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  1. FX2N 4AD2DA

    Dear Wasan I noticed your post while I was searching for a solution for the same issue. I have purchased a all in one PLC/Text display, cute tiny one. It has 2 nos. 0-10V Analog inputs. I don't know which register holds the analog data. The seller do not provide any documentation other than a word file in Chinese which contains only some details about the configuration of the built in 2 line text display. I attach a picture. Please let me know if you have any documents of this unit. Thanks in advance  
  2. Reading analog inputs from Chinese all in one PLC

    Thanks, but the seller says they have only this document and have nothing more to do..
  3. Reading analog inputs from Chinese all in one PLC

    Hi, Thank you for the reply. The documentation I received from the supplier does not contain list of special registers. The file I have is attached. Could you share the documentation of this PLC? 文本屏说明.docx
  4. Hi All, I have a tiny Chinese controller all in one with 2 line text display. The documentation is not proper. GX Developer supports to program the devise. The devise is compatible to FX2N(C). Have any one in the forum used this type? I am not able to read its analog inputs AD0 and AD1 channels since I do not know which instruction I should use. I tries RD3A instruction but the PLC does not start. I attach a picture of the devise. Request support, Regards PLC-All-in-One-Text-Display-Domestic-Compatible-Mitsubishi-Op320-Industrial-Control-Board-10mt-Programmable-Controller.jpg_Q90.jpg_.webp
  5. GX Developer project does not open

    Thank you very much Ron_S. I managed to open following the suggestions of  Goran Vuckovic Goran Vuckovic Goran Vuckovic
  6. GX Developer project does not open

    Hello All, I have a GX Developer project folder file sent by the client. I am not able to open. It opens the GX Developer and says Failed to read the project file. The screen shot is attached. Also the  the project is attached. Please help me to open the project. I am using GX Developer version 8.91V 显示器 综合测试.rar
  7. FX3U Plc Error when using TON

    I am being new in GX works 2 need your help in executing TON timer. PLC is FX3U26MR-E. When I download structured ladder program with TON the PLC goes into error. Compiling successfully, runs fine on simulation. Please help