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  1. Hello group.  I am having difficulties selecting a specific ARRAY position that comes from a CJ PLC into SYSMAC for NA5 HMI's I have created a Symbol called Bump_Lift_Offset as a DWORD and an array size of 5 resulting in DWORD[5] starting at D8740 I am trying to show on the HMI the value listed in each array address but the software keeps crashing when I type in for example Bump_Lift_Offset[1] which would be my second position in the array resulting in address D8742. I have tried various Data Types on the Sysmac side with no luck. I have attached a few images to provide a better explanation.
  2. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    That's exactly what I did.  I deleted all the global events I created and re mapped the registers.   I wanted to give a shootout to @PMCR as well.  My code worked but I think his code example was cleaner! Thanks everyone for your extra set of eyes!!! I knew it was something simple but as we know, sometimes the forest drowns out that one tree you need to see!
  3. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Just an update…..I finally got it working at 10 o’clock last night using my code.   This issue was somehow I had _HMI_CurrentPageIndex instead of _HMI_CurrentPageIndex .    What’s the difference you ask…….well one of them has a space after the word Index and the other did not. Thanks @Michael Walsh.  Once again you have saved my day!!
  4. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    I elected to use ladder code instead as I will also be mapping the current screen over to a CJ PLC that will allow some functions to work in it's code based on what screen the user is at.
  5. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Nope, I have mapped the _HMI_CurrentPageIndex separate in each HMI under its respective HMI name.  I have also deleted all my Global Events that I was trying before.
  6. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    I am getting close.  I have one screen now following the other, however, the other screen will not change even though the _HMI_CurrentPageIndex number has updated. I noticed in your example that your HMI's are both the same IP address??????  How is this possible without getting a conflicting ip address error msg? My system had dedicated ip addresses for each piece of hardware.  for the screens they are and I do notice when the screen that does not respond has it's Ethernet cord unplugged and then plugged back in, it will then update the other screen to where it is currently at???? Hopefully some others can chime in and give some clues. Perhaps @Michael Walsh could chime in?
  7. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    I think I see how you did it now.  Once I looked into the variable mapping I seen how you tied it to _HMI_CurrentPage. I was trying to use global events.  I will try your method tomorrow as it's time for some Inductive University #Ignition training!!!
  8. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Are you using any global event in the HMI?  For example, the PLC only knows what screen the respective HMI is on when I set up a global event called interval, set at 100ms, and set variable Current Screen = _HMI_CurrentPageIndex
  9. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Thanks.  This seems very similar to what I am doing except that I am using page index.  The issue I am having right now is the page seems to be lagging and always one screen behind. I noticed you are using the page name.  I don't think it matters if I am using page name or page index?  Any idea on what is causing the screen to lag behind by one button push?
  10. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Just an update......I have made some progress with the screen switching.  Just need to massage the PLC logic.  I will post when complete. Still open to recommendations and experience of others.
  11. NA5 Screen Mirroring

    Hello group.  I am struggling to mirror screens on a machine that will have 2 NA5 HMI's. I want to have it so the screens match no matter where the initial screen change started, For example if an operator selects a screen by way of a GoTo button, I want the other HMI to also follow to that screen. I am trying to use the _HMI_CurrentPageIndex and the _HMI_IsPageSwitching tags in each HMI. Each HMI has it's own name and IP address. I can see the registers updating in the PLC so i know that the page index is being sent to the PLC.  What I cannot get to happen is commanding the other HMI to change to a page index.   I also have logic to flag who is leading, or in other words.....who to follow. Could someone give me a suggestion or hand what I need to do. I have attached some screen shots.  One is trying with ladder logic which did not seem to work so I falsified it so i could try doing it as a sub routine that is called when the page switching is active.
  12. Hello group.  There does not seem to be a lot of information or guides on how to do this but I am having errors pop up when I build my project due to wrong data type. I am creating a log in screen for the NA5 and will send the information to an NJ PLC. I have selected the keyboard entry to be querky which will allow the user to enter an alphanumeric entry.  I figured this would need to be a STRING and so I have set up as such.  I also linked it to the PLC tag that has the same attributes as I want all the security to be handled in the PLC. Does anyone have experience with sending to/from an NA5 and NJ PLC a text entry using the DataEdit feature?
  13. Timers and Structured Text

    After a little massaging and more fiddling I was able to get the Timer to work.  Still not sure if this is the proper setup but it works!!! I am posting my screenshot in case others run into the same issue.
  14. Timers and Structured Text

    Hello group. I am practicing ST programming and am doing this by converting an existing Ladder Logic program into Structured Text. I have created the following attachment and I can see my BOOL objects change state when I touch the respective buttons on my HMI.  The issue I am having is the Accumulating Timer will not start timing when the conditions are met. Can someone with experience in ST advise me what I am missing or doing wrong. Thanks
  15. SYSMAC Studio Project Type

    Interesting.  I am attempting to create custom Log In screens and programming as my employer does not like the NA5 on board security.  This new logic involving pop up's and a combination of Ladder and ST would be used in multiple projects so this may be what I should be creating.