NX-HAD401 HS Analog Input Channels

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Hey there forum guru's!!!

I am trying to read through the manuals for an NX-HAD401 High Speed Analog Input Card.  It is not very clear as to where you assign your variable in order to grab a channels analog input value.  Can you point me in the right direction?

I am thinking it is in the "Analog Input Values 1 to 10" and if so why is it set up as an array?  Is it because it takes the average of the samplings and uses the result as the channels input value?

I am sure I will have more questions but this may clear up a few.

HAD401 Configuration.jpg

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It is set up as an array because the HAD module can sample faster than the primary period of the controller.  If you double click on the NX-HAD401 in the EtherCAT coupler or in the CPU Rack, you will see the options for number of samples per primary period:


This is how it accomplishes that.  If you change this setting, the size of the array in the IO map needs to be updated.  In this example, I changed it to 20 samples per period.  The IO Map of the HAD module starts with an array of 10 by default and if you exceed 10 with the above setting, then you need to also do the following:

Find the module on an EtherCAT coupler or on the CPU Rack, select it, then choose the Edit IO Allocation settings as shown:


Press the Update IO Entry button as shown:


Then your IO map window will have enough arrays to show however many samples you chose in your settings:



By default, the number of samples is 1 and the array size is 10 (so that you can do some increasing of the sampling without changing the mapping).  Use Index 0 of that array to get your single sample.

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Thanks for the insight Michael.

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