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  1. Force on the Project

    Awesome! Thank you very much.
  2. Force on the Project

    5000 platform.
  3. Hi, When I opened up my project I can see forces highlighted with Red. It shows Remove or Enable forces on it. Before I went to Mexico didn't noticed it, and I think someone changed something when I wasn't here. Can someone please tell me how can I find whether there is anything that is Forced in the program, so I can look what they used it for??? Please assist. Thank you very much.
  4. Error Message in Sysmac

    Awesome, That is what I was looking for. Thank you very much.
  5. Error Message in Sysmac

  6. Error Message in Sysmac

    Good morning, Sorry for the bother, pretty new with the Omron software. Trying to write program in Sysmac, and am having this error and cant clear it. The error is – “UNSIGNED INTEGERS CANNOT BE USED WITH THE SIGNED INTEGERS”. Please help. Thank you.
  7. Current Date and Time

    Wow, Thank you very much. Awesome.  That was easier than I thought.
  8. Current Date and Time

    Thank you very much. Now just one more please, how can I extract the Hour Min and Sec from that separately??? Please assist. Thank you very much.
  9. Current Date and Time

    Hi, I tried as you told and I got the Time and date as I need. But what I am looking for is to extract the current time so I can create a production sheet every hour. I am getting a variable of Date and Time data type, but I am not getting the time itself. Can you  please help. Thanks.
  10. Current Date and Time

    Thank you very much. Will try this.
  11. Current Date and Time

    Oh, it is NJ101-9000. Thank you very much.
  12. Current Date and Time

    Hi Guys, Can someone please tell me how I can obtain the current date and time to my program in Omron? In AB we can use the GSV instruction and obtain it, but not familiar with Omron. Can someone please help. Thanks you very much.
  13. Controls Designing

    Wow, that is a really good reply. Thank you very much for your valuable reply. I am almost new in the field, trying to learn everything fast as possible, which I don't know whether it is possible. Was doing Co-op in an integration company and learned a lot of new things from there as you mentioned. Then got a good offer from a manufacturing plant , and here its just me, and I wanted to learn myself now. Kind of in that position where I want  to do the Automation projects myself, but I never designed an entire cell before myself, so company ends up outsourcing the project. I wanted to somehow learn this, which I know mainly comes through experience.
  14. Controls Designing

    Hi all, Hope everyone is doing good. I have this question about how to be good in designing the Controls. I never did controls designing from the scratch, always took over the designing from the seniors. Now I am in a plant where I don't have any senior controls people, and I badly want to learn how to design a controls system so we don't have to outsource it. Can someone here please tell me how should I do that? I mean is there any course I have to take? or can I learn that myself somehow? Please assist me. Thank you very much. Akif.  
  15. SLC 500

    Oh, okay. I guess my machine is not bad. I will follow as you guys suggested then. Thanks all for the valuable reply. :)