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  1. VM With Studio 5000, FTVSE, Emulate 5000

    I tried to do it too but had the same problem as you. My opinion the main issue is HW requirements not OS compatibility. 
  2. Logix Tag-Based Alarms

    Still not experienced tag based alarms but found below benefits, • No need to add an instruction; simplified design workflows inside Studio 5000 Logix Designer®️ • No addition programming required – alarms automatically sent to FactoryTalk®️ Alarms and Events • New alarm manager provides a single place to configure • Small memory footprint – great for applications that have high alarm counts • Alarm definitions allow for increased modularity • Supports bulk generation of alarms via XML import/export  
  3. Run Powerflex 525 from keypad?

    It could be less important if the load is a pump or fan but for a better motor control and motor protection you should set to 1HP.  
  4. RSLinx and PLC 1747-l553

    It looks there is a mistake with your SLC IP address. You can assign an 10.1.0.X IP to your SLC or use a NAT device in order to see the PLC on the network. 
  5. PDF viewer on PV+

    You should use a Program Launcher ActiveX. It is too long writing a description about how to do it. :)