking for a solution to connect 7 plc with a single scada. is it possible according to my topology diagram ?   Kindly make me suggestion and if you have any information regarding the solution then share .   Thanks in advance. 
  6. Siemens LOGO PID

    Dear All, i Want to ask that is Siemens LOGo PLC is capable of PID ? if it is where is block of PID as i could not find in comfortLOGo V.70 thanks   
  7. Float Value FX2N Problem

    thanks all for your great advices. thanks for helping me out. 
  8. Float Value FX2N Problem

    Dear Panic Mode thanks for your precious reply.    but can u guide me that how can i do that.  infact flow is around 6 m3/ h . i am making a totalizer . the value of flow for totalizer per second is around 0.0003 then how can i add them in previous total . 
  9. Float Value FX2N Problem

    in My case the value in D72 = 0.0003 then value of D500 struck at 8192.000 dont know why . Kindly help me out. you will be a life savour.   
  10. Float Value FX2N Problem

    Dear. Can you explain it  please.   
  11. Float Value FX2N Problem

    Ladder is simple as   M8013                                    Deadd d72 d500 d500
  12. Float Value FX2N Problem

    Dear All, I am facing a problem in FX2n, Infact i am making a totalizer from the flow. everything is fine. but client demands to add some totalizer value to start with totalizer.  the problem is that when i add 50000 value the value of registers stucks. although i am using 32bit float register along with DEADD command for Totalizer. the makes some steady at some place. i dont know why. but i give the totalizer 0 it works fine.  Any Solution regarding this will be help.    Value in the D72 = 0.0003
  13. Indusoft Web Studio

    i am using indusoft web studio for the modbus logging. program runs successfully but after a half day or a day it shows error " error initializing the driver modbu 10.10: invalid serial port "any suggestion will be appreciated.RegardsZubair Ahmed
  14. Fatek PLC Communication Problem

    you can clear the memory after connecting the plc in software .. first use auto check option in " online PLC " then reset the memory
  15. Fatek PLC Communication Problem

    i solved the error. as    in winproladder there is an option " Auto Check" . you should  must click either you know your port or not.  it has resolved my problem as well .