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  1. Inputs into a DM area

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up mapping my 10 inputs to W15 and then grapping only the first 10 bits of that word.  Works like a charm!!  
  2. Inputs into a DM area

    Hello guys.  Been awhile since I have been on here. I am wanting to integrate a 10 Bit Automation Direct Encoder into some logic that will reside in a CP1H Processor. I have used the first 10 inputs of the CP1W-40EDR expansion module and need to get those inputs into a word, which then hopefully would be used in the GRY (474) function. Does anyone have any insight on how I would gather those 10 inputs into a word? Encoders (
  3. Good morning. I have a PV+ HMI and have loaded a few PDF documents onto the HMI.  Is there a way to access and open the PDF's from a button on the HMI?  The PDF's reside in a Windows folder I created and is only accessible if I shut down the runtime.
  4. What's with my font???

    Well the screen lag ended up being our company logo!!!  Apparently you cannot scale down an image by dragging with your mouse.  Max size of image is 900 pixels which is fairly small!!! I took our logo off the project for now and the screen is now flawless.
  5. What's with my font???

    Now that this is solved I need to figure out why the screen is soooo sluggish when changing from one screen to the other. I have my update rate as fast as it can go however when I select a screen to go to it takes around 2 to 3 seconds to finally load the buttons and indicators.  The background and various shapes load instantly. Any thoughts on this one?
  6. What's with my font???

    Thanks for the tips to delete the object and recreate.  Not only did this work but it also verified that FT is nothing but a piece of garbage.  I should not have to waste my time creating simple text just to have to delete it and recreate a runtime file and re download.......just to then recreate my simple text object and re recreate a runtime file so I can download. OMRON is so much better.....make a change and download.  No special runtime file needs to me made first.
  7. Has anyone ran into a situation on the PV+ where the font is not displaying properly on the actual HMI? I have a slogan that appears great on the development (v.11 ME) and in simulation, however it does not display properly on the HMI? Thanks in advance.
  8. NX-HAD401 HS Analog Input Channels

    Thanks for the insight Michael.
  9. Specifying array position from CJ into SYSMAC

    Ya I think I was having a bad day!!!!  Thanks for the second set of eyes as this cleared stuff up!!
  10. Hey there forum guru's!!! I am trying to read through the manuals for an NX-HAD401 High Speed Analog Input Card.  It is not very clear as to where you assign your variable in order to grab a channels analog input value.  Can you point me in the right direction? I am thinking it is in the "Analog Input Values 1 to 10" and if so why is it set up as an array?  Is it because it takes the average of the samplings and uses the result as the channels input value? I am sure I will have more questions but this may clear up a few.
  11. Hello group.  I am having difficulties selecting a specific ARRAY position that comes from a CJ PLC into SYSMAC for NA5 HMI's I have created a Symbol called Bump_Lift_Offset as a DWORD and an array size of 5 resulting in DWORD[5] starting at D8740 I am trying to show on the HMI the value listed in each array address but the software keeps crashing when I type in for example Bump_Lift_Offset[1] which would be my second position in the array resulting in address D8742. I have tried various Data Types on the Sysmac side with no luck. I have attached a few images to provide a better explanation.
  12. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    That's exactly what I did.  I deleted all the global events I created and re mapped the registers.   I wanted to give a shootout to @PMCR as well.  My code worked but I think his code example was cleaner! Thanks everyone for your extra set of eyes!!! I knew it was something simple but as we know, sometimes the forest drowns out that one tree you need to see!
  13. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Just an update…..I finally got it working at 10 o’clock last night using my code.   This issue was somehow I had _HMI_CurrentPageIndex instead of _HMI_CurrentPageIndex .    What’s the difference you ask…….well one of them has a space after the word Index and the other did not. Thanks @Michael Walsh.  Once again you have saved my day!!
  14. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    I elected to use ladder code instead as I will also be mapping the current screen over to a CJ PLC that will allow some functions to work in it's code based on what screen the user is at.
  15. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Nope, I have mapped the _HMI_CurrentPageIndex separate in each HMI under its respective HMI name.  I have also deleted all my Global Events that I was trying before.