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  1. Hello group.  There does not seem to be a lot of information or guides on how to do this but I am having errors pop up when I build my project due to wrong data type. I am creating a log in screen for the NA5 and will send the information to an NJ PLC. I have selected the keyboard entry to be querky which will allow the user to enter an alphanumeric entry.  I figured this would need to be a STRING and so I have set up as such.  I also linked it to the PLC tag that has the same attributes as I want all the security to be handled in the PLC. Does anyone have experience with sending to/from an NA5 and NJ PLC a text entry using the DataEdit feature?
  2. Timers and Structured Text

    After a little massaging and more fiddling I was able to get the Timer to work.  Still not sure if this is the proper setup but it works!!! I am posting my screenshot in case others run into the same issue.
  3. Timers and Structured Text

    Hello group. I am practicing ST programming and am doing this by converting an existing Ladder Logic program into Structured Text. I have created the following attachment and I can see my BOOL objects change state when I touch the respective buttons on my HMI.  The issue I am having is the Accumulating Timer will not start timing when the conditions are met. Can someone with experience in ST advise me what I am missing or doing wrong. Thanks
  4. SYSMAC Studio Project Type

    Interesting.  I am attempting to create custom Log In screens and programming as my employer does not like the NA5 on board security.  This new logic involving pop up's and a combination of Ladder and ST would be used in multiple projects so this may be what I should be creating.
  5. SYSMAC Studio Project Type

    Hi everyone.  I am going to start programming a new log in routine using ST and Ladder and want to set it up as a separate project until it has been fully tested.  Normally when I do a new project in SYSMAC I select the type to be Standard Project.  This lead me to wonder what the other two options (Library Project and IAG Project) are for and when you would use them???   Thanks for your input.
  6. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here but I am playing around with a test bench model of the NX Safety PLC (SL3300) and am having issues adding the sencond OSSD channel of a SICK Micro Scan 3 area scanner.   I have a 24V signal coming from both OSSD1 and 2 and can see that on the SID800 Safety Input Card as well.  Also I can see on the Parameters Page both channels respond when online. Does anyone know why SYSMAC will not let me add the second channel into the global variable table???? I have attached a couple images to show what is happening.
  7. CP1H Write Protection

    I had recently been in this situation. My fix was to save an unprotected PLC program to an OMRON memory cassette and then insert the cassette into my write protected PLC to overwrite it.  Worked like a charm!
  8. There must be a more efficient way.....

    After watching a couple YouTube videos I went ahead and created my first ever FB.  Thanks @chelton for the advise!! There is more massaging to do with it but so far it works as I need it to!
  9. There must be a more efficient way.....

     I have a CP1H It is funny you mention this as I was wondering last night while falling asleep if that would be the right approach and how to go about making one.
  10. Hello forum.  I am creating some code for a machine that will have 12 bays doing the exact same thing.  For example each bay will have the following: 3 Modes (Empty, Charging, Charged) Timer (SP set from touch screen) I have started to write the code but before I get too far into it I was wondering how more experienced OMRON programmers would go about this. I know there is a better way than duplicating the same code for each bay with the only difference being a register pointer. I have attached my 2 routines for you to see how I have been approaching this. KepServer_Data.cxr Charge_Timers.cxr
  11. Why does the BCD Indirect not move data for me???

    Thanks @Michael Walsh for clarifying.  You mention that there is no reason why I would use this function and agree that I probably won't.  I am just wanting to go through each instruction and feature to help me become more familiar with more advanced programming styles.
  12. Hi forum.  I am expanding my programming knowledge by experimenting with different instructions that I typically have not used.  I am following the CX Programming manual for Indirect Referencing of Data Memory in BCD format.  I have written the code to a tee as shown in the manual by using the " * " to signify BCD.  When I try the code it does not transfer a BCD value (actually no value at all) into D20044? I was able to make the Indirect work for Binary by using the " @ " symbol but the BCD is not playing well.  Any thoughts? FYI: I am working with a CP1H XA bench PLC
  13. help with cx programmer instructions

    I guess my question to the creator of this program would be why not then just write to D5143?  Why would you do it like shown by the OP?
  14. IR Theory

    Your example is extremely helpful but admit I will need to really dwell on this to fully understand.  Thanks so much!
  15. IR Theory

    Thanks.  I will check out the attached.   I have a handle of the SETR instruction.  It's the IR that is really hard to follow as you cannot see any values.  It's really hard to follow and troubleshoot.  It's a 15 year old program that my employer  keeps dumping into their machines before they go out and no one at work has a solid grasp on it either and it keeps getting thrown off to me.