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  1. i knew this function , i want to know manual calculate . Because , i have other plc (fx2n16MT +2n485 bd) .This plc don't have CRC funtion  
  2. Dear mr. Inntele In the RS instruction ,need i input CRC to the problem. How to calculating CRC ?please kindly help  me
  3. I had read again about protocol frame, saw that my programming missing CRC code, but when put the CRC into the program ,it still not working For the VDF parameter, i were follow VDF para No-40001....  
  4. Dear Mr. Inntele thanks for your comment, i’ll try agian. If have any points not clears , i’ll bother you again.Plaese kindly teach me.
  5. Thanks for your time to check my program... could you please teach me improve it ( program plc and parameter of inverter)with thanks
  6. Because i want try to used various way to connect between plc via 485-bd and inverter.
  7. Nice day to all I have a problem when using RS instruction (FNC 80) to programming the connectivity between FX3U -485-BD and D720 mitsubishi I had setup parameter of inverter and programming the PLC  as attached file. For the wiring i were follow : One pair wiring as manual (I tried use other way to connect: inverter link , this way i were success to control this inverter but when using RS instruction still can't) Please kindly  teach me how to solve this issue due to I'd tried 3 weeks ago but still did't have any change. Many thanks.       RS-485 communication with D700.rar